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Hello! My name is Annie (any pronouns), and I'm new to Mastodon. I'll probably just lurk around a bit while I learn how it works.

I enjoy coding, maths, and science related topics. I mostly work with Rust and Haskell, with some PHP and JS for webdev stuff.

Feel free to say hi!

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writing all your code from scratch and copyrighting it to own the libs

what if we were chilling in a hot tub 5 inches apart cause we're both gay? 😳

help i've had this song stuck in my head for the last two days

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yes i listen to metal

metal by food house lmaooo 😎

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markov chain generated toot 

i am once again squeaking and blushing,,,, cute kittens are so chaotic

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KGLW's new album Butterfly 3000 is SO. GOOD. I've listened to it so many times already I'm absolutely in love

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Hacking my own instance to add a third button to the suite:
> Boost
> Fave
> I Shouldnt Reply Because This Is Wildly Out Of My Lane And Its Too Heavy For A Fave But Damn That Sucks Feel For You Bud

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Hey so i heard you're trans and uhm😳 I'm sorry if this is too private a question to ask, but 😳
Do you have the... you know... 😳

Do you have any recommendations what synthesizer I should get?

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can we cancel temperature? it's over 25C and i'm so overwhelmed i can't do anything

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subtooting someone's take i just saw (off fedi) 

"it's a red flag if a trans person only has friends online. there's queer people everywhere, especially in places like the US so if you don't have irl friends it's probably your fault for being a shitty person"

literally fuck off

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programming socks are largely optimized for a specific kind of programming (functional), whereas other outfits are good for other kinds of programming. such as maid outfits, which are for well-structured c code

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