We hit 21,000 responses just before midnight. It's now 10 minutes into day 5 and there's a reasonable chance we'll beat last year's record today. It's not even been a week!


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The act of taking a self portrait... even just me alone with my camera feels so vulnerable. Today was the third time it. Now i just have to wait until I can develop them. Maybe I will finally change my profile picture?

Every sunday I'll check out what the awesome art collective of @mailtape is putting out there. And today I've learned they're also part of the fediverse!

Long time no hear.
T'was a lot last month.
Tried to put it a bit in a little log :) I'm not sure where I want to go with that format, but I enjoy it!

Analogue Photography Adventure continues 

I know it doesn't look impressive but hey!! It's our first self developed batch of film!! Can't wait to scan it on the weekend.

New Homepage! 

Whoops, here we go and it's broken. Seems that I've messed up something with the htaccess files. Well, I have to look into it tonight 🤷

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New Homepage! 

Wheee I've relaunched my website! First time using bludit, and styling a website from very scratch. Any feedback is welcome :)

I'm still trying to figure out, why the URL isn't getting rewritten 🤔

Very glad that I'm now hosting with @ubernauten

Analogue Photography 

So after thinking back and forth what to do with the money I got gifted for christmas, I have now decided: I'm getting a shiney new light meter!

Can't wait to play with it and see how much it will affect my photos.

Also we'll develop the first batch of photos this week, aahhh!!

Coming from statically typed languages and reading about duck typing... i.... i...... I LOVE IT!!!
I'm excited to learn GDScript, havn't learned a new (programming) language in a while.

"When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck"


Couldn't wait to donate, so I just donated for the Golden Sun incentive.

Aaaaahhhh I'm excited!

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It's going strong! I have it on while I'm working instead of my usual lo-fi music collection. And damn I'm excited for Golden Sun.
I think this will be the game where I'll donate :>

Spiritfarer, potential spoilers 

Also I've recently finished Spiritfarer and I'm having all the feels which is why I've started learning this piano piece.
I have trouble reading in bass key but I'm slowly getting better by practice, who would have thought!


I'm currently rebooting my homepage using bludit as the backend. It's php based with json/txt for database which is hella cool!
It's super easy to install, doesn't track any data and I'm actually having fun writing php, html and css.

First hike of the year, and took some nice photos :) Can't wait to develop them!

Gray area drinking, alcohol, sobriety 

So after some serious reflecting with myself and boosting my motivation with a couple of ted talks on this, I feel like I am or I'm going towards gray area drinking and want to quit alcohol.

Even in quarantine I am almost regularly social drinking with my friends online.

I want to take back control on that so I've decided to stop drinking. So.. yes!
Here goes day number 1 of my journey on sobriety!

Question about the fediverse! 

Mhhh so I think I did it? I just created a new account and linked back and forth?

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Question about the fediverse! 

So... I'm brand new in the and I am discovering the different services. So when I want to start using say pixelfed, I will need to find an instance and create a new account, right? And can I like connect it somehow?
Help will be appreciated :)

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