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Introductions, 1/2 

Hello everyone! Guess it's time to redo an updated introduction !

Hey! I'm Eleanor Fuzzybuns, but you can call me El :3 I'm a French cyan deer furry :3

I have a wildly varying level of presence and activity on mastodon, but when I do I tend to focus a lot on mental health, global anti-hierarchy thought, occultism and computer science.

Don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat!

American Horror Story S9 (1984) 

Okay, 4 episodes in

Yeah, it's cool UwU

tech stuff 

Wow, so I'm getting a status_access_violation for downloading a file from a VBS script when I execute it through Bolt (uses winrm), but NOT when I execute it locally

And I have absolutely 0 ideas of why the fuck that is, even after 1h30 of looking every where

Gods how I love working on Windows ๐Ÿ’€

Idea: Werewolf that spreads lycanthropy by mooning people

Okay! Managed to get two of Aph Ko's books ordered through a bookstore, and only had to use Amazon to order Spirituality Before Religion via Amazon since it's self published and they couldn't find it;nice!!

I am a veteran of the beep wars, when we used to boop girls like there was no baps

break out of the echo chamber dude listen to my gross nazi shit dude please im begging you im so fucking smart dude

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if nobody has called you a slur recently you're in an echo chamber and need to break out and listen to outside perspectives like a epic foss bro or whatever the fuck idk

American Horror Story S9 (1984) 

Watched the two first episodes. Was scared it'd go the Sleepaway camp type route, but it seems to not really do it too much. In fact it has a fun action/horror mix that is rather nice, and I'm hopeful they're gonna reinvent the style for more modern sensibilities

I'd definitely associate it more with It Follows in terms of mood for now and that rocks ngl

programming stuff 

Wow, Python's management of variables is so good wow, I'm just...

Yes I took an hour to debug this was what was killing my script

please kill me now

My gaydar evolved like:

"Yeah I can more-or-less tell if a person is gay from looking at them"

"Judging a person's sexuality based on their appearance or actions is homophobic and transphobic wtf"

"Yes I can tell if a person is gay because gay is a culture (as compared to homosexual which is a sexuality); also it's not just because they're effeminate"

Okay so reddit said is a good resource to find software work. Any insights?

Me: :(

My friend: Look, pictures of civil unrest in the Philippines to protest against Duterte

Me: :)

Got another person to read Braiding Sweetgrass UwU (I am lending her my copy of the book tomorrow so she got no choice >:3); she is also the newest member of the team ^^

My plan to make all my colleagues decolonizing anarchists is moving along nicely :D

Loving the babel option "prefer-false-but-true-is-ok-if-it-prevents-an-error"

Cool and Good to see riot games officially taking Relatableโ„ขยฎยฉ corporate twitter accounts to the next circle of hell

rant, thread, transphobia, systemic distrust 

one of the main things cishetallos donโ€™t understand is the concept of ur identity literally being hidden from you until you fight to find it.

like they just donโ€™t connect that the reason trans awareness increases the number of trans people is BECAUSE WE DIDNT KNOW OUR IDENTITY EVEN EXISTED BEFORE since society tells us its a fucking lie or a sham

Have an association meeting at 7pm and I'm umfocused and I'll need to be sharp so I took methylphenidate, which means that
A - there is no way I'll sleep before midnight (it's 2pm and it lasts at least 9hrs)
B - I have an about an hour before I start probably hyperfocusing so I gotta choose what to start xD

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