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Not a full introduction post, but hello, I'm David and I have a sona by the name of Bowie. You can probably guess the type of music that I enjoy :bowie_laugh:

I both love and hate technology and that's too much a part of my life. I also love cute things! Pick one for us to bond over.

If you are a nice person, I want to talk to you! You can mention me, DM me, follow me, share fun things, or otherwise interact because I love all of it and love to interact back. :bowie_heart: :bowie_heart:

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I'm finally doing an post here with some tags to search and make it easier to meet others. Follows and conversation welcome!

I'm a cis, gay man who is enamored of the beautiful spectrums of folks on the fediverse.

I run, and am interested in . I build things for

I am actually a werewolf.

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Requesting a whole bunch of posts (user-agent is already in my bad bots list, so it's just getting HTTP 503 responses):

IP address: (RDNS
user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; BLEXBot/1.0; +


furries i have a question
what creature do you interpret this as?

JackBarks and Chill Time with !discord chat

Weekly game time for furry friends to hang for the next two and a half hours!

More Barks of the Wild incoming! I'm enjoying chatting with folks on Discord while streaming too

I am convinced the straights are never okay.

Just caught an engineer testing in production, so now on top of everything else I have to hide a body.

It's a special day, and @Timothy has a giant plush BowieBarks to hang on to!

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The American work week has decreased by 10% since 1950. The average working American worked 1986 hours per year in 1950 and works 1758 hours today.

However, in 1950, Americans worked the lowest numbers of hours in the world.

Now they work the most. (except for communist countries like China, where 9-9-6 is common (9am to 9pm, 6 days a week)).

Germany went from 2400 hours to 1400 hours in the same timeframe.

Really, it's about national priorities.

Realizing that adding image descriptions to things is probably one of my favorite writing exercises ever

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but seriously, where does the mindset come from that you think, "I'm going to go on to watch a stream. I am going to make sure that I let someone know if I think that their stream sucks as opposed to just click over to the literal millions of other channels that exist"

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dumb people 

I got the following as a message on my stream:
"man your rules just tick all the boxes I guess your excluded from any of all critism if though your stream sucks."

Here's my stream chat rules that display:

"No hate, no slurs.
Transphobes begone.
Black Lives Matter."

I guess that's far too much to ask of some people :bowie_laugh:

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Doing more Barks of the Wild on stream this morning! If you wanna join in and chat in Discord I definitely don't mind the company!

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RT @SketchesbyBoze
no one dresses better than the starling in her cloak of many stars

Sighhh another site that I use for my work that fails silently on Firefox but works fine in Chrome (yes, new profile/incognito/etc too).

Time to start the debate over moving to Chrome as my daily driver again.

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