the war on cars will continue until morale improves

man, with gtk4 and webextensions coming to epiphany soon, i might want to consider using it as my main browser again

bad ui design 

i love these sorta absolutely nonsense questions

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

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yeah i'm into NFT (null-frequency trading [delete the stock market])

i'd want to have a huge n heavy hd crt and just pipe a modern streaming box or something like that

for no good reason ofc


been thinking about this one post about subjects of RF as full-fledged countries and how in a lot of these oil would be the main industry

russia would take all of your resources, sell them to fuel its imperialist and genocidal expansion, and then will let you rot and burn

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just anecdotally, being a head of state named "Abe" seems pretty dangerous (small sample size, but still)

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imagine this, a "privacy focused" search engine and email hoster proudly making false legal claims on twitter, but run by the adtech company owned brand startpage


meanwhile pıyala in tatar refers to glass in general, which also comes from persian

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something that came to mind right now: my grandma would call every small bowl a "pialka"

turns out, piyāla refers a central asian small ceramic bowl for drinking tea

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One of my work mates has been implementing support for extensions to #GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany):

This has been made possible because at #Igalia we want more of us to dogfood a WebKit-based browser, and the number one complaint was “but, I miss extension $XYZ”. Luckily, being an owner-based coop we can *choose* ourselves to invest time in things like these :pika:


good news: passed all the exams this semester

bad news: got minimal passing grade on two out of three, and lucked out on the third

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