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Introductions, 1/2 

Hello everyone! Guess it's time to redo an updated introduction !

Hey! I'm Eleanor Fuzzybuns, but you can call me El :3 I'm a French cyan deer furry :3

I have a wildly varying level of presence and activity on mastodon, but when I do I tend to focus a lot on mental health, global anti-hierarchy thought, occultism and computer science.

Don't ever hesitate if you wanna chat!

Genital mention, lewd 

Me: thinks about handholding

My dick: *gets hard*

Oh ok

Spoilers for: Infinity Train S3 ending 

While I don't have much authority on these things, it did seem to me that the take on racism was rather good too? Especially with Hazel coded as metisse from what I understand?

Also the *very* white nerd turned incel turn alt-right turned murderous fascist enabling Grace to keep her toxic behaviors was a good take imo :3

I'm also impressed they presented the alt-right pipeline *while* not making the show about a guy! Progress!

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Spoilers for: Infinity Train S3 ending 

So I finished Infinity Train :D

It was fun! S3 got more adult, which was not unwelcome, but there was something sweet about the first season's more fun-focused themes too :D

I gotta say I'm not *thrilled* about the "fash can't be rehabilitated" message it kinda seems like its got going, but it *is* better than "just turn the other cheek they'll get better" tbh

The entirety of the world feels like it doesn't make any sense, and idk if it's because of my overusing spoons

or because I changed the layout of my living room and my brain can't handle it xD

Guess the lesson is:

sometimes, when you can't do shit, it's not necessarily because your brain is broken

it could *also* be because your *mind* is also broken :D

So many possibilities of dysfunction :D

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Also I guess making sure I have at all times a clear list of priorities of tasks and subjects is definitely something I should ask for, keep, update and talk about when I have to talk to my company about adapting my work environment to my disability

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I'm starting to realize that some of the moments at work where I feel like I have nothing to do and can't really work on something are actually very much more an issue of "I know I have a lot of things I could be doing but I'm unable to figure out how I should prioritizing and I'm scared of making the wrong choice and getting told off for it"

Which is.... not-exactly-ADHD-induced executive dysfunction-like behavior?


self-deprecation, mention of mh - 

I'm sorry, this is a lie; I remember that a very particular toy I had had a very specific shade of purple

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self-deprecation, mention of mh - 

My brain when I think about my childhood kinda be like

no memories, just damage


Also change of plan for lip piercing: momma gotta do her laser facial hair removal first to make sure it doesn't fuck with the piercing hole xD

Also got a fake septum piercing yesterday too and am now wearing as a central lip ring and I look ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

piercings, kinda lewd 

So yesterday I got my new ear stretchers (4mm :3) and it took me about an hour but I stretched from 3mm to 4mm !!

And I got a boner in the process!!

(for context, past Eleanor is Eleanor from this morning)

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Was about to set an alarm to remember to do something and saw that I had already created that alarm UwU

Now deer is going to play piano because it's too early to work uwu

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I cleaned around, took out some trash, did dishes, changed the setup of my living room so it's more space efficient

and the delivery person that was supposed to come and give me the stuff for my computer by 1pm did not arrive and it's 1pm20


Turns out it's much more satisfying spending energy helping people than working huh

who couldn't known

@laurie This was not what I meant when I said I enjoyed cookie clicker.

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