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hii, figured I'd finally do an

You can call me Jay! I'm a transfeminine IT student from Ohio. In my free time I like to mess around with old computer related stuff and occasionally build small electronics projects. My current special interest is arcade rhythm games (I tend to scream about those on my bird app account linked in my bio but I'll probably talk about them here too) and my favorite is Groove Coaster.

It's nice to meet you!!

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"I am immune to trans marketing" I say as I look at my blahaj, led light strip, yoyo, and recently purchased copy of guilty gear

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“this computer can run windows 11”

and i can stab someone right now, what about it

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it’s international cat day!!! please appreciate all the kitties in your life today!

it’s almost like it’s caturday again but better. i feel very important. :blobcat: 🌎

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imagine if like pacman turned into an amogus type deal when it came out and everyone lost their shit whenever they saw a pie chart
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no. we're not going to "do great things together". i will install linux on you and subordinate you to my will.

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wishing all mobile social media apps that don't have any kind of web interface at all a very please stop

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Hey everyone! If you have ever asked "what can I do to help trans rights," I have something for you.

Biden's title IX change protecting trans people in schools is open comment.

It is getting FLOODED by TERF comments.


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in 2020 I made an ok ish vrm avatar for virtual cast and vrchat and now I kinda think it's took masc looking so I never use it lmao

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"made by Linus Torvalds" his name is Tech Tips!!!

going to start keeping an emergency pair of cat ears in my car just in case

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ENEEDHUG should be handled via the `hug` system call; see hug(2). Leaving an ENEEDHUG unhandled introduces undefined behavior, and many systems will refuse to perform other operations until the error is handled.

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"genderfluid" implies most other people's gender is a solid

given what we know about how matter changes states, it is a rather obvious conclusion that

genderfluid people are, by definition, hot

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