I'm gay...

and soft...

and my girlfren is asleep so I have nobody to hold me...

ph- but fun! 

Tired: "I may or may not have EDS"

Wired: "My connective tissue is more chaotic neutral than I am"

TFW you can't handle how gay you are and how hot women are.

have you ever been so gay that you get flustered by a song that samples a woman gasping

Anyone else just ... incompatible with USB micro-B?

Like, if I have a device with a micro-B port, odds are that port wears out well before anything else.

Wonder if it's a proprioception thing.


What advantages does ActivityPub have over WebDAV for reading data cross-server?

Channel tunnel smoke alarm response:

if it goes off, don't worry about it, it's probably fine.

What are these, doctors? "Well the hypermobility, stretchy skin, and screwy AF heartrate suggest that your connective tissue is an absolute joke, but let's not worry about it too much."

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Channel tunnel original fire safety plan:

in event of onboard fire, drive faster and deal with the fire when your'e not literally in a tunnel.

What is this, an airplane? Eh, just get to the ground, the airport will fix it?

renderer eta(start: Time, end: Time){
arriving <text t=format!("{Lhh:mm}-{Lhh:mm}", start, end)/>

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I will also note that if web languages had even a basic strong type system, this wouldn't happen.

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Doordash: "Arives between false & false"

Me: umm so am I eating tonight or not?

ph, trans - 

My ribcage has been extra prone to shifting around lately. I wonder why..

it better not be my breasts. I'm gonna be pissed if that's why.


Uuugh my sleep cycle is completely broken.

I've been up for 16 hours, I have a full day of classes, and my whole body just feels so weak and tired...

hypermobility (well, normie opinions thereov) 

Me: "you know that thing where your arms translate a bitunder load instead of just rotating?"

Normies: "umm WHAT?"

Me: huh. Guess that's not normal.

I will never understand normies.

ph, jokey 

You know you're chronically ill when MCAS stands for "mast cell activation syndrome" and not "maneuvering characteristics augmentation system".

You know you're a techie,

when you like to keep a copy of the Linux src on your system for reference purposes.

(I specify PC-compatible because non-PC-compatible x86 systems exist such as the PS4 and XBox OG/1/series S/X, and I'm not quite as interested.)

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At the lowest level, when I (for instance) click a USB standard mouse on a Linux PC-compatible,

what series of hardware operations lead to application code being notified?

Like, is it a hardware interrupt? Does the USB or PCI-e hardware queue packets to be polled according to a timer interrupt?

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