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Here's our headmates introducing ourselves:

Zoey: im soft, pls give me lots of gentle snuggles and tight protective hugs.

Claire: don't do anything evil, I will get mad and you will hear about it. People need a stern talking to, I'm ya bitch.

Amy: You got stuff that needs doing, I like getting stuff done, 1+1=2.

Lynn: I'm just a goddamn intellectual, so either give me something interesting or leave me alone.

Veronica: wait y'all have a sense of identity? Where'd you get that, Amazon?

(In her defense, I have been known to meow when lonely. Also I'm soft and floofy.)

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Me: we need a cat.

Girlfriend: you are a cat.

Me: we need another cat.


What's with parents and this whole utter-contempt-for-their-kids thing?

I seem to have become obsessed with the idea of changing career paths to become a doctor, but I can't decide if that's the standard grass-is-always-greener effect or an actual interest.

if your game doesn't require the xbox's kinect sensor or the playstation 5's fancy triggers or the switch's touchscreen or anything else that doesn't exist on other platforms then there's no reason for a big developer to release an exclusive game

small devs get a pass because i know how hard qa is across multiple platforns

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TIL MS quietly renamed UDF as "live file system" and didn't tell anyone, causing confusion as to whether DVD-ROMs used with Windows were compatible with other devices.

I don't have "depression", I have Morgendorffer's syndrome.

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Anyone else kinda feel like Daria sometimes?

Like, mainstream society is busy focusing on attention-getting but pointless distractions (ranging from mere dead-ends like self-driving cars, to actually destructive ends like transphobia), to focus on real problems like poor rail infrastructure and climate disintegration,

and I've run out of the ability to pretend to play along years ago.

“Then you realize that the pointers are not fixed, but can slide on the frame… and then you note that they are somehow interconnected -- moving any of the small ones will move the larger one this way or that. Strange. But when you see the diagram of the inner mechanism you realize what this is, and it can take your breath away…”

cultural ableism 

TFW you realize that the stereotypical unathletic, allergic-to-everything, awkward nerd seems oddly similar to the association between hypermobility syndromes, immune disorders, and neurodivergence.

trans + 

I mean, frankly, the last time I found out, I got some semblance of independence and sprouted breasts, so I should probably fuck around more often.

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People really say "fuck around and find out" like it's a warning.

Sounds more like an opportunity if you ask me. *fucks around, grabs notebook*

Ok, so what Linux security best practices should I be using?

Like, on the one hand, I don't like relying on "nobody's targeting you anyways, it's a rare platform",

but on the other, switching to Qubes is a step too far IMX.

So what's a good middle-ground? Is regular updating of Firefox and critical reading of email links sufficient? Are there reputable antivirus programs that I should use?

(I'm on Gentoo, if that matters.)

TFW you're wonderin' "why do I identify so much with the southwestern USA accent" and then remember, you're from Arizona.

health culture 

I will never understand standing desk people. It's like, OK, your body actually gets along with you, I get it!


Is it bad, that my Wikipedia search history is mostly chronic illnesses?

ph, logistics - 

Ok, so this isn't a big deal, but,

you know that feeling when the delivery driver can't get into the gate (despite directions included both in my order and next to the gate itself), so I have to go and get it?

And like, it's not a catastrophe, but the extra exertion from walking down the stairs and back up, literally hurts.

doctors - 

My rheumatologist: yeah you have EDS.

My new primary (the old one is out of office atm): what if your hypermobility is a result of low BMI?


What Linux CALDAV client has the best UX? (I don't care about integrations, I already have clients for email, xmpp, irc, etc.)

Wanting to be a girl is a symptom of being a girl.

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