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Introductions, 1/2 

Hello everyone! Guess it's time to redo an updated introduction !

Hey! I'm Eleanor Fuzzybuns, but you can call me El :3 I'm a French cyan deer furry :3

I have a wildly varying level of presence and activity on mastodon, but when I do I tend to focus a lot on mental health, global anti-hierarchy thought, occultism and computer science.

Don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat!

(I'm in my witchcraft mood these days and it's real cool because my intuition is much more acute since I'm focusing on it so I can actually do things I wouldn't be able to and it's real good :3)

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I managed to scry in a candle when I was meditating on it yesterday ๐Ÿ‘€ I was focusing on the flame's movement and suddenly it felt like it was representing something very specific; I noted it down and further signs I read.

I have no idea what it was a metaphor for but hopefully I can link it back to real happenings and start making a correspondance set to actually scry on demand :3

adhd musings 

adapating your life to both your disabilities and your brain specificities is not easy y'all

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adhd musings 

I'm trying to learn to slow down and be more diligent with my crafts and such but I realize that this adhd-induced buzz is very hard to fight and is also part of my natural functioning so I am still trying to work out how to make it work.

Maybe trying to push myself to look into it for not too long and integrate it daily without hyperfocusing?

Hyperfocusing is also part of my natural functioning when done right so it complicates things.

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I belieeeeeve the "Temptation" card I read yesterday for today was about this.

I can feel my brain buzzing at the thought of studying it

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soooo I just discovered Toki Pona is a thing and well

I should never been exposed to the idea of a new international languages for obvious hyperfocus reasons as I now want to drop everything that exists to learn the language

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

? trans 

choosing my new career path be like

- model
- painter
- trans woman

Novice neurology thoughts, neurodeveloplental disorders 

The same way you have various forms and axises of dyspraxia or ad(h)d you could have a various axises of NDD with regards to various symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders

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Novice neurology thoughts, neurodeveloplental disorders 

Having a diagnosed adhd, undiagnosed dyspraxia and a potential self-diagnosed autism, through my experience and others' I'm getting to see how incredible permeable the lines between these disorders are, and how them being so separate can be discouraging for self-diagnosis (the reason I am not sure to self-id as autistic is in part because of that)

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Novice neurology thoughts, neurodeveloplental disorders 

While I understand neurodevelopment disorders all have their unique issues and challenges, the fact that they usually don't come alone, stem from the same general issue (brain growing funky) and how some symptoms are in several ones of them, I wonder if it wouldn't be more interesting to have a single diagnosis, NDD (NeuroDevelopmental Disorder), with various subsets of symptoms?

astrology is amazing and I have no idea why I never got into it before it's so good and deep and just


Me looking at that Pluto entering Aquarius in 5 years like ๐Ÿ‘€

prepare your revolution y'all, the planet said so

(forreals tho it was very Good and Important when I started listening instead of just reacting but boy it ain't fun)

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Also I was being pig-headed and both my astral theme and my cards called me out on it so I'm cancelling magick

like, the whole of it

(like seriously, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to just be like "hey you'll be attracted to this person in a way that makes you, like, just look at them I guess idk; also good luck trying to not make it creepy kthxbyyyye"

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