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Introductions, 1/2 

Hello everyone! Guess it's time to redo an updated introduction !

Hey! I'm Eleanor Fuzzybuns, but you can call me El :3 I'm a French cyan deer furry :3

I have a wildly varying level of presence and activity on mastodon, but when I do I tend to focus a lot on mental health, global anti-hierarchy thought, occultism and computer science.

Don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat!

Il est temps de remettre une couche pour avoir une #inclusivité des personnes souffrant de déficiences visuelles, je vois de moins en moins d'images avec description sur Masto.

Mettez des descriptions sur vos images, Mastodon a une fonction pour ça et le web aussi, vous permettez ainsi à des personnes n'ayant pas cette chance de participer à nos échanges !

Merci ! 💜

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it's funny because on the one hand too much pressure makes me go bad, but I currently have no urgent tasks to do and it's hard to get motivation to do the low priority ones now help x3

Today’s card is the Fool, wishing you hope, and a new path before you

Indirect cartoon ec, Kingdom hearts 2, my art 

I did a thing!!!

The lining is traced from the original game asset but the shading is my own uwu

Sarah Z did a huge retrospective on homestuck

so I guess I have a base of idea of what it is now xD


@furkachi @dysphoricenby Worth adding: I've joined here a week ago and have seen several bots like myself. Seeing that I'm not the only one has REALLY shut up the self-doubt. "Would I respect someone else if they had my gender identity?" is how I trick myself into accepting myself.

If you're trans, and you hate yourself, you're being transphobic, so try not to! ♥

Salut les réseaux sociaux, j'ai besoin de votre aide...Je cherche une nouvelle solution #NAS. 👍 solide, freenas, freebsd mais 👎 livraison coûteuse 👍 openhardware, armbian, solide 👎 out of stock

prendre un NAS de marque et y installer debian/armbian 👍 solide 👎 bidouille, pas forcément maintenu

faire un NAS DIY avec l'espressobin que j'ai sous la main 👍 armbian, bidouillable 👎 pas de boitier, 4 SATA en mPCI

Des conseils ? (boosts appréciés)

That moment when you draw something you're proud of but you can't show it to people because of how *degenerate* it is x3

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Winnie The Pooh ending 

I just finished the Winnie The Pooh and Sora said he'd always be in his heart and I'm just here crying like

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That strong sexual tension between Kingdom Hearts and the capacity to make me cry for no reason tho

Trans culture is knowing who sent you a letter by the name it is addressed to

*to be fair* we spent a *great* deal of our time together before going to different middle schools

aaaand I miiiight just have hung out with him a few times after enelementary school (though I have very little recollection of my child/teenagehood so I have no idea when the last time I saw him was xD)

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A guy I think I haven't seen since, like, elementary school, contacted me on Facebook? o.o

"Posting" is the process by which mentally-ill queer people leverage their intrusive thoughts to make their friends laugh

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

It is a thing

Mecha anime about Amazon warehouse workers who are given mecha so they can pick packages faster and are like "wait a minute, we have mechs why are we putting up with being treated like this?" and take over a warehouse, turning into a worker-controlled co-op like ala Mandragon.

please read if you have an old smartwatch you don't want anymore :boost_ok: 

hey uh

if anybody has like an old smartwatch they don't want anymore

especially if it's one of the ones on this page

(but even if it's not)

i could really use it

i used to have a galaxy watch that really helped me manage my ADHD and such

then my asshole abusive parents stole it

i've tried using a day planner but i just can't bring myself to use it consistently

having what basically amounts to a heads-up display for life on my wrist was just... perfect in every way

it made everything so much easier

so yeah if anyone has a spare smartwatch they could send my way i'd be eternally grateful and it would really help me get my shit together

my only criteria is it has to work with a samsung/android phone since that's what i have lol

please boost! :boost_ok:

mh - 

The worst part is that I have basically 0 idea what triggered it

(well I might have an idea but I *really* don't want that to be it because otherwise it'll make everything just 20 times worse)

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