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Here's our headmates introducing ourselves:

Zoey: im soft, pls give me lots of gentle snuggles and tight protective hugs.

Claire: don't do anything evil, I will get mad and you will hear about it. People need a stern talking to, I'm ya bitch.

Amy: You got stuff that needs doing, I like getting stuff done, 1+1=2.

Lynn: I'm just a goddamn intellectual, so either give me something interesting or leave me alone.

Veronica: wait y'all have a sense of identity? Where'd you get that, Amazon?

covid stats and test reliability - 

Ok, so ...

There's (and I'm only doing order-of-magnitude calculations here, so the numbers are extremely rounded)

1 new case per 10k population per day in my area.

Assuming each case lasts 10 days, that's 1/1k probability of any random person being positive.

So you'd need a Bayes factor in the hundreds for results to even start to be meaningful.


The fun thing about chronic illness during a pandemic,

is it's hard to know how concerning some random symptom is.

Like, if you look at the list of symptoms for COVID-19, literally all of them are things my body just ... does sometimes for various reasons and to various extents. So I'm always playing the game of "do I have COVID or is this normal?".

covid, mh - 

I'm terrified that we'll end up with another lockdown. The effects on my mental health, and knock-on logistical problems, will cause me serious long-term financial and career trouble, if the stress doesn't outright kill me here and now.

(I have to specify "fetch units" because the 8750 is both superscalar and hyperthreaded.)

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Ahh, there is something beautiful about flooring all 12 fetch units of my 4yo gaming laptop.

(And it's a good thing I did maintenance on the thermal system pretty recently, because it runs Gentoo so it does a LOT of compiling.)

Ok, let's see.

I :

- Use non-megacorporate alternatives pretty much wherever possible
- Literally have text scrolling past me in a terminal on another computer
- Have hacked or replaced the stock software on most of my systems, including the goddamn Wii.
- Literally use hormones to modify my body according to my specifications (surgery coming Soon :tm:)

Oh dear god I'm literally a cyberpunk protagonist. That's not gonna end well for me, is it?

Us pol, overton window thoughts, good omens mention 

Its like that scene in Good Omens where the antichrist appears to have no aura, when his aura is actually so big you cant see outside of it.

Capitalism is the aura. It completely encompasses the overton window, so if everywhere you look is trash, that could be the reason.

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So there's a massive community interested in restored and replica AGC systems,

but I'm wondering, what about the LVDC?

science re: ph- 

Ok, so according to this comparative scientific study I stumbled across (,

apparently, normal people don't find movement painful?!



--autounmask-write=y --autounmask-backtrack=y:

When you're fed up with systemd but also have ADHD.

ph, mh~ 

See also:

my ADHD-induced inability to learn to stand up slowly so my vision doesn't get screwy.

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ph, trans logistics 

You know you're trans and chronically ill,

when you're filling out Dr. Ley's forms,

and there's no "collagen" section,

so you have to decide whether EDS falls under "joints/arthritis" or "other".

(I went with other.)

And now they're getting all weird and alloromantic.

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TFW you're watching TV and people start getting all weird and allosexual.

accessibility rant 

'accessibility' isn't a feature, it's a goal. it requires proper quality assurance and methodology to get there.

it's also not really complex to do. it doesn't require compsci or specialization, you just check if your program works with assistive technology, follow best practices, get feedback from others. then you implement some light UI changes

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capitalists, incompetent devs - 

I just learned what "stub quotes" are. Thanks, Wendover!

And, why do we trust people with such vast amounts of imaginary proxy resources, who haven't ever heard of `null` / Option::None?

If I had a nickel for every time my reaction to a massive personal discovery was "wait that's not normal,"

I'd have 30 cents. Which isn't much, but it's weird that it happened 6 times.

legal hypothetical, trans, int'l pol 

Next question,

if I told an employer (US or EU, I'm not sure yet as I'm not that far in my long-term plan) "no flights connecting through Dubai", could they then hold that against me (e.x. fire me, deny me a promotion, hold it against my pay) if it made a business trip to (for instance) Australia more expensive?

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legal hypothetical, trans, int'l pol 

Ok, tell my future employers absolutely no business trips to or connecting through countries that criminalize lgbt people.

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legal hypothetical, trans, int'l pol 


If I had an international journey (let's say a flight, but the same concern might apply by rail, bus or water),

and it had a stopover in a country where just being transgender is illegal,

would I be in any danger?

Or is there some kind of protection in international airports?

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