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Not a full introduction post, but hello, I'm David and I have a sona by the name of Bowie. You can probably guess the type of music that I enjoy :bowie_laugh:

I both love and hate technology and that's too much a part of my life. I also love cute things! Pick one for us to bond over.

If you are a nice person, I want to talk to you! You can mention me, DM me, follow me, share fun things, or otherwise interact because I love all of it and love to interact back. :bowie_heart: :bowie_heart:

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I'm finally doing an post here with some tags to search and make it easier to meet others. Follows and conversation welcome!

I'm a cis, gay man who is enamored of the beautiful spectrums of folks on the fediverse.

I run, and am interested in . I build things for

I am actually a werewolf.

I just found this "topsecret.js" file on the website. I was quite happy with this little easter egg.

Some people claim that instance-blocking weakens the fediverse, and undermines the point of federation.

This is the opposite of the truth.

The point of federation is that it limits the accumulation of power: no single instance can control fedi, because users can always switch instances without leaving fedi.

This is why fedi and fascism are fundamentally opposed -- and why the ability to block fascist/abusive instances is the very heart of federation's power to serve its users.

Just saw some crypto chud posting about 'virtue signalling' so I thought I should remind you all.

Always signal your virtues, because if nobody signals their virtues it makes it seem a lot like nobody can be bothered to even pretend to be virtuous any more, and the world becomes a darker place as a result.

Kass is just one letter away from kiss, just an interesting fact I wanted to mention :dragnpeek:

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too much buff Stitch in your feed?
no problem
have some thicc Stitch instead

Open until 2/3 or filled!

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Mastodon is what happens when you take the Twitter format and make each one a themed public forum and then link them all together whether it's a Nazi Plemora instance that takes a few minutes to spin up or some poor soul struggling to figure out why their 3-member Teen Angel fan server is vomiting lava from their monitor, tears staining 30-year-old Linux books as they beg it to just patch to version 0.0.3.

Nothing good is democratized, but everything bad sure is.

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Out of the ensuing convo, but good to elaborate on: there is now an effort to make a public blocklist for admins to add instances to to crowdsource isolating bad instances and the discussion already has turned to how to avoid bad actors worming in and ruining it for everyone. Possibly putting it to a vote of members. It's a mess, y'all. But people are desperate. And it's a flaw in the design of fedi. You're linking communities. That's not Twitter; it's a webring.

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I can't help but feel niche spaces are incredibly fragile on here. It only takes one incident to destroy a thriving, long-term community.

People kicked out of those spaces often don't search for a new one. They go back to Twitter, or other spaces they already are invested in.

Bad actors can destroy something nice for dozens of people and TBH the fedi is bad at identifying and isolating those actors because they're not obvious goose-stepping Nazis.

🎼 🎸 Full scene commission for RelaxingDragon1! 🎸 🎼

The idea of "alpha" and "beta" males is an outdated myth based on misinformation. There is not a single reported case of a wolf using the Greek alphabet throughout the entirety of recorded history. It does not reflect how wolves act in the wild.

Reminder that Apple bought Dark Sky and the API will disappear in 2021 (the Android App was already shut down).

It's not just Google that shuts down products.


still thinking about how taxes are so hard to file simply because someone made a deal with the government to make taxes hard to file so they could set up a company to handle taxes for you, and charge you a bunch for it

I had a new friend waiting for me at my desk this morning for my birthday, thanks to @Timothy!

I am love them.

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