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it's my sona!!

autumn's a cyborg fox with butterfly attributes!! their wings are hardlight, so they can turn on and off, and they can switch out their jet feet, but the ones in the turntable here are the main outdoor ones!

the ref sheet was done by @redluli and the boots were done by @starseeker :blobfox:

font credits 

undertale logo font is monster friend 2 by haley wakamatsu and deltarune logo font is deltarune by retro gaming!

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mastodon being weird re: deltarune 

always weird when mastodon decides to downscale an image slightly and more than doubles its file size in the process because the original file was an indexed PNG

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deltarune, not really spoilers but won't make sense if you haven't played chapter 2 



oomf stands for "out-of-memory friend"

is there anyone out there who knows why the heck KHR_blend_equation_advanced is core in opengl es 3.2. anyone in the world

re: deltarune alternate route spoilers 

i've never used scanmem on a wine application before but i guess there's no reason it should work any worse....

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deltarune alternate route spoilers 

i want to finish [WeirdRoute] but i'm bad at [SmackDown]

nitpicking my own joke 

actually even though Z is rare in english i'm not sure "-ise" would categorically compress better, the word "size" ends the same as the "-ize" suffix and is used a lot in programming, including as a verb in "resize"

it would require testing

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not serious 

the anti-canadian spelling

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not serious 

programmers should use the spelling "color" over "colour" because it's shorter but "-ise" over "-ize" because it compresses better

until we meet again

sleep (-) 

my sleep schedule works like a ratchet... my body tolerates waking up later than it expects to, but if it wakes up even half an hour earlier than it expects, i'll often crash and have to take a nap in the middle of the day

and if i go to bed any earlier than my body expects to, i end up lying awake and falling asleep even later than i would have if i'd waited

it's incredibly hard to make it run backwards, so even when my discipline is good, slip-ups add up over time


i love ralsei, the segments where you're alone with him are so delightful

i miss his black form though, it was so cute and distinctive and he looked like a lil fluffy wizard


i probably didn't find very many of the secrets, my boyfriend talked about something i didn't find which i will have to get them to explain when they wake up

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just finished chapter 2 heck yeah!!!

i know it hasn't been pride month for a few months now but when you have an icon this cute you don't change it without a better reason than that :blobfoxuwu:

oh, september 17 is national fox day?

i don't know who decided that but i hope you got me a present :blobfoxuwu:

deltarune, ph 

deltarune chapter 2 in 11 minutes :blobfoxcute:

not sure if i'll play today or not, it might be the perfect thing to do while my immune system has me messed up

nudity, dreams :over18: 

these days when i have dreams about being nude in public places, i don't feel shame unless someone expresses disapproval

it's nice!!

tech horror 

i finally went ahead and removed the language switch button from my keyboard, i somehow managed to hit that thing accidentally every other day and never noticed until i was getting german suggestions. though honestly i'm skeptical i was even pressing it since i don't accidentally press any other buttons without noticing, especially not so often. maybe google just willed me to type in german sometimes

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