PH/trans-, question 

Will anything horrible happen if I miss my next 2 doses of E?

Because my pharmacy has another unannounced Friday closure.


Since I have no known exposures, my primary thinks it's just some random common cold.

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Welp, my throat is sore. Time for another game of Common Cold or COVID!

Queer wrath month starts tomorrow! Anyone else excited for it?

COVID+ but don't get your hopes up. 

Ok, so my county is finally taking action...

by closing bars...

at midnight tomorrow. Because we really need one last burst of contagion before we get things back under control. I can guarantee that the time from now, until the bar closure takes effect, is going to be the most contagious day of this entire pandemic.

So, I've been wondering about a leftist perspective, informed on the issues in our enforcement infrastructure, what to do about the specific individuals and businesses that violate social distancing and stay-at-home orders.

update: accidentally used type 2 tape. I think this recorder only supports type 1.

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Just tried to make a mixtape now that my new, hopefully working recorder/player is here. Audio quality is terrible (no prerecorded tapes to test atm), but it works.

covid logistics -, don't worry nothing happened 

I just realized a MASSIVE problem with the current system of recommending people call a nurse if they get sick:

not everyone has cell coverage indoors.

trans+ but also covid- 

uuuuugh I have to drag myself down to the court tomorrow to pick up my name change order.

On the upside, I am legally Emmeryn Maria [lastname]!

Quick question,

Is online freelancing a viable first job and if so how do I go about starting?

Just 3 days until July, where hopefully things get better!

Oh wait no things get worse over time right now.

Quick question,

Any tips on how to get my local government to take an exponential-looking increase in cases seriously?

COVID culture - 

I have had enough of YouTubers casually violating social distancing and not wearing masks as if the coronavirus takes weekends off or something.

@haskal Do you know which Spartan chips are RE'ed,

We're looking for a bigass FPGA for a design and open source is mandatory.

help I'm turning into a songwriter 

keep 2 meters goddammit
wear your mask goddamit
let us survive to go
back to our lives goddammit

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help I'm turning into a songwriter 

im stuck in 2020
my hindsight is 20/20
the leadership won't see
the science is 20/20

Can someone recommend me a good model of compact cassette player/recorder that won't blow my budget and isn't gonna break 2 seconds after I turn it on?

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