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@SapphicGiraffic something many star wars fans do not want to admit: disney actually was right to say No More Extended Universe on a whole damn lot of those calls. not just for the whole "how do you make a movie of this established spaghetti pile of canon" aspect, but from the means of like


sometimes what was established as canon in the extended universe

was bad

my coworker and I were chatting on slack just now and he said “yeah dude!”. I don’t mind “dude” right now, personally. But then he remembered my gender and instead of

1) ignoring it and moving on (fine)
2) editing it out (fine)
3) saying “ah sorry bout that” (annoying but fine)

He edited the message to *apply strikethrough* to the word “dude”. Amazing!! What an innovation!!!

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me: haha fuzzer and valgrind go brrrr

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Reading Dracula Daily is exactly like talking to my most hapless friends. Oh, he’s not visible in mirrors and his teeth are inhumanly sharp and he’s never eaten anything you can see, and he locked you in his house - you notice that? huh, yeah, hmm, you ever thought about - no? yeah hmm I see. But what if - you sure? Okay, sure, yeah. Yeah yeah, okay.

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Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

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"ah yes, the two genders" and "two houses, both alike in dignity" exist in the same Meme Equivalence Class

Think I got in over my head on this one honestly

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Welp, it’s midnight before the biweekly check in, time to get back to my traveling safety-inspector problem again

Between that and last weekend’s literal “is there a doctor on this plane”, I’m a little concerned I’ve accidentally stepped into the Dan Brown Cinematic Universe

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Got a genuine “in English, dammit” explaining this to someone in the meeting today. Buddy, you said you had programming experience, I was speaking to your professed level of knowledge

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My education did not prepare me to do tasks like this - it only prepared me to know you’re not really supposed to. But the traveling health inspectors gotta get their shift schedules from somewhere!!

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I guess it’s not so much “traveling salesman” as “traveling health department inspectors”.

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I’m volunteering with an org that needs to send x volunteers to y locations over the course of z shifts that take place during a week. it’s also ideal if they arrive at specific times per location when that location is open.

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Hangin out solving traveling salesman at 10:30 at night, what up

First question in the work all-hands q&a literally began with “not a question, just a comment”

folks it’s a joke for a reason you have to stop

At the 5-4 live show in Oakland, I think it’s the first live show for this podcast, and from my seat I can see little notes they’ve left for themselves at the podium, one for each host:

“Take your time”

“Let them clap for you”

“Have fun”

Just got a genuine “is there a doctor on this plane”. that’s a real thing that happens sometimes I guess???

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“he needs a refill on his estradiol prescription”

goddamn, pharmacy techs are something else sometimes lol

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