As a Sysadmin Appreciation Day gift to myself, I bought a UPS to cover my router and fileserver during brownouts.

I'm creating the feedback form for a series of events I'm running at work before they happen, so the form design isn't influenced by experience.

Oh and for some reason enabling PLAIN and LOGIN auth on my IMAP server because Gitlab can't auth using CRAM-MD5.

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Today I set up my personal Gitlab CE instance to send and receive email.

It was too much manual work - creating MX records, configuring Exim to receive email for the Gitlab domain, Cyrus to have a new account, etc.

Going to have to think about ways of infrastructure-as-coding it, but probably not on my legacy hand-crafted mailserver.

Have any other beard-havers noticed their beard growing like crazy during the recent sun and heat?

It's like it's photosynthesising or something.


Somebody sent an email where the first letter of each line spelled out a message.

It made me so angry my face muscles started to twitch.

I think it was a cross tic.

selfie, dog, ec 

We have a plumber in the house today and it's all a Bit Much for Gary so I've taken him to the park.

We're in the shade, with a breeze; he has a water bowl and I have a cold can of soda. There are occasional passersby, some with Good Dogs.

We're chilling.

No you just stayed up until 1am hacking support for HTTP Basic Auth into the Jinja templates you deploy with Ansible to drive Icinga.

Just for the joy of having a simple problem to hack on for a bit with a tangible result.

Tomorrow!me gets to figure out *why* the service behind auth is returning 500s, but at least we can now see it when it does :)

Obligatory "nice". Which is probably part of toxic Open Source culture or something.

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The Linux Foundation are carrying out a survey on "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Open Source", and I know this is something and people (and opponents thereof!) on the Fedi have opinions on. So please boost and fill in.

Contributing to an evidence base may be a way of highlighting the problems and shaming people with money into doing something about them.

Just downloaded Warframe. It's being generous to observe that it's... "inspired by" Destiny, right?

alc, intimacy 

The other night me and @bright_helpings got squiffy on sangria with friends.

We ended up cuddling and talking in bed, late at night. It was loving, caring and intimate. But between the sangria and the hour, I can't remember everything we talked about.

Intimate and secret, even from me :)

Today's great idea I don't have time for - set up a Masto instance only for verified celebrity accounts (much like blue tick Twitter) and encourage famous people (or their PR people) onto the Fediverse, to drive greater adoption.

Cannot concentrate on work at all today. Been staring at a blank form for hours. Given myself breaks / distractions, to no avail. Just means I'm creating more backlog for myself.

Not stayed up late drinking with friends for a long time.

body positivity, partial nudity described 

A friend had a big tums appreciation post on their FB, and asked me to contribute. I took a pic of me in bed, naked except for the duvet covering me below the waist.

Instead of DMing it to them directly as I've done in the past, I put it on the thread. Feeling kind of good-weird about that.

I quite like my body, I'm just not that keen on other people seeing and/or judging it usually.

I've registered a domain name for a project so now I have to *do* something with it, boo.

This is a great idea in my head but putting it into the real world will annoy me.

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