selfie, no eye contact 

In response to complaints about having a messy room on work video calls, I have adopted a background.

Depending on who asks, it's either or .


Gary seems to want snuggles with me when everybody else has gone to bed. I love my Gary snuggles but I also like going to bed.

The bit where I had to fill in the "wrist" under the M (previously covered by the D) looks incredibly cringe up close, but it kinda works if you don't pay too much attention to it.

I took inspiration from @QueenMollyBones's favourite art restoration videos on YouTube which talk about just adding enough paint so it's not immediately obvious there's a gap.

Also extending the damage from the top-right of the second O into the new D shape is good.

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artwork of Hell 

A bit late to the party on the realisation that Doom spelled backwards is Mood, but I wasn't satisfied with any of the image manips I could find online. So I made my own when I should have been doing something else.

OK. The problem is that with LineageOS 18.1 my phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi which causes Nextcloud sync to fail, which breaks SeedVault.

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Well this morning has put the farce in "catharsis".

Hrm, maybe spoke too soon, the SeedVault backup seems to have gotten stuck at 56%...

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My phone was still running LineageOS 16, which is a year old, based on Android 9, and no longer supported.

So it's now running LineageOS 18.1. One of the new features is built-in phone backups to my personal Nextcloud.

It's much friendlier than hacking together Titanium Backup and custom upload folders, and I'm a lot less worried about the risk of losing my phone.

covid vaccination 

Guess which idiot turned up to his second Covid jab this afternoon, only to find his appointment is on Friday?

They tried to fit me in but couldn't because of batching. It was nice of them to try.

Finally got round to installing the EFF's Privacy Badger in my browsers. You can too, at

Tried to do a fresh Debian 11 install on my new NVMe SSD drive this weekend but I... couldn't be bothered?

I think I'm a bit burned out with tech at the moment, will stick with my current Debian 10 install on SATA SSD a while longer.

Hooray, finished Subnautica on PS4. I loved the game but it was frustratingly buggy and kept crashing. Now I can uninstall it and the bad will fade while the good remains.

dog ec 

POV: you have the Best Dog in your lap and are scritching him.

Selfie, ec, gross couple 

Went for a walk with @bright somewhere we hadn't been for a while. We mooched through a large cemetery to get to a lake. There was an ice cream van so we had ice cream. Then we sat by a lake and looked far away at the distant trees and high clouds.

A nice break from routine and now we're collecting Nepalese takeout to bring home to @QueenMollyBones.

Jake Cave being cute isn't the *only* reason I watch Twins games with @bright_helpings, but it certainly helps.

Gosh, I really *needed* that shower. Between insomnia and other things I've not managed one for a couple of days too long this week.

Today I got to spend an hour mooching around a large cemetery, waiting for @QueenMollyBones to finish an appointment I'd driven her to.

The weather was pleasant, and it was a nice stroll. I feel better for having gone somewhere different and done something relaxing.

work - 

I am so pissed off about this that I'm struggling to get anything done :/

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Just had a coworker ask me about the he/him pronouns in my email signature. She was really excited that putting pronouns in your sigfile is something you can do! She has a gender-neutral name and is frequently misgendered.

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