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Last boost: you know what that is? Destroying the evidence. If they were given an hour to pull everything out, then it was clear there was no reason to bomb it EXCEPT in hopes they wouldn't be able to save some critical evidence, and to deny them facilities to continue working.

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I tried to think of an action movie centered on Motherhood (the protagonist is a mom, motherhood is an important theme of the movie, etc). The only one that comes to mind is #Aliens. What else is there?

#MothersDay #movies #askfedi #film

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When self-hosting ActivityPub based services would it be possible to have users identities at the main domain ( but have different ActivityPub based platforms used as a front-end for that identity?

So the user could log on at,,, etc, depending on what platform they preferred. But all their posts, followers, following, dms, etc, would follow them to whatever platform they chose.

#askfedi #fediadmin #activitypub

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This was the idea of ActivityPub.
You have a Client-to-Server and a Server-to-Server portion.
Different diverse Clients can speak to your 1 server!
It would be wonderful.
See the specifications

But unfortunately mastodon does not support the Client-to-Server part and so they have their own “API” for the server.

And so, while upcoming projects will support it, the situation is as bad as it is …

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saw a fuck marry kill thread on gaga daily and the three guys to choose from were justin bieber, shawn mendes and charlie puth and i'm just like can i just kill all of them please

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It's interesting to me that the world has never truly seen socialism. Things we've called socialism but aren't, include: dictatorships where the government owns the means of production and capitalism with social safety nets.

We have yet to see a country actually try socialism where the _workers_ own the means of production. Italy has probably come the closest to this.


Little miracle: I started a new job last week and on my third day I lost the MiFi they gave me. My husband and I searched high and low all week and could not find it. Finally I realized we were going to need some divine intervention so I prayed. I searched my bag for the fiftieth time but it still wasn't there. I then let him lead me to a cabinet, rarely used, on my desk and there it was.

Just saw this ad on Tumblr and just... They picked the right audience

Started using Waistline from F-Droid and so far I'm really liking it. My only complaint is that you can only log body weight in kg not lbs but then I'm using a different app to log my weight anyway.

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Dogs, cats and other carnivores can actually taste the flavor of water. Unlike humans, these animals have taste receptors specifically for water (and meat too!)

Original tweet :

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lmao fuck shit fuck, an entire dishwasher full of dirty water just started pouring through the ceiling into our kitchen oh fuck ahahaha

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- the water stopped coming and things are drying out
- it was their washing machine, not dishwasher
- you haven't lived until you've seen one of those flush-mounted boob lights spurting brown water out of its nipple

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Wanting to be a girl is a symptom of being a girl.

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I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival. ~ Audre Lorde

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Actually... I take it back. I don't care if it's open source. What I care is that it's private. No trackers or other bullshit.

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Birb catching flies :D

#Photography Nikon Z6, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Darktable

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