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it's my sona!!

autumn's a cyborg fox with butterfly attributes!! their wings are hardlight, so they can turn on and off, and they can switch out their jet feet, but the ones in the turntable here are the main outdoor ones!

the ref sheet was done by @redluli and the boots were done by @starseeker :blobfox:

ahhh, i put my passport and vaccination record card in a zip pocket i'd discovered inside my purse and then forgot said pocket existed

i only found it again because i was searching an outside pocket and felt something rectangular through the fabric

admittedly it was a very safe place for them

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hmm, i have something to put away. time to be possessed by an imp that knows no greater pleasure than watching me desperately open the same drawers over and over

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yiff, vore :over18: 

I got vored as a birthday gift uwu

sexually explicit crafts :over18: 

yeah, i'm gonna put away what i've got for tonight and think about this other approach, i think it could have better results

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sexually explicit crafts :over18: 

the cutting is going well, but the process is making me wonder if the subtractive method makes sense for a design like this

there are a lot of islands in the stencil, including a lot of small ones, and i suspect an additive method might suit them better, by shaping like... playdough or something???

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stencil pattern with genitals in it :over18: 

okay, i finally got the materials together and did some gluing.... time to cut the stencil now :blobcatsweat:

obviously i'm not planning to do every little spot on the moon and everything exactly, but i am very nervous about messing it up and having to try again. at least the most delicate stage isn't also the "you have to buy another shirt if it goes badly enough" stage!!

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you use macos? seems kinda sus* to me

* single unix specification

holy shit, germany's lifting all restrictions on entry from the united states given proof of vaccination, recovery, or negative test result for covid-19?? in two days???

i'm totally blindsided by this, i've been checking up on the situation every day

const eval will need to progress a lot further before i can use it to initialize the world state, which is my last white whale in terms of optimizations. if i did manage to compile a story to run on the z-machine and publish it before const eval was ready, my plan would be to edit the compiled story file manually, which would leave some dead code in but it would at least fix the startup time and save file size inefficiency

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i love writing unsafe code in rust because rust makes it into a problem of figuring out how to encapsulate the unsafety behind a safe api

the goal of the interactive fiction engine from the outset was to eventually run on the z-machine, which is a very limited platform with some pretty unique functionality, so i took the excuse to make a lot of optimizations with wildly unsafe methods

the language has accommodated it very well

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i haven't worked on my rust interactive fiction engine in a while, but it feels nice every couple months to come back with an updated nightly compiler and see that all my absolutely wild uses of unsafe are still working under miri

nudes talk :over18: 

it sure is nice of telegram to host the literally gigabytes of nudes my boyfriend and i have exchanged

this is the same alternate universe where there's a web api for reading and burning optical discs

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alternate universe where situational tragedies became a big thing on tv instead of sitcoms

i went for a walk in the park today in the most visibly nonbinary clothes i've worn in public, i felt really cute, and comfy too :heart_nb:

i'm sure this isn't even close to the peak of my power

i don't like doing perfectly neutral expressions in photos but it's the only way i can not look like i'm plotting the downfall of humankind, unless i don't know i'm having my picture taken

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Sorry, but I
couldn't find
any other way
to go to space

dessert reference 

i'm trying a new shampoo and i smell like a strawberry shortcake now!!

my usual scents are more floral and i'm not sure this suits me, we'll see how i feel about it

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