I'm a gold star lesbian, my I'm such a good girl that my gf gave me a lil sticker that proves it :)

Biden's disastrous Executive Order #34 is causing massive amounts of economic inflation. For more info on this, google "biden inflation rule 34"

cw sex 

Girl who passes time on the plane by writing smut

Your honor, I did not commit an act of vandalism, it was not done during the sack of Rome in 455 with a group of Germanic barbarians

anime transphobia but also a joke 

i hate how anime doesn't know how to distinguish between enbies, trans girls, and femboys

... i mean, i'm all of the above, but

Since the end of the school year I've been forcing myself to stop coding for a week. No side projects, just being a Gamer™️

"The pumpkin toadlet, which is a frog but not a toad, is so terrible at landing its jumps that its sheer incompetence has become a subject of scientific inquiry." Sabrina Imbler reports for Defector:

This passage elevates the whole thing to high comedy:

> Finding bug-sized frogs in Brazil is an arduous task. Even though a pumpkin toadlet is as bright as a Cheeto, the leaf litter teems with neon fungi and other orange-colored life. “It is extremely hard to catch underneath the leaf litter,” [grad student André] Confetti said. “Especially for me, because I’m colorblind.”

#science #biology #news #herping #frogs #jumpeing 🐘

just smashed my gf's childhood bed, how are y'all doing

(i need to make this but with geometry and tesselation control/evaluation shaders)


"turns out my boy scouts skills weren't for nothing"
- my (trans) gf before tying me up

fuck, having a gf makes me want to write gay poems, is this what happened to sappho

Today's a hot day, make sure your catgirl drinks lots of water so she doesn't get dehydrated

Dating another girl and sharing clothes is great, because when you find a strand of her hair in your clothes it's very fun and cute hehehe

of course, chess being trans and chess being a harem anime are not mutually exclusive...

If I sound like a deranged person online, please don't think I'm actually that deranged in real life, I'm actually way worse

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