BookWyrm is a federated social network for tracking your reading, talking about books, writing reviews, and discovering what to read next.

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List of instances:

@BookWyrm i strongly need in manual how to install bookwyrm without docker. :)

@cats-shadow do you.... want it enough to write it? I would really like for it to exist but realistically it's not something I'm going to get to in any reasonable timeline.

@salt marsh yes, i could try to write it, but last attempt to bring my instance of the bookwyrm alive was unsuccessful. May be it is a time to start from scratch.
My knowledge in python and django framework is not so good. ;) I'am an radio communication engineer, not an web software developer. :)
@bookwyrm Please add #books and #reading to your post so more people can find your software under proper hashtags. :-)

@bookwyrm It looks like most instances are closed though and not even accepting requests for invites. :(

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