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I'm finally doing an post here with some tags to search and make it easier to meet others. Follows and conversation welcome!

I'm a cis, gay man who is enamored of the beautiful spectrums of folks on the fediverse.

I run, and am interested in . I build things for

I am actually a werewolf.

Question for devs: does wp-i18n require jQuery? I can't find anything that suggests that it does beyond not being able to use it if jQuery is not enqueued.

@IceWolf Not quite a wolf, but here's a snoot for you from the dog park this morning :ms_wolf: πŸ‘ƒ

PSA: Don't buy drives from WD. Ever. (CW rampant anticonsumerism.) 

Someone spent a lot of time putting this together.

King Kong vs 3 T-Rexes but with Ed, Edd, n Eddy sound effects

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I’m pretty thrilled to be a @[email protected] clue but my mom is disappointed it’s only worth 800.

@aedric Thanks for choosing our instance! If you need anything while here, let me know!

this is 100% the face that every dog makes when you shout "WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? DROP IT!!"

Why does a public #library still matter?
Spoiler: beyond books, it's making #knowledge and #information available to all, not just the rich & clever. (5m)

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:lazer_T: :lazer_H: :lazer_A: :lazer_T: - :lazer_I: :lazer_M: - :lazer_G: :lazer_A: :lazer_Y:

I'm a bold dude who didn't warn anyone about the upgrade to Mastodon v3.0.1 because it's gotten so smooth that the majority of the process was making a backup beforehand, and the service was probably down for a second or two max during the update 😀

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Thanks to Ingersoll advocacy, WA is becoming one of the first states to remove fees for amending gender markers on state IDs. On Nov. 13th, anyone who has a valid WA State that wants to amend their gender marker (M/F/X) can self-attest and receive an updated ID at no cost! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I started rewatching Gravity Falls.

So of course they removed it from Hulu today. Which Disney has a majority stake in.

Recurring complaint that platforms that use your interactions to create a feed for you need to give you the option to completely block and blacklist creators/topics on those platforms.

Especially the ones like birdsite that pretend to do that, but still surface that content.

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