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"the >60M users (actual figure is 64M) is based on the phone-home reporting to matrix.org that synapse optionally does."
-- @matthew

Amazing news!
Side note (and self ad): we disable any "phone-home" and adjust configuration of all components to preserve privacy by default, on all servers we set up.

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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!


It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

Time to admit it … I'm definitely a . She hittin' home

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trans support resources thread 

A great practical overview of how to physically get out and stay out of a trans-hostile USA.


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Mixing fee calculator whirlpoolfees.com helps figure out how to significantly reduce total overall fees for procurement. Helps identify the settings needed to get less than 1%.

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Service called MoonPay appears to be a legit zero fee service for offramping back to USD via a temporary virtual credit card enabling near anonymous credit card purchases.

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Comparing to credit cards which are usually about 2%, I'm getting a much higher fee using with . I'll keep playing and post, and see if this trend continues.

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Next made a purchase using mixed coin from . Chose miner fee of 2.1sat/b for a faster post time. Small transaction, no richochet, so miner fee ended up being 1.7%. Note that selecting richochet added a massive 0.001btc to the transaction fee. I'm a bit confused by what the fee profile of this tool is.
Still waiting for spend to post. Overal total fees result for small purchase (about $15)
- cash to purchase: 18.89%
- starting btc balance to purchase: 4.69%

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Using , so next step is to mix coin using before spending it. I'm not playing with much so I used the smallest available pool of 0.001btc.
I have two transactions. Both took about an hour to complete mixing. However, one transaction took about an hour to post to the blockchain, and the second took over 6 hours.
Mixing includes pool and miner fees. I got a very low rate of 1sat/b at low priority. Total fee was 2.1% (using smallest amount so high %).

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First experience with attempt at purchasing with cash.
Used atm that only requires sms verification. Accessed online sms service on my phone via vpn → tor instead of personal phone. First sms number I tried failed, atm said number was not allowed. Second number I tried worked.
High transaction fee of 14.2% out the door. That includes the miner fee for posting to block chain. I got a very low rate of 2 sat/b. Took about 2 hours to post.

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Starting a series of toots on my experience jumping in to world.
Attempting to follow strategies for high anonymity, 'cause my desire is to use it like cash.
Attempting only procurement using atm

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Hey, @borgmatic and @borgbackup!
You are awesome, so we offering you to our @matrixdotorg subscribers as the "Holy Grail" or backups.

Thank you for amazing work ❤

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Facebook is down! Instagram doesn't work! WhatsApp won't load!
Let's toot!! 😁

Finding cable turned out to be a big rabbit hole. I ended up going with TrueCable. Major name brands like Belden or Hitachi get upwards of $1 per foot for shielded cat6a. So, trusting that a small vendor with a decent spec sheet is going to actually meet ANSI/TIA standards.

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