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Everything Everywhere All At Once spoilers 

At the time of the last toot, I did not realise it was Chekhov's Buttplug. Revealed in the first act, "fired" in the third.

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is an excellent trippy puzzle . It comes across as Portal meets The Stanley Parable, but the mechanics elevate it above both. It made me laugh out loud repeatedly with its cleverness and wit.

It's not a long game - I binged it yesterday, then immediately again with the Developer's Commentary. It's on sale until about 6pm BST today on Steam, and for £7.74 is well worth adding to your library.

Runs on too @gamingonlinux

maybe spoilers for Superluminal, but Minnesota-related 

I've been playing Superluminal, a trippy puzzle game which feels like Portal meets The Stanley Parable.

In this game are soda vending machines. Most of them dispense normal cans, except the "Mini Soda" which comes in a tiny can. If you look closely enough you can see it's labelled "The North Star Drink"!

mh ~ 

Looking at a photo of myself aged around 18, and I feel an immense sadness because I know all the shit that guy's gonna go through.

But I also feel proud, because I know he *does* get through it all.

shitpost, lewd ish 

"horny swot" is very teenage-me energy.

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shitpost, lewd ish 

horny soit qui mal y pense


Final score 18-10, game ends at the middle of the 4th.

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At this level there's a lot of fumbling with the ball at home plate, when the pitcher and catcher aren't working well together. This leads to lots of stolen bases and high scores.

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@bright_helpings The Bees get a run round the bases due to multiple fielding mishaps from the Trojans.

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After some comic mishaps we're watching the Manchester Bees play the Halton Twojans in the second game of the double header. Bottom of the second now, Bees are ahead 9-6.


*listens to Nine Inch Nails all morning*

*earwormed by Rihanna*


We've had quite a lot of beer this afternoon so it's time for coffee drinks before heading home...


Now I've learned about Jim Bouton and his book "Ball Four" which I want to read.

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Now it's my turn to make @bright_helpings watch baseball.

We're watching "The Battered Bastards of Baseball". It's a documentary about the Portland Mavericks, Bing Russell's independent baseball team in the NW A league in the 70s.

Accidental violence 

I woke up from a nightmare to my new phone, which is waaaaaay louder than the old one. Startled, I flailed around to turn it off, just as QMB was turning, and I accidentally hit them in the face with my elbow. They're OK but cripes what a wake up for both of us :/

selfie, eye contact 

May have spoken too soon as I still have a bunch of apps to set up by hand. Nextcloud is refusing to run on the new phone, either from Play Store or F-Droid, which is what I use to sync contents, calendars and TODO lists. So that's a bit of a pain.

Also, I'm trying Tusky instead of Fedilab to see if it's any better at posting pictures, so have a random selfie of me and @bright_helpings at Pembroke Dock.

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