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Millennials be like “oh god I’m so useless, anyway here’s a whole-ass blanket I knitted”

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A twitter link to a thread on burnout in black activists and how white activists cause it 

If you are white or NBPOC and you want to actually learn what you may be doing wrong and how to stop, here is some more words on it:

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Conspiracy theories are silly. 

Saw a conspiracy post that detailed how Bill Gates wants to use Covid to secretly implant people with tracking chips and it's just... I mean, it's obviously silly, but it annoys me on a different level, too:

The fact is that secret tracking chips are pointless.

We're all carrying a surveillance device that's reporting our exact location to a corporation. We also use it to post about our lives in public and run our comms on infrastructure owned by companies who listen to what we say in private (e.g. Facebook Messenger). Credit companies sell easily deanonymized purchase data. Stores tell Google about our purchases for "market research". Our biometrics are collected and used to find us in photos and videos.

You don't need a conspiracy to chip and control people when companies already do that in the open and make billions out of it.

So if you're a conspiracy theorist, maybe it's time to stop worrying about the future's past and begin to worry about the present.

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“Hey Doc, feeling kinda sad”

Doctor, in a low growl, “Do you long to feel the loam of the forest on your footpads?”


Doctor, baring teeth “Do you crave the camaraderie that can only come from stalking prey as a pack?”


“Then ask your Doctor if Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

“You are my doctor”

“Lycanthropy™️ is right for you”

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Randomly delighted by the design and presentation of the Matra & Hachette Ordinateur Alice series of home computers from the mid 1980s.

Along with Melissa Joan Hart's performance in Clarissa Explains It All, this solidified my belief that this is what the typical computer programmer looked like.

Plus, TaskWarrior can import/export in JSON, and has a DOM, so that makes extending this stack, or migrating, *much* more straightforward if I ever have the need.

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Been using Orgzly for my task capture for awhile, but it doesn't sync with anything else I use.

Yesterday I discovered this stack: TaskWarrior + Taskwarrior Android app + InThe.AM + Trello + Widget For Trello. It looks complicated, but once it's all set up (which is actually really straightforward) it all syncs seamlessly, there are tons of tie-in points for more integration, and it's accessible damn near anywhere.

Set up a Zulip server on DigitalOcean for my trans support group, and have promptly been faced with the reality that "queer + NM" means nobody will *ever* log into the meetings on time, or even within 15 minutes, if they even remember at all.

It's been the same schedule for almost a decade. Put it in your phone already, and *stop ignoring the reminders.*

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How to recognize colds vs flu vs coronavirus 

a visual aid from the #WHO on how to recognize #coronavirus #COVID19 symptoms versus symptoms from a cold or the flu

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Dandelion's Gym Routine Tips! 

i've struggled a LOT with the idea of regular exercise. i kinda hated working out as a teen and only really came around a couple years ago! here's a little thread that might help some of y'all set up a routine and actually enjoy your time at the gym!

note that these tips may not work for everyone -- every situation is different, and people deal with things in different ways. this is just works for me!


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Nonbinary PSA 

Remember: for every one visible #nonbinary person, there are 3 others who aren't visible. We're everywhere, we've been here forever, and we aren't going away.

Big shout out to my fellow hidden Nonbinary peeps!

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the 2016/2198/5100/0/1492/-5*10^12 Chronology Protection Accords banned the construction of temporal weapons and established a set of inviolate reference frames with regards to human history. these reference frames involve the maintenance of a variety of oppressions that ensure the creation of the Accords and the authorities that wrote them. as Time Revolutionaries, your duty is to wield whatever temporal weapons you can steal, build, or invoke to break the shackles of history, kill Time Cops, and create a better past for humanity

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why are people focusing on handwashing re: Coronavirus? 

well first of all washing your hands regularly with warm water and soap is just good practice especially during flu season to limit the spread of disease. but there is an extra bit of virus science that makes handwashing particularly powerful against coronavirus.

Its considered an "enveloped virus" aka it has a lipid (fatty) membrane around it. Soap has the ability to dissolve that layer and kill the virus. good practice is 30+ seconds.

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neuroscience is still in the weeds (290 words)

"The duo... [used the] techniques they normally used to analyse the brain and applied them to the MOS 6507... Despite deploying this powerful analytical armoury... the study failed to detect the hierarchy of information processing that occurs inside the chip... 'Ultimately, the problem is not that neuroscientists could not understand a microprocessor, the problem is that they would not understand it given the approaches they are currently taking.'”

ouch! but that's on a designed CPU; i can't help thinking that a closer analogy is with the infamous genetically programmed FPGA that quite defied analysis:

"Dr. Thompson peered inside his perfect offspring to gain insight into its methods, but what he found inside was baffling. The plucky chip was utilizing only thirty-seven of its one hundred logic gates, and most of them were arranged in a curious collection of feedback loops. Five individual logic cells were functionally disconnected from the rest— with no pathways that would allow them to influence the output— yet when the researcher disabled any one of them the chip lost its ability to discriminate the tones. Furthermore, the final program did not work reliably when it was loaded onto other FPGAs of the same type."

it appears that the FPGA's program had evolved to utilised *exactly* the features and conditions found in the environment in which it evolved. it seems to me (although i'd be the first to admit i know practically nothing of neuroscience) that there's no reason to think brain cells evolve any less - er, expansively? holistically? - except that instead of only a hundred logic blocks arranged in a fixed grid, there are ten billion neurons capable of growing connections between each other

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friendship is magic

magic is just insufficiently understood technology

technology is knowledge

knowledge is power

power is energy over time

energy is mass

therefore, enough friendship concentrated in a single location can develop a substantial gravitational field and may eventually collapse into a black hole

Just volunteered myself to run an episodic game with a highly-variable cast at my work's P&PRPG club. Timeslot looks like either half an hour or a couple of hours outside normal work. Either way, I've got the perfect thing. It's nice to be GMing again... 🎲

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