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Apparently this is the only race either party thinks that I care about, and don't have the data to know that I'm decided already. Whoever you support, even if you don't care either way, go out and vote!

As for me, teams @AnnaForFlorida@twitter.com @RepStephMurphy@twitter.com @AndrewGillum@twitter.com all the way!

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Final comment on deadlines

RT @CalEvans@twitter.com ...and don’t give me this β€˜but...but...DEADLINE’ crap. Unless there are literally lives on the line...people will literally die if the deadline is missed, you CAN move the dang deadline. twitter.com/calevans/status/10

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/CalEvans/status/10

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Wii Boxing is still a good time but Wii wrestling never has been. Once someone manages to slam the balance board into your back and you fall into the fireplace it's just not fun anymore

Since I don't cold-call for work, I don't understand the folks that find a place to leave a comment of "I need help with my site", then their phone number, without even a link to the site or any details.

So many articles look at studies suggesting that low social ties directly correlates to higher mortality with the conclusion that you should make friends.

I'm not saying not to, but if you don't have a social net, why is there an inherent assumption that you want to live longer?

Twitter thinks that one of these two tweets is offensive enough to hide behind a warning, while the other is A-OK for a stream of Orlando Pride tweets. Can you guess which is which?

Fine print on Best Buy offers end in "See a Blue Shirt for details."

...But what would someone in medical be able to help with about my cell phone?

I'm curious how well email signatures with attached images actually perform, because I generally ignore signatures entirely, and from a technical standpoint the attachments wreak havoc on webmail and email-to-service workflows.

Any wget masters have suggestions for downloading remote files from only one other domain?

Example: I use wget on domainA, which has remote files from domain1 to domain20 on it. I only want remote files from domain13 that are linked from domainA.

Darn right I'm a winner

How do I remove any links to Orlando Sentinel from my timeline? I support local journalism, but they're absolutely not that. Everyone links to their site which has a full paywall site-wide.

Shout out to anyone who dreads every single pre-scheduled engagement that they make, even if it's for things that they enjoy.

We're ready to March on behalf of @AnnaForFlorida@twitter.com and the rest of Come Out With Pride!

Overheard at Come Out With Pride: "My mom definitely slut shamed me before I left the house today."

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20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.


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@david These two are not Internet famous, but they’re known here locally in Sacramento: Tina Reynolds of Uptown Studios and Josh Rubin of Post Modern Marketing. They both run agencies that are kicking major ass. Guarantee almost no one outside of Sacramento has heard of either one.

Learn Why You Should Attend WordCamp Orlando 2018. Thanks to @jpDesignTheory@twitter.com for filming and producing this trailer for @WordCampOrlando@twitter.com! youtu.be/q_sUJkm2Nlo

I do basically the same and for similar reasons. It is very freeing. Now it's just listening to notifications on phones of everyone around me that sets me off πŸ˜‚

β€œWhy My Phone is on Do Not Disturb 24/7” by Crawford Ifland medium.com/@crawfordifland/why