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I remembered what it was. -- Software Engineers really need VERY HIGH Reading Comprehension skills and WRITING skills. Code is a symbolic language. you need to be able to read both code and error messages and interpret what they mean and apply that meaning to your structural understanding of the application you're working on. This takes MASSIVE literacy. And you have to be able to WRITE comprehensible error and log messages. OMG this is my high horse now.

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Oh no. My edible just kicked in. I came here to say something grumpy but by the time I got logged in it was gone.


He knew what he needed, but there was such a chasm between him and it. He cried rain and his despair filled the emptiness. So he swam.

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Sometimes all i want in the world is a nice hard beating. Other times it's a flogging. 😇

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Felt really cute in this collar yesterday

There's little worse than having multiple projects on your plate and being blocked on all of them for several weeks by external dependencies


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Why is the idea of releasing discrete testable units of work sequentially so hard for some folks to understand?

PM: Feature 2 Depends on Feature 1 Right?

Me: Yes

PM: So we can release them both on Friday right?

Me: No. We're releasing Feature 1 on Friday.

PM: But feature 2 is basically ready too right?

Me: Yes. But if something goes wrong with Feature 1 we won't be able to roll it back if you also immediately release Feature 2

PM: But Feature 2 is ready?!

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Are you fucking kidding me Microsoft? GTFO with this shit.

Developer: takes a sick day

Stakeholders: omg I know things happen but dev is out sick when is this going to be done!!?!🔥🔥!!!

Me: seriously? She'll be back tomorrow.

I'm out in public at a restaurant and then a bar for the first time in 14 months. This is wild.

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Lazy Saturday morning. Today going to be a good day.

I love Star Wars, but the idea that space wizards would be so heavily dependent on 1) Fighting, and 2) Fighting with swords and martial arts, is HELLA specious.

The gender of the evening is : *scream of existential dread *

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self care of the day: late night snack: pickles, cheese, and pepperonis

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okay so, here's the thing. neural networks are cute and all but if you ever build a cyclical system that goes (collect data) -> (ML algorithm) -> (take actions that influence the original data pool) then what you are building is a very dangerous feedback loop

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It's a radically anti-capitalist act to let work take the time it needs to take to be done safely for all effected parties.

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