fat acceptance, lgbt+ scene 

Oh God of course I put some comments on a Pink News Facebook post about fat acceptance in the LGBT+ community. I have brought this on myself.

Having some awareness of statistical epidemiology only makes dealing with these people worse.

Just caught an engineer testing in production, so now on top of everything else I have to hide a body.

mh, shitpost 

We've got both kinds of mental health here - depressed *and* anxious!

Just finished watching Bohemian Rhapsody. It could clearly have been a better and more honest film, but it still gave me All The Feels and made me cry.

That 1985 Live Aid gig is one of my earliest memories.

I just found out where Bovril gets its name (other than the "Bov" part for "bovine").

I'm not going to say what it is here because you'll never believe me. Go look it up. Believe me, it's worth it.

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Things I never thought I'd say:

"OK, this is even better than the *last* yodelling Japanese chicken song."

So last year I got fucked over pretty badly by a bunch of LGBT+ activists in my political party.

Tonight I've finally got round to announcing that I'm not going to be hosting their membership database for free any more. Given them 3 months and a list of hosting providers.

I've been doing it since 2010, and it's costing me £30/mo just to keep the VM it's on running.

It's brought up a lot of painful memories, and it's sad... but it's the last step to break away.

covid, shitpost 

Just had my first vaccine dose. The mobile internet on my phone went weird for a few minutes immediately afterwards. Suspicious...

bilingual space pun 

After talk of Linux on Mars, we were discussing appropriate Intel chipsets for space missions. It was suggested that Apollo Lake should be sent to one of the seas of the Moon.

I pointed out that due to cosmic rays this would be a total mare.

food (kinda, it's British) 

This morning I have mostly been grossing @bright_helpings by eating Bovril on toast in his general vicinity.

Only because he helped me get the lid off the jar though!

For the uninitiated, Bovril is a semiliquid paste made from salt and beef. It's a little runnier than Ketchup.

dog ec

Here I am minding my own business eating hot chip, and then I glance down to see I am being Studied.

Today I received a letter in an envelope which said "This is not a circular". I could already see the envelope was rectangular!

TIL that in ~2010, Americans ate around 32 Gigatonnes of tater tots per year.

You know you're a gamer geek and also a project manager when you phrase requests to your team members you don't think they're going to enjoy as "Would you kindly..."

human eye contact, alc 

As part of coping with lockdown, we're trying to make the weekends different. So for dinner we splashed out on Vietnamese takeout, which @bright_helpings and I had to collect as they don't deliver out this far. @QueenMollyBones cleared off the table so we could sit around it and share a meal.

It's not a lot but it feels different and special.

Failed to get a carpenter to give me a quote, so I am attempting to DIY after all.

Today @bright_helpings and I travelled a whole 8 miles to a DIY shop to get wood. It's the longest trip we've taken in about four months. So exciting!

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Attempted DIY tonight. The plan was simple in principle, hit a snag almost immediately and then hit a second snag which has taken it out of my comfort zone, so I now need a carpenter to visit.

I spent a lot of free time recently getting a bit obsessed with a Free-to-Play game, including knocking together a spreadsheet to help me strategise, and updating a very old Fandom wiki.

Reasonably harmless in itself, but I find the sudden intensity with which I'm throwing myself into this disturbing. I'll keep an eye on it.

lewd, shitpost 

I need to buy a replacement curtain pole and was tempted by the one called "Stud Graphite". I am sure that's somebody's porn star name.

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