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I'm finally doing an post here with some tags to search and make it easier to meet others. Follows and conversation welcome!

I'm a cis, gay man who is enamored of the beautiful spectrums of folks on the fediverse.

I run, and am interested in . I build things for

I am actually a werewolf.

It's again already? Get your normie friends on here so you can show them how social media is really done.

@BalooUriza I hope that you are having a good day! I saw you were on πŸ˜‚

One of the issues that I have with the Mastodon UI on the web and most apps is being able to tell easily if your message is a DM or not.

HANK: If you make your fursona a pokemon, where are you gonna be in a few years when the next big fad comes around?
BOBBY: Then I'll just get a new one.
HANK: Bobby, a fursona isn't just something you throw away when something new comes along. It's a piece of yourself. Why, I've had Lyndon here for thirty years.
BOBBY: Here comes the ref sheet.
HANK: (takes a folded up piece of paper out of his wallet. his fursona is a jacked as hell bloodhound)

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BOBBY: Dad! Dad! I finally picked out a fursona! It's-
HANK: Is it a real animal?
BOBBY: gh-
HANK: Come on, Bobby, we talked about this. Everyone thinks Dale's a jackass with his closed species.

@IceWolf @Mace I went down rabbit holes and tied up all of the Redis memory messing with this, but I don't seem to have gotten newly fetched info from you, which is frustrating considering I can see it correctly when viewing your profiles

two ways being sincere helps other people:

1. they get to see that it is possible to safely be sincere

2. they get to learn by example how to be sincere themselves

- 🐲 πŸ’­

Hi yes time to shill for @mastohost because Hugo is a fuckin legend

my instances' federation broke, 20 minutes after emailing Hugo on a saturday it's already working again

so good

Sharing again this article from The Outline,

"The magical thinking of guys who love logic

Why so many men online love to use 'logic' to win an argument, and then disappear before they can find out they're wrong." can we have a specifically pink heart to go alongside the other heart colors? there are a bunch of pride flags we can't represent neatly in sequences of emoji hearts yet πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™

- 🦊 ✨

I see multiple people and creatures talking about planning out projects, something that I have way too much experience with, because I have a problem.

I wonder what the demand would be for a guide on, "How to Be Productive Despite Having Days of Serious Mental Lows Regularly"

How do you know someone is a bottom? 

Adam Driver looks like someone tried to draw Keanu Reeves from memory

You know I'm kind of glad the flip phone form factor is becoming a thing with smartphones now. I feel like having to do the secondary motion of flipping it open kind of activates that primal lazyness drive and you end up not checking your phone as often that way lol

I'm in Florida, so of course you can see gators while deciding not to play mini golf because it's too crowded

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