self-OH: the opposite of a subclass is a dommeclass

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you know, i respect straights
i just wish they wouldn't rub their ideology into my face anywhere they go

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climate doom shitpost 

i'd like to interject for a moment
what you're referring to as ice caps is in fact ice caps/ocean, and will soon be ocean

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self medication, anarchism, medical system 

self medicating while properly informed is safe and can often lead to better results faster than going through the medical system, where either no one believes you or doctors sell you things you dont need.

self medicating can also make it a lot easier to force med professionals to prescribe something ("so it's safe and proper"). probably about half of all trans people on hrt will confirm this too, though it's true for all medication.

the medical system is usually not flexible enough to allow you to actually try out different things until you find something that works and decisions may be influenced by money from big pharma anyways, though prescriptions are useful to force the system to pay your drugs.

mutual aid includes sharing info about self med and just like with everything else, building our own healthcare from the ground up. only anarchist mutual aid healthcare will actually care about your wellbeing and not just your productivity.

while medication is ultimately a product for profit and not necessarily a treatment, i trust myself and my friends a lot more than someone motivated by profit motives to find something that actually helps.

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Questioning capitalism once again 

I keep hearing that people "need" work and thus capitalism is only logical. But if we are soo desperate to work by our nature then why do we need to get paid for it in first place? Like if we all are soo much loving work wouldn't we just be farmers, inventors, designer, developer, bakers, dancers etc. bc we want to be?

Isn't it weird that we have to encourage people to actually work by waving colored paper infront of them if it all is sooo very natural?

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Cracking your egg is when you unlock your gender without obtaining a license-key first

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The kids book about a blockchain rabbit time traveling to sell bitcoin isn't real, it can' hurt you

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You don't need a job to survive.

You need clean water, healthy food, and safe housing to survive.

Under capitalism, however, all of those things have associated price tags. Hence the popular myth of "needing" a job to survive.

Survival should not be a subscription service.


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Linksextrem weil gesamtgesellschaftliches Verantwortungsgefühl

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🚨 #RED alert! 🚨

#EU #RadioLockdown: a digital rights calamity.

This directive has been passed, ignoring feedback as usual:

Full of overt displays of ignorance of the subject matter (grep for "fraud" ... 🤦‍♂️), #RED nevertheless poses a real threat to basic freedoms.

It would ban non-corporate-controlled OS on any radio capable device (including WIFI) !?

You've read that right.

So let's spread the word and get this hostile law repealed ASAP!

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What hand do you write with?

Pls boost for sample size

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OH: Beds with a finite size are queerphobic. In this essay I will

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