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I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender. It takes place over the course of less than a year in 61 episodes. Despite that, a full moon is prominently featured in at least 80% of the episodes. They also have an 8min solar eclipse, so they must have Westeros style orbit.

A page requiring no authentication at all to view when typing a normal URL into the browser.

It almost seems like they don't want me to opt-out of some data collection.

I opened an opt out page for a financial services provider. The page required no log-in to view.

The page requested info from a letter. I went to get the letter and when I came back the page had timed out and gone to an error page "for security purposes".

Shoutout to FSF and some of their guides and blog posts that carry on their tradition of alienating people who aren't already well steeped in their writing.

I get using alternate names of things to describe them and not further index the original names, as well as to drive home a point.

But sometimes it's hard to parse wth people are talking about in documents meant to inform and educate people about a problem.

Look away from your screen for a bit. Allow your eyes and mind to rest.

In before the "it's important to protect yourself and I never work without one" responses missing the general point.

I get these weird reminders and flashbacks of ridiculous contracts, shoddy NDAs, and other official sounding things from companies that ended up caring more about legal documents granting them all rights and taking away all others than actual quality output.

just got a meeting invite with the location "Neverland" followed very quickly by an amendment to change the location to "WebEx"

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Feel intimidated by the REST API? Here’s a great event in the Miami area that will help you understand the basics, learn beginner tips for plugins, and more. Reserve your spot and join @CalEvans@twitter.com on Sept. 5 to get started with the WordPress REST API.

Asking for charitable donations for your birthday on FB and the charity isn’t EXTREMELY controversial? Coward!

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Got the next mycamp.rocks newsletter ready to send out in a few minutes. Signup to get hot + fresh in your inbox ✉️:


It’s for organizers 😄, Speakers 👨‍🏫, and/or attendee 🙋🏽‍♀️ of meetups and conferences. Love to hear feedback! Thank you!

Watching this episode of the Computer Chronicles 34 years later, on a laptop computer more powerful than any desktop available at that time, and, adjusted for inflation, a fraction of the price of the cheapest portable computer they mention.

The future is pretty awesome.


it's pretty #cyberpunk how normal people talk about "The Algorithm" in conversation

Amazon's latest "please keep Prime!!!" move for me is placing an info tip box over the profile with an X that looks like a close button and does absolutely nothing

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Regardless of your major, take humanities courses. Take history, women’s studies, lit, drama. Learn about cultures other than yours. No matter what you end up doing in life you will need to know how to be a person. Also you have 4 years to drink, don’t do the most week 1. twitter.com/staceyjspiehler/st

Hey Masto, it's morning for me and it's time to see what hype lived and died in the few hours I've been away from you 😂

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