Be the gay you wish to see in the world. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

My CPU emulator is 20% more gay for pride month and, more importantly, now has working interrupts!

I just found a random garage sale with a bunch of old Mac stuff. I left with an Extended Keyboard II and a Macintosh 512k for a total of $60, so I'll count that as a win!

I'm at the point in the architecture bootstrap process where I'm debugging its first CPU emulator while also debugging its first assembler.

When something doesn't work right, tracking the bits all the way through is a tedious yet rewarding puzzle.

I have some of the CPU boards built (ALU, registers, etc.) and tested already, but as it's time to make them all work together in concert, I'm making sure the whole system works in emulation before designing any more hardware.

I've been listening to a lot of Morcheeba and trip-hop music, plus more folksy stuff like Over the Rhine and Vienna Teng. Stuff with a beat but low key enough not to pay too much attention to.

But I do sometimes get stuck in a rut, so that's why I like to ask this every once in a while when I know I'll be behind the keyboard for a while :)

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What's your go-to background music for coding?

long update on homebrew cpu project 

Finally getting a chance to work on my CPU again. I just updated the assembler to reflect some late instruction set tweaks and started updating the emulator to match.

Once that's done, I can re-run my test programs and then start designing the control unit PCB if everything checks out.

The register boards and all the component boards that make up the ALU are built and tested, so I'm feeling pretty good about pulling this all together.

I've finally cleared out a space to start bringing the retro computers out to play.

In order to download an archive of your account's data from the birdsite, they apparently require you to *upload a photo id*.

no. thank. you.

I've been trying a plant-based diet at my doctor's suggestion for a couple weeks now, but it's giving me headaches and heavy fatigue.

Not sure if it's my body still adjusting, or I'm just somehow doing it wrong, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to bring myself to stick with it.

As a little extra something to honor the trailblazers, I've been adding quotes from women in computer science to each of the PCBs in my homebrew CPU project.

As should be no surprise, there's been no shortage of inspiration to draw from.

I removed the seat from this old bike trailer and built a platform to turn it into a grocery hauler.

Thought the dog might like to go for rides too, but it turns out she is less than amused.

Here's my early-1980's Workslate with all the leaky caps removed. I later cleaned up as much of the damage as I could and installed new caps, but it still won't boot up. So the next step is to dive deep to try to isolate the problem, with very little reference material out there to work from. Fingers crossed...

Also, I wonder if anyone's ever dumped the ROMs from this thing. That could be the start of a fun project.

We are clearly the queerest family at this fancy event, and I am so on board with that.

I have had so much fun the last few days on Mastodon (or #retrodon as you all want to call it) - it’s like I’ve gone back in time to when social media was the exciting, ground breaking concept we all hoped it would continue to be. Before it was ruined by capitalism. I’m very happy.

I just got an electric bike last week, and I think I had underestimated just how utilitarian they are. I can tow a passenger trailer *and* a cargo trailer together if necessary without breaking a sweat.

It's already replaced a good portion of my car trips around the city, at least when the weather is decent, and I can see that I'm going to get a lot of miles on two wheels this summer.

May we all find the confidence to know the power of our voices, the beauty of our gifts, and the strength of our convictions. Our time is now. It is always now. Don't hold back.

Incense is burning, chill beats are playing, the tea is hot, and it's time to dive in to some late-night coding.

Re: creating BBSes and the early Internet:

I think there was a lot of magic in making those first tentative connections when so much information was hard to find and ideals ran high. It was mysterious and adventurous, and the technical parts of it felt like a never-ending frontier to explore. Nowadays our limits on moving forward feel so much more social than technical, as we're dealing with the consequences of that infinite connectivity we opened the door to.

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