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I got a new ref sheet from!

Love puppy me :bowie_heart:

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I'm finally doing an post here with some tags to search and make it easier to meet others. Follows and conversation welcome!

I'm a cis, gay man who is enamored of the beautiful spectrums of folks on the fediverse.

I run, and am interested in . I build things for

I am actually a werewolf.

stickers arrived. colors look nice. finish is this matte "semi-gloss" instead of the shiny vinyl, which looks tasteful but less weather proof, though the shop assured me these are great for outdoors

I had the pleasure of doing the art for next month's (spooky) flash crash! Really pleased how they turned out. Make sure you catch it, this one's got a few surprises in store :D

CW: Racism, fetishization of Asian people 

Kudos to this tattooer for putting out a warning

"I'm currently standing in the hangar bay of the UAC power plant complex, located on Phobos. Normally this is a facility buzzing with life, delivering 666 GigaWatts of energy to science facilities all across this moon. But right now, things may have gotten a bit out of hand..."

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@AnnaForFlorida @GovRonDeSantis Fixed it! ✨✨✨

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Just dictated a text and β€œsexist” was immediately transcribed as β€œsexiest”. I feel gaslit by my iPhone.

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woah. youngsters rejecting Facebook's main "blue app" is known but I must say this study of gen z (16-24) shows it's more in free fall relative to gen y (25-40). also speaks to why data-sharing and control over FB's Instagram has been so critical to the company's market power. /1

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I wish I could sort out if someone is:

a) asking because they honestly don't understand


b) asking to be a sealion who wants to bury me in usless details?

Obligatory dog photo to start off my account on the right foot 😁

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was rereading the little prince last night and i forgot how good this part was at explaining NFTs

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Love this awkward energy -- maybe stop trying to ban abortion and then reporters won't have to call you out on your BS and ask you questions on topics you clearly don't like to talk about @GovRonDeSantis.

Oh, you're a MAP?

Great, then you can find the way to get away from me

hey Laravel fuckin’ slaps, legit the first time I’ve been able to build an actual web app backend that does things without being paralyzed by it all

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If you use jQuery, you're a JavaScript programmer.
If you use Rails, you're a Ruby programmer.
If you use Laravel, you're a PHP programmer.

Just because you choose to use libraries and frameworks that make life easier does not mean you are lesser.

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got a follow from so I wanted to confirm and yeah, good to block for pedo content and more.

Same for

Heck if you want a bigger list, gives you some because they are mad that people block them:

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Employees learned this week that in the $80 million deal for @Genius, their stock options are worthless. But according to deal documents, co-founders Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory stand to make millions

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