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We are planning to move our Mastodon account to another server: #Fosstodon You can follow it now: @funkwhale

Boosts are very welcome :)

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From birdsite 

RT @AnnaForFlorida
In FL alone, we know of at least 4 trans or nonbinary lives taken this year: Alexus Braxton, Keri Washington, Royal Poetical Starz, & Jenny DeLeon.

We will honor them all through action and continue to stand beside Trans voices in their fight for justice and equal rights.

Britney Spears, mental health, tumblr 

Just gonna drop this here for future reference. source:

Facebook and co., !t 

I deleted my Facebook years ago, I deleted my WhatsApp last year, and I've abandoned my Instagram as well. But, like, my entire family pretty much communicates on WhatsApp and I pulled as many people as I could to Signal but that's as far as it's going to go and I'm pretty much cut off from a lot of communications now.

Should I go back to WhatsApp or should I stick to my guns?

I guess, technically, Usagi qualifies as a teen mom

I just found out Billie Eilish is American. I thought she was British this whole time -_-'

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Police use face recognition, drones, automated license plate readers, and an arsenal of other invasive tech. Atlas of Surveillance is a searchable map containing thousands of datapoints that allows you to see what is deployed in your area.

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@radicalrobit clearly the lesson here is that society was in real trouble as soon as RadioShack went out of business

Jesus' crucifixion proves that the need for a holy sacrifice was always a human need and never, actually for God.

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They're called "Meta" because their business is selling your metadata.

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politics opinion 

i hope someone figures out a way to have a society where the media both

1. expresses a variety of view points, including those in opposition to the state

2. doesn't artificially boost or suppress any view points using money or access

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politics opinion p2 

i don't want billionaires pushing propaganda, but i also don't want governments deciding that certain outlets are "threats to national security" or "counter-revolutionary" or "undesirable" or whatever

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Reference to Transphobia, Screenshot from Twitter 

Okay apparently some "gender critical" people (read: transphobes) are trying to claim Terry Pratchett would have supported them, and this tweet is an argument against them, a personal anecdote, but most importantly such an emotional and beautiful story, it just made me tear up a little

Just got my new Asus Zenfone 8 and I'm so happy with it! It's such a nice phone. This is also my first non-Google smartphone ^_^

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When numbers get so large they dont mean anything visuals become the best way to grasp their magnitude


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It's easy to take for granted all the pieces that comprise the fediverse.

I'd like to take a moment to thank a few people who laid the groundwork and/or steward initiatives that benefit projects like @pixelfed and push the fediverse forward.

@cwebber - activitypub author + goblins dev

@bagder - curl developer

@mike - zap developer, nomad(ic identity & protocol wizard)

@humanetech - stewards ethical/humane initiatives

@feditips - unbiased source for topics that affect new and old users

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