i want to curl up in my cat's bed with her but i'm too big >:(

haha, the javascript-with-css-fallback content warning system i made for my website worked first try in ie4, but only because it broke in exactly the right way

i only actually tried this on a whim so good enough!!

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i downloaded internet explorer 4 to install in a windows 95 vm and when i opened the installer, it played a goofy song over a static image

it's weird messing around in windows 95 and thinking "damn this is just like hypnospace outlaw" since i'm sure that's the converse of the intended hypnospace outlaw experience

capitalist propaganda in math class 

my sister's math class had a weird assignment (of dubious relevance to the course she's taking) with goofus and gallant-like characters trying to convince them that all they gotta do to retire with millions of dollars is invest early

one of the questions was literally "which of these characters do you want to be more like?" and she answered that she'd rather be the goofus one so she could live forever and always have a steady income

software licenses 

my understanding is that one time steve jobs asked rms if he could do some obviously fraudulent thing involving dynamic linking to evade the gpl, and rms's lawyer said "no, that's obviously fraudulent," and then rms told everyone that meant that nonfree code was *never* allowed to dynamically link with gpl code and they believed him

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software licenses 

it's pretty annoying how the gpl makes it so you have to compile ffmpeg yourself just to get it to *link* with nonfree codecs

i really don't buy that linking can constitute copyright infringement in all or even most situations, and it's really weird to me that that's the prevailing view in the free software world

when i see the word "ow" my brain rolls a d100 to determine if i read it in fancy pants man's voice


i wish i could be naked and put my phone where my pocket would be and just have it float in the air!

there's a certain pathos to opening the weather app and seeing the same icon for every day of the seven-day forecast

mars 2020 mission 

ingenuity has a snapdragon 801 soc, which is the same as a bunch of phones from 2014

apparently they got to use a bunch of off-the-shelf stuff to build it because it's considered a tech demo, there are sparkfun parts too


this is pretty amusing to me!!

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need help $ rent, meds, therapy 

Again I need help and I’m sorry ;-; I’ve started therapy and need to pay for that and medication. I also still need to pay my rent but work isn’t scheduling me enough due to me being on school full time. I’m really stressed and could use help. I’m sorry to keep asking but I’m trying.

My rent is $350

Therapist visit and meds is about $60


CashApp: $GumbyRat

It’s really appreciated;~; 💚🐀


uspol, cold take 

politicians in the u.s. are not allowed to say money is "better spent elsewhere" unless that money is currently going to the military or police

danganronpa v3 spoilers 

i didn't realize how much i dislike monokuma as an antagonist until this game made me wonder if he was actually dead and i felt legitimately disappointed when he wasn't

i like danganronpa the most when it's being genuinely fun-spirited and monokuma's presence is like a fake version of that all the time

damn, i'm installing a windows 7 vm and it just popped up that blue splash screen and for a split second i fully expected to see my laptop's login screen from when i was like 12

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Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

porn project :over18: 

this is a project i technically started over two years ago, but like all my projects it's taken a long time to figure out what it wants to be. i was working on an engine in rust for a lot of that time, and i think it's in a good place. right now i'm writing in twine, though, because context switching between code and writing is too difficult for me. i'll copy the text over once i'm happy with it and probably make a few more incremental changes to the code in the meantime.

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porn project :over18: 

i'm finally getting some writing i like done for my text game :blobfox: just introductory stuff so far, but i figure i should have some sort of cw whenever i talk about this project, if only for consistency's sake

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