Hi! This is the official account. Bookwyrm is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). Post about your reading and stuff! You can interact with Mastodon users and vice versa. We are going to toot development news and more.
List of instances

@salt marsh
Still thinking about installing without docker because most of the requirements are already installed on my server, such as nginx, mail-services, postgresql, etc. Could you give some tips (I'm not that familiar with Docker to do reverse engineering)? :)

@Madmonkey I don't know if anyone tried so far, but someone runs their instance on a single core vps with 1GB RAM, so in theory it shoud work unless there's something with ARM!

@Bookwyrm Hmmm.... Postgresql on RPi with MicroSD as storage... Hm-hmmm... :)

@bookwyrm how do I add a new book? I just get an empty shelf and the search doesn't seem to find even modern books. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? I did look in the documentation but couldn't find anything (other than the list of instances)

@bookwyrm Awesome! I was dreaming of something exactly like Bookwyrm :D

@bookwyrm This is really interesting! Requested an invite and hoping for the best...

@bookwyrm Any ideas of from what database they fetch the books? Goodreads? OpenLibrary?

@edgren So far it's Open Library, and federated Bookwyrm instances (you can add books manually too).

@bookwyrm Alright. I created an account at Open Library earlier this day and added a book, but it doesn't show up at Bookwyrm 😅 How long time will it take before your database/something get syncronized with Open Library?

@bookwyrm Nevermind. I didn't choose "Load from other categories" or what that link now was called 😅 I found my book now.

@edgren Allright, but sometimes it takes a while until the book is available on Bookwyrm, it's probably that OL only rebuilds it's indices every now and then. Enjoy your book :)

@bookwyrm Hehe, ok. Thanks 🙂 But if I make an edit for the books I read that I have had to add to Open Library, will that edit eventually sync to Bookwyrm?

@edgren So far that does not happen. There is this open issue but I don't think it's going to come soon.

@bookwyrm I bet this could be easily repurposed for game reviews too, if an open game info database exists

@bookwyrm thanks, I already saw it in your webpage, guess theres no way to correct the pinned toot 😁

@bookwyrm wow, this seems really neat. I find it quite fun how all sorts of different things from Instagram to Twitter to Twitch now has replacements and they can all talk to each other, making this entire thing feel way more connected. I'll have to look into this one. Always been a massive reader but stayed clear of Goodreads for various reasons so far.

@aligyie @bookwyrm @greenfediverse thanks for this. Previous instance got shot down so I'm searching for the new one

@lapor @aligyie @bookwyrm
The list is not synchronizing constantly. After the next update, the list will take the instances data from #thefederation

@lapor @aligyie @bookwyrm
"How do I get my node listed?

For registering your node with this site, go to<yournode.tld>. After some seconds, you will be redirected to the created node page. If this doesn't happen, something went wrong when checking the node for data. Please contact us using the GitHub issue tracker."


@bookwyrm Is there an easier way than downloading the RSS and finding the comment guid to interact with a BookWyrm user from a Mastodon instance?

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