“This code is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm” -ish Linux shell for iOS

I love this quote, because it can be accurately applied to the code I just wrote

I want your opinion; does wearing cat ears make you a furry? And also, are catpeople (catgirls, catboys, etc.) furries too?

High pressure water guns work great for cleaning shower tiles

Recommend 10/10

Personally, I would rather it be “pp not declared”

Can I just say gnome 42 looks so fucking sexy?

I can’t wait

Damn, my teacher just lets me use whatever I want because she knows Microsoft is a piece of shit

Can’t wait, it looks beautiful

Also, I think when you click on a screenshot, it should pop out and take up the whole window so you can see it easier, idk exactly how to explain it

Just realized: the less “big” perpetuators of an idea there are, the the less credible the idea is

I had an experience with bing a couple days ago where there were 6 ads and 3 results on one page

Reddit is like.. half down rn. I’m trying to do a thing but shitty Reddit servers say no

Update: it turns out that activating Siri will stop it, but you can just turn Siri off temporarily

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Oh god.. what have I done. I made a Siri shortcut that plays never gonna give you up, but you can’t stop it.

Like, you could just plug your phone in, and it starts playing Rick Astley on full volume, you can’t turn it down, or stop it, it just keeps playing until the entire song ends.

Just wondering, can I toot whatever I want on here? Should I sign up on a kayak instance to talk about kayaks? I’m kinda new to this

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