Every time I see an interesting job posting from @EFF@twitter.com I'm annoyed when I'm reminded that an internet-based non-profit focused on digital rights and holding tech companies accountable only has jobs on-site in San Francisco, home of tech hyperinflation.

When are we getting a Domino movie again?

Join myself, @marktimemedia@twitter.com @jcasabona@twitter.com, @andreazoellner@twitter.com, and more for @wordcampmiami@twitter.com next month! Thank you for having me to speak and thank you for your support @SiteGround@twitter.com! 2019.miami.wordcamp.org/2019/0

I've spent lots of time thinking about note taking, but not as much as @jcasabona@twitter.com. I'd love to have one app that handles all of my needs, like @JosephHHoward@twitter.com suggested.

My @gmail@twitter.com account has been locked down for unusual activity after I accidentally refreshed a few times quickly. But the "for help with this issue, click here" link takes me to a form where "Google locked my account" is not an option. Instead all options are user error.

I spent part of the morning testing and updating one of my plugins in the WordPress repository. I then pushed my changes, checked my email, and saw that I'd just received the reminder to test and update against v5.1. Derp.

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Privacy is not a science, it is a human right


My response to a dangerous turd of an article by Bart van der Sloot (co-founder of Amsterdam Privacy Week – sponsored by Palantir and Google – and docent teaching “Privacy and Big Data” at Tilburg University)

Mr. Sloot attempts to reframe privacy as a “science” and shame those who work to protect it for having a “pro-privacy agenda” & not being “neutral”. He also calls for “new rules” to disallow such biased behaviour.

I wrote a tutorial on how to remove the @studiopress@twitter.com Genesis SEO settings from your site if you're not using them.


In these divisive times, there is one cause that can unite us all:

Bottles of thick liquids should be flat and wide on top so you can store them upside down when they start running low.

A more realistic outcome would be a backlash against Apple, with users jumping ship to Android, so they "won't have a company controlling what they see". - "Maybe Only Tim Cook Can Fix Facebook's Privacy Problem" - @kevinroose@twitter.com link.medium.com/INYPbMnJdU

I figured I wasn't starting the day out frustrated enough, so I decided to read a Quora thread with responses on why poor people are poor. Now I'm sharing that here because like all of those people I have opinions.

I just got two spam emails from a company offering to sell me contact information for local companies that use @Evernote@twitter.com.

Besides being unwanted sales emails, I have no interest in getting targeted data from third parties to send unwanted sales emails to others.

This is cool: try out fonts made for programming interfaces with a single click, instead of having to download, install, and activate a bunch of fonts until you find the one that works for you.


I just listened to the newest @thewpbuffs@twitter.com WPMRR Podcast episodes with @jenniferbourn@twitter.com and @marktimemedia@twitter.com. I keep learning more and more things to apply to my business. If you haven't checked it out, give it a listen! wpmrr.com/podcast/

Maybe it's because I've been thinking about Right to Repair laws last night and this morning, but I'm very frustrated by a handful of specialty screws used to hold a PS4 together that I'm trying to fix.

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In retrospect, we probably should have pulled the plug on the whole capitalism thing when people started bragging about only watching a 4 hour sporting event “for the commercials”

Thanks to linking by a guest whose newsletter I subscribe to, I just discovered a podcast that is exactly up my alley, and basically the show that I'd want to create. This is when internet recommendations actually work.

I had to fix some code that I previously wrote. Learn when to use isset(), empty(), and is)null() so you don't make the same mistake that I did!


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