At least the memes about the upcoming "Pokemon Presents" are good cause I'm pretty sure the announce itself is going to be lame.

Now I'm actually loving that every few days a new streaming service pops up online, because this is only helping torrent contents to be more easy to find.

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JKR: *releases book series about a school where a quarter of the student body are neo-nazis and they all hang out together in their own private common room and that's probably fine and should stay that way because neo-nazis aren't really thaaat bad, i mean, maybe you, the fan, could even be in Nazi House, take our quiZ!*

Fanbase: i can't believe she turned out to be a bad person

Yeah, that sounded very confusing, whatever...

I have therapy later today and I'm not in the mood for leaving my house, wich is ironic because I need to leave to go to therapy so I can get help to get my mood better...

Honesty, Star Channel is such a boring channel name. For some reason Fox Channel sounds more creative. Anyway, for me this whole broadcast should end forever.

Maybe I should stop watching videos about indie horror games at 2 am.

Last night Rusical was kinda meh 😕

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At the grocery store right now and all I can think about is coming back home and spending the whole day playing Dead By Daylight until Drag Race begins.

I had the most insane dreams this night. It had sex, Christmas and zombies.

Of course there are exceptions, but most of the time I feel that horror movies that relies on forcing jump scares aren't that good or that scary.

Jump scare sound effects in horror movies are as bad as laugh tracks in comedies.

I dream I had a flying deer and a flying squirrel. It was incredible.

Watching this new slasher horror that came out and there's a gay couple, I bet they're going to be the first ones to be killed.

Finally created a dual boot windows-ubuntu on my laptop. After windows dying more than 5 times in the last 6 months. I'm very good at using linux but I can learn I think. Also, ubuntu is so damn beautiful.

I'm trying to create a dual windows-ubuntu boot for the last 10 hours. Only now I think things are finally working.

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