The "Respects Your Freedom" certification program encourages the creation and sale of hardware that will do as much as possible to respect your freedom and your privacy, and will ensure that you have control over your device.

Aujourd'hui est un jour pour un pan bagnat. Juteuse avec beaucoup d'huile d'olive, de tomates, de basilic et d'ail du jardin.
Si simple et pourtant si délicieux 😋

The German Left is continuing with Janine Wissler as chairwoman.
Janine, who was involved in a coverup, has a good chance to go down in history as the last chairwoman of the German Left, because the path to political insignificance will continue.

Even if I regret that the Left party, more than ever needed in Germany, continues to move itself into the abyss, I must say that one always chooses the chairhuman one deserves. 😢

Die Linkspartei setzt auf ein Weiterso mit der Wahl von Janine Wissler zur Vorsitzende wird der Weg in die politische Bedeutungslosigkeit weitergehen. Janine hat gute Chancen, als letzte Vorsitzende der Linken in die Geschichte einzugehen.

Auch wenn ich bedaure zu sehen wie eine Partei die mehr den je gebraucht würde, sich immer weiter in den Abgrund manövriert, muss ich sagen das man sich immer den Vorsitzenden Wählt den man verdient. 😢

'Just flashed an image with Etcher by @balena_io - the easiest way to write SD cards! ' - that's the message Etcher wants me to share on Twitter - the software is easy to use and reliable anyway, so not a bad choice if you need to flash SD cards


Platforms use secret recommendation algorithms to decide whether a creator's works reach their subscribers. Tools like Tracking Exposed reverse-engineer the algorithms, exposing the secret rules creators are expected to follow, but not allowed to know.


Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

Metaldetektilo, kies kreado postulas nur unu malmultekostan integran cirkviton.La projekto unue estis prezentita en Everyday Practical Electronics Magazine fare de Thomas Scarborough en junio 2006. Ĝi estas tre simpla kaj sentema. Video:


The time change makes no sense to me, but if the original time changes twice a year, why can't all countries change their clocks at the same time?
Am I the only one who misses dates twice a year because of this? Because Daylight Saving Time doesn't come into effect on the same date in North America and Europe.

drugs crime 


Drug cartels use and as communication platforms to recruit and train hit men.
SOURCE: Wall Street Jurnal:

human trafficking 

United Arab Emirates

Traffickers use channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to promise women well-paying jobs. They are later "sold" on platforms and forced to do sex-work. Internal Facebook investigations have revealed that the company makes hundreds of thousands from humane trafficking ads.
SOURCE: Wall Street



Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed openly called for violence on his Facebook page.
Ethiopia has been in a civil war since November 2020, and has contributed to it, pro-government activists use the platform to call for the killing of their opponents.
SOURCE: New York Times:

human trafficking 

Saudi Arabia

Human traffickers offer women for sale on . The Arabic hashtag "maid" is used to find numerous accounts on Instagram. does nothing.
Source: ZDF Magazin Royale:

USA States

The storming of the Capitol in Washington was organized via and , Donald Trump's account was deleted only after the misguided attempt. Cambridge Analytica Ltd (CA) provided the Trump election campaign with the personal data of 87 million Facebook users.
Source: New York


According to the UN, is partly responsible for the displacement of hundreds of thousands and murder of twenty five thousand of members of the Rohingya minority from Myanmar. Myanmar's military junta is using Facebook for a disinformation campaign against Rohingya who are being murdered or driven out of the country. 25 thousand people died.
Source: the
Source: BBC


Hate speech is spread by nationalist groups on and . Hate messages and even calls for murder against Muslims are tolerated by Facebook.
Source: The Atlantic


Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro benefited from systematic fake news on WhatsApp, with the help of organized fake news he won his election in 2018.

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