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Facebook is down! Instagram doesn't work! WhatsApp won't load!
Let's toot!! 😁

Finding cable turned out to be a big rabbit hole. I ended up going with TrueCable. Major name brands like Belden or Hitachi get upwards of $1 per foot for shielded cat6a. So, trusting that a small vendor with a decent spec sheet is going to actually meet ANSI/TIA standards.

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Planning to network my house with cat6a. Anyone have a recommendation for a quality bulk s/ftp or f/ftp solid cat6a? I'm very skeptical of offbrands listed on amazon.

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All #COVID19 vaccines approved by WHO have been through clinical trials to test their quality, safety & efficacy. After approval, they are monitored for ongoing safety & effectiveness.
Here's the difference between vaccine efficacy & vaccine effectiveness: bit.ly/3rq4Mtb

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/WHO/status/#bot]

Been nerding out on with protocol for a bit. Finally got my own server up on cloud instance and had consultant install various social media bridges for me to play with. Impressed, but I don't think development is there yet in functionality for me to stick with them. So, I'm now starting to think about running a virtual phone on a cloud instance, and running native social media clients on that.

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On the fly, improvising dinner from “shit in the fridge” cooking strategies I can’t live without:

* Stir fry it with eggs and soy sauce
* Broil it, it’s grilling but upside down and inside
* bake it, but with an onion
* put tomato sauce on top of it
* warm up a can of black beans and put that on top of it
* stir fry it with eggs and soy sauce
* Throw everything about to go bad into my pressure cooker with box broth and call it “soup”

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Gentle reminder that sometimes people giving you gifts or doing you a favour is a love language and so accepting someone doing effort for you/ "letting them bother" is akin to accepting their love (whatever form of love that may be). I think this can definitely be hard for folk that have always been told they are a burden for needing accomodations or that they weren't independent enough, I know it is for me at least. It's important to remember though, and with time, it definitely gets easier :)

Feeling like Matrix chat is dying ... I'm increasingly in agreement that mod structure isn't working. Along with other rooms, queer rooms are dying ... they all had to go to invite only to deal with trolling ... now no one can find them.

I officially start working half time this week to be a parent! So excited. Hoping it'll be my AA to my workaholicism.

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fuck cars. cars are bad and we built cities to require them to live

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When you write hashtags, remember to use CamelCase (where each word has a capital letter).

This makes it much easier for blind and partially-sighted people's screen reader apps to read the hashtag out loud, and makes your message much more accessible.

For example #DogsOfMastodon is easier for a screen reader to say out loud than #dogsofmastodon, as CamelCase makes it obvious where the words are.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y #Hashtags #ScreenReaders

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Gender equality in health means that everybody should have equal opportunities for realizing their full rights and potential to be healthy ⚧

WHO joins global leaders and activists at the #GenerationEquality Forum to #ActForEqual & accelerate progress bit.ly/3x4we1n

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/WHO/status/#bot]

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I'm trans, and I like my body. I like that I was born in it. I also want to start HRT.

Medical procedures are not the battles of a bitter war against my own body. I make the choice to develop in these ways because I and my body have come to an agreement on what feels right for us right now.

Transitioning is an act of self-love and self-realisation. It should not have to come from a place of self-hatred and existential bitterness.

I'm curious if the benefits of TPM are largely undermined if implemented in a virtual environment. Per a proxmox post vTPM devices aren't pass-through. Kinda not surprised that VMWare docs don't mention this concern. With increased use of virtualization, is this a reasonable concern?

I highly recommend "The Game" by Alessandro Baricco. Attempts to navigate the rise and impact of the post '70s digital insurrection (no political connotation) on western culture (biased to affluent population). Similar creativity and style as Jaron Lanier. You can get the english translation at . Eloquent and inspired prose that constantly sends me into daydreams of performance art pieces. Great content in here.

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