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I got the Inoreader Pro trial and I like it so far (filtering and following social media pages is pretty great). I just wish there was a way to export annotations + highlights of articles I read from Inoreader to a markdown file so I could easily get them into my Obsidian vault.

I appreciate any tips and ideas for Inoreader -> Obsidian workflow (that don't require paying for yet another subscription service)!

#inoreader #rss #feed #feedreader #advice #obsidian #notetaking #fedihelp

What is everybody using for syncing contents of two directories on the same local drive? 📁 ↔️ 📁 A / solution is preferred but I don't mind a paid / proprietary option if it's genuinely good!

Boosts welcome! :boost_requested:

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So, after using Vivaldi as my primary driver for a couple of weeks (on mobile and desktop) I think I am ready to call it quits. Firefox is still the sovereign.

- Vivaldi seems to have a hard time dealing with truly absurd numbers of tabs which is weird cause why have nested tabs if you can't support a ton of tabs being open at once?

- Vivaldi mobile's reader view sucks compared to Firefox Mobile.

- New tabs don't pop up as smoothly as Firefox

- nested tabs are cool. Sad to give em up

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"One of the earliest abuses of JavaScript came (unsurprisingly) from the advertising industry, a business whose very raison d’être is often at odds with the goals of people trying to achieve a task as quickly as possible. JavaScript allows you to create new browser windows, something that previously could only be done by the user."

Ch4 "Languages" Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Keith

As elementary says, advertising is a conflict of interest for a software company!

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Who's interested in participating in a libre-graphics "miniconf" at LCA in January?

You don't even have to fly to Australia this time (which could be a plus or a minus, I know; I gotta assume the people who miss flying that far in a plane can still go hang out at an airport for a couple days or something)

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Does any mainstream presentation software have features that help a presenter stay on track to deliver a talk within a given time frame? Like, some kind of speedrun-type indicator that tells you "whoops, spent longer on that slide than I expected, will have to pick up the pace a bit over here"

If not, why on Earth not

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I'm looking for resources on codes of conduct both for our instance and for an open source project that I'm inevitably going to end up leading.

Do you have any examples of really great CoCs, or guidlines for writing good ones?

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"One of the reasons why getting full access to your device is really tempting for governments is the same reason it’s tempting for abusive partners and former partners: we carry tracking devices in our pockets." - EFF Director of Cybersecurity @evacide

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The Nobel Prize-winning mathematical physicist Roger Penrose theorized that rotating black holes lose energy and gradually slow down. Physicist Maxime Jacquet plans to test this idea with an analogue black hole made of quasiparticles called polaritons.

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svg has come a long way! with other modern web technologies (like css variables and calculations) its becoming quite pleasant to work with, tho still imperfect. eg i can define a bottom-aligned rectangle with a configurable height without any javascript! y=0% seems to be required otherwise the rectangle does not respond to window resizes... seems like a quirk/bug.

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Ever felt deceived by UX design? Introducing the Dark Patterns Tip Line, where you can share a dark pattern you spot to help us fight against designs that harm people. #DumpDarkPatterns

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i got my hands on an old east german arabic typewriter and ive been taking it for a spin! the thing is pretty wild. missing some obscure but important letters, representing some letters up to four different times to accommodate for the cursive nature of the script. the typeface is spartan but fine. it has a certain charm to it. i dont have a project in mind, just noodling for now.

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This is a neat notebook page on music trackers.

Sometimes I miss the days back in the 90s when I would screw around with harvesting all the samples from my favorite Amiga mods and hacking together my own tunes with a MIDI Casiotone keyboard as input.

Weirdly open and tinkery way to make music, if you liked a thing in a song just view source and figure out how they did it.

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Linux retro game recommendation 

If you haven't tried it yet, check out Ur-Quan Masters.

An old DOS game called Star Control II published its source code under an open license, and this re-release has been in distribution repositories for decades now.

It's a hilarious game with great dialogue, and is also hard as balls.

Fair warning: turn on "Auto Battle". If you don't have a compatible joystick, it's the only way you won't immediately die when you meet your first hostile alien species.

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