in the grim darkness of the far future, there are only historians writing about the lives of Very Good Friends

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My gf has talked me into joining her computational chemistry group. I don't know shit about chem, but I'll be setting up CI pipelines and other devops-y stuff.

In other words, "omg, they were *lab partners*"

I can't wait until October 2 2023, my HRT anniversary, when I can say that I've undergone a Four Year Transform

every time i tell people my name they always say "oh that's such a pretty name!" and i have to resist the urge to say "thanks! i picked it myself!"

People who are questioning their gender identity are valid!

Here's BANANA, I got the label from an EE lab (where it probably meant banana *plug*), but it was too good of a sticker to *not* name my computer BANANA

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I'm horrible at giving hostnames to computers

"Oh yeah this laptop has a cracked screen, call it cracktop"
"There's a big sticker on this laptop saying BANANA, call it BANANA"
"This is a laptop that's shitty, let's call it badtop"
"This desktop uses DDR2 and is crap, let's call it deskrap"
"JS stands for jump server, but it also stands for Joestar, so imma call this raspberry pi jonathan-js and the next one joseph-js"
"I can't think of names so I'll just call this rack server b o n g u s"

Y'all I'm winning at this trans thing

This guy carpooling me to a school club event seemed familiar. We chatted on our way there, and it turns out he was in my all-guys dorm in my freshman year.

Me: "I know where I remember you from, we lived in the same dorm floor!"
Him: "but that was an all-guys floor"
Me: "yeah I'm trans"

He seemed pretty surprised, meaning I can't be recognized from my old self, and I pass as a girl!

Am I a rust programmer because I'm trans or just because it's a fun and performant language to program in

Using the power of AR and temporary tattoos, I became the steampunk mage gf I always wanted to be

My watch band broke last week so I finally had an excuse to get another one

It's from, would recommend

This whole book feels very nostalgic despite the fact that I wasn't born until 5 or 6 years after this book's publishing

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