Sensitive manga scan. 

I love "Noragami", is one of my top five mangas but the plot happening with Yukine now feels so cliche that's no even boring, it's annoying. I hope it don't last long. It's the thousandth time the plot is around something "wrong" Yukine did.

I have the audio files that I extracted from an old and scratched System of A Down album, and I can hear the scratched bits in the songs when I play it. Now I have access to way higher quality files, but somehow the old and imperfect ones make me feel home.

Eva was such an interesting character. I started hating her and how she used to think about people with less power and influence than her. It is sad some people have to experiencie shit to begin to respect the value of the other. And although she had some sort of "redemption", at the end she still have this bad after taste left by her previous (hurtful) decisions...

The constant theme about what we are and what we can achieve as a person and how we can affect others peoples lives for the better and the worst. I wish I had someone to talk about it...

Finished reading the "Monster" manga yesterday. It was truly once of the best experiences I had in a few years...

I have a test in fifteen minutes.
I'll probably just sign my name and head home to lay in my bed.

Not that I'm asking for the internet to actually notice me and "help me", is just a thought...

Twitter is this place where everything I post in English people just think is some music lyric and ignore, it doesn't matter if it's saying I'm happy or if it's saying that I'm suicidal

I feel sad for the people in my college trying to force the idea that college was a "super beautiful experience" when they spent the last four and a half years talking behind each others backs.

I would love to move to almost any place.

Actually I need to leave this country.

Oh I can't stand loving in this city anymore

It's like the society was build to make you feel even worse then you are.

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