It's the time of year when we change our IRC nicks to Halloween themes at work.

One of my trans coworkers has changed hers back to her pre-transition variant, because "this is a deadname". Very spooky!

I made it to my desk earlier than usual today; I am determined to start working earlier, so I can stop working earlier. I want to shift my day by an hour or two, so I'm more able to help make dinner etc.

The thing about the Banach-Whorf Paradox is that you can't understand how to cut the sphere and double it, if you don't have the correct mathematical language to describe it - set theory, the Axiom of Choice etc. This is evidence for the Sapir-Tarski Hypothesis.

terrible pun, ghosts, monkeys, alc 

Oh no! The ghost monkey has been stealing drinks in the pub! It has taken to spirits!

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terrible pun, ghosts, monkeys 

@bright_helpings is watching a terrible low-budget ghost "documentary". This episode has a GHOST MONKEY.

Me: "That'd make macaque myself."

lewd implied 

I found this important sign the other day.

ukpol; murder 

Sir David Amess, a Member of Parliament, has been fatally stabbed at a constituency surgery - a drop-in event where the public can talk to their MP about their problems.

This is twice in five years in the UK now, following Jo Cox's murder after a surgery in 2016. I know people who work for MPs and attend these events. I am very shaken.

Bah, I'm waiting for replies from colleagues and I think they've skived off early. And I'm stuck waiting in case they haven't so I *can't* skive off early :/

I have been reminded by this SMBC comic just how much I hate the Monty Hall Problem. It's a bit of maths which is demonstrably, provably correct but which feels horribly wrong.

I had to write a quick Python script and run a million games to confirm, but it still feels wrong.

selfie, non-lewd nudity, eye contact 

Been having a date with bestie while drying off after a shower. @QueenMollyBones said I looked adorable.

work (-), burnout 

First meeting of the day, and I'm now being blamed for a talented engineer quitting the company because I merely escalated his impending burnout to his project manager and the director in charge of projects *six months* before he quit, rather than "bullying" them both into doing something about it.

Maybe if that's what's needed *I* should be the director in charge with the salary and authority, perhaps? Fuck's sake.

work --- 

*endless screaming*

Well that's months of work chucked down the bin then.

Quite chuffed with myself last night. I had a new SSH key on a laptop which I wanted to authorise on a remote server, which I could only access from my phone.

Typing in pubkeys on my phone SSH client would be a PITA, so I turned it into a QR code, scanned it, and pasted. Simple but effective!

ukpol - 

Made it to Sterling on half a tank and topped up. Petrol station guy says it's been intensely busy all day. I excused myself by describing my long drive and he forgave me.

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Scotland's COVID protection is weird. The Bluetooth proximity sensing app is different from the QR code scanning app for contact tracing. And of course neither work with the England & Wales version.

Still, checked into our hotel in Stirling, and now sat a suitable social distance away from others, getting some dinner.

ukpol - 

Ahahahaha I need to drive 900 miles through rural Scotland in the next week and people are panic-buying petrol. I'm sure I'm not going to end up stranded...

"What's the current genre?" says @QueenMollyBones, walking into the room where @bright_helpings and I are tuning into the weekly livestream.

"Horny Millennial Trash With Daddy Issues" I reply.

"Of course it is."

Have you voted for Fat Bear Junior? 23rd and 24th September:

"Proper" Fat Bear Week starts on the 29th September.

Urgh, listening to a native Spanish speaker failing badly at dealing with they/them pronouns in English. She's trying but it's still kinda cringe to hear.

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