The Witcher 3 spoilers. 

I can play this game a thousand times, I'll always cry at this moment.

I love the scene with Geralt, Lambert and Eskel drinking.

This is the first year I have actually spent more money than I should on the Steam Summer Sale. At least I finally bought "The Witcher 3" and "watch_dogs 2" two of my favorite games. Wish I had a few more bucks to buy "Alien: Isolation"...

Lots of new comics references on the upcoming "The Umbrella Academy" season...

If it was for my Sony phone I would've already downloaded it and installed but I don't know if can do the same for Samsung devices.

Hate waiting for an Android update that's already available in another region.

Dandelion from "The Witcher" is so damn handsome...

Watching "Canada's Drag Race" and thinking that although I agree with the elimination I'm sad to see such a humble person leaving while other arrogant queen was safe. I know it's not a miss congeniality competition but it bothers me...

Drowners are the Zubats of 'The Witcher'.

This season of All Stars has been wild.

Fire in the workroom in last night's RuPaul's episode.

I love how some "The Witcher 3" quests escalate from simple ordinary things to bizarre fights with someone who became a monster...

Somebody please help not to waste all my birthday money on the "Steam Summer Sale".

It's weird how "Breath of The Wild" makes me feel nostalgic even though is such a recent game. Kass's accordion songs makes me feel warm. Such a beautiful game, I hope one day I'll be able to play it in it's dedicated hardware.

Someday I'll measure the skin to hair ratio in my face.

I'm sad with this week's "Legendary" elimination.

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