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Here's our headmates introducing ourselves:

Zoey: im soft, pls give me lots of gentle snuggles and tight protective hugs.

Claire: don't do anything evil, I will get mad and you will hear about it. People need a stern talking to, I'm ya bitch.

Amy: You got stuff that needs doing, I like getting stuff done, 1+1=2.

Lynn: I'm just a goddamn intellectual, so either give me something interesting or leave me alone.

Veronica: wait y'all have a sense of identity? Where'd you get that, Amazon?

Metroid: Dread spoilers 

A single macroscopic airborne amoeba: *exists*

Me: Welp, planet's fucked.

I used to think 'nice' was nice.

Then I discovered chrt.


alpha radiation as hand sanitizer.

Since penetration depth is a simple function of energy, it should be possible to blast someone's hands with a stream calibrated to be fully absorbed within or before the already-dead layer of skin, thus preventing any hazard to the user while roasting any bacteria near it.

Should be safe anywhere regular hand sanitizer is safe.


TFW you stumble upon some random disease,

learn about it because it's interesting,

and realize you probably have it. (This time it's mast cell activation syndrome.)

(And I know I'm not a hypochondriac, since I've been right before about hEDS.)


Apparently the October slump is a thing.

In apparently related news, I seem to be quite literally falling apart. Like, I can barely move without something clicking out of place.


If my monitor supports 2560x1440@165Hz,

and my computer supports 2560x1440@165Hz,

and my cable supports 2560x1440@165Hz,

why is the default 2560x1440@60Hz?

quantum stuff 

TIL momentum is just the Fourier of position and that's why Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is a thing.

In unrelated news, I'm thoroughly fed up with the particle abstraction. It's all waves, why do we have to pretend that particles exist?

Selfie EC, boosts ok 

I'm a soft little thing ...

Who recently did some shopping.

uspol, gun violence - 

You can tell that in-person school is back,

because the shootings are back.


Note to self:

In event of pain or fatigue flare,

load up on antihistamines and NSAIDs first,

ask questions later.


It seems that return-to-school has teamed up with my period to kick my ass.

This fatigue is absurd.

Smartphone alarm clock: *goes off*

Me: If that thing doesn't shut up, it's gonna end up either out a window or running Windows, soon as I decide which is worse.

TFW you troubleshoot a charger by using your skin as a makeshift voltmeter.

Turns out, if the pins are sharp enough, 5V is enough to feel. And the pins on the Versa 2 charger are sharp enough (though my skin isn't the strongest, so ymmv).

My new favorite feature of Gentoo: emerge -e

You can reinstall the entire OS and all your apps,

while it's still running.

(Which is good, because it'll probably take days.)

So apparently, IKEA's discontinuing the Blahaj

In completely unrelated news, anyone know the Swedish term for 'sword'?


Problem: i haven't eaten in way too long and my stomach is turning into an acidic chemistry experiment.

Solution: let's just say I'm definitely getting my bismuth intake today.

ph-, thoughts? 

FR tho, anyone have ideas to make things more manageable next week?

The main problem, is that I was absurdly fatigued from the moment I got home yesterday, and it's still not very practical. (Not to mention, everything hurts. Like, more than usual. Not a problem yet, but at this rate it will be.)

And next week through the rest of the quarter, I have 3 days in a row of in-person classes, not to mention assorted logistics.

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Return to class was yesterday,

and I am still problematically fatigued.

This does not bode well for next week.


You can tell I'm hypomanic because I'm laughing for no reason and everything is absolutely hillarious LOL...

Just in case you thought Microsoft's operating system is bad:

I just fought Teams for 20 minutes trying to get into a 30 minute bottom surgery consult appointment. If the doctor wasn't running as late as I was, I'd probably have to reschedule and eat the no-show fee.

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