Yet another incredibly Useful video from, absolutely worth your time to watch

Reads side-effects of new medication: "First week incredible nausea and stomach pain"

(Nothing happens for first three days) "Looks like I'm in the clear 😎"

Me as of 15 minutes ago, laying face-down on the couch in pain


fuck, I don't even live in america and the news there stresses me the fuck out, jesus fucking christ

I'm so absolutely sick of reading news of cis people trying to destroy the lives of people like me.

Trans people exist, we aren't fucking going away, our Rights are absolute and non-negotiable just like yours - and they will **not** be removed by bigots!

Queer Liberation *now*

I'm so absolutely sick of constantly reading news of cis people trying to destroy the lives of people like me

Trans people exist, we aren't fucking going away, our Rights are ineffable just like yours and they will **not** be removed by bigots

Queer Liberation *now*

I took a hot second to set up from the advice at, it's so great to just Appear a fresh machine to hack on that has the OS flavor and settings just ready-to-go

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I'm having a great time with courtesy of, it's like a Codespaces with better machines and more customization

Just a super cool person over here committing my Home Assistant API tokens to public GitHub repos

I can't believe that the kid of the Apartheid diamond mine owners would once again have issues with abusive, unfair labor practices!!!111

Amazon supporting Pride 2022 in a really unique way here and I am Here for it

Didn't think that I'd have to be doing this to famous leftist journalists in 2022, but cool here we are then

"someone who supports reform in concept but wouldn’t aggressively pursue it"

we have reached Peak Democrat


Mayor Breed will appoint a replacement “by definition less progressive than Chesa,” retired ACLU attorney John Crew said. He anticipated the pick would be someone who supports reform in concept but wouldn’t aggressively pursue it.

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I hate to be a drag, but as someone who watched both BUILD and Google I/O, I would not expect much from

Big Projects that are shown at confs like this are 2-3 years in development, every big tech conf so far has been very Underwhelming compared to prev years b/c COVID

Here's what the conf organizer has to say as a response to these issues

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I will literally be deported on-sight at the airport at *best*, at worst I will be immediately arrested and thrown in jail 🙃. What the fuck is wrong with this conference


Dubai is one of the easiest country to get in with no visa requirement for most countries and an online straight-forward quick procedure for countries that require an entry visa.

Credit to the incredible lgbt_history on Instagram, if you want to do something for Pride, get their incredible book We Are Everywhere -

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Everyone saying "Happy Pride!!!" like....really?

It's an extremely Scary Pride for a lot of fucking Queer people, our Rights are literally being stripped in both the US and UK with no signs of stopping

We don't need "Happy Pride!" right now. We need "Queer Liberation Now"

If you write a library, and you constantly make breaking changes like moving things around in namespaces and changing method signatures "because it's Better", please refer to this handy reference

yes this is a subtweet

1Password being broken on Dev browser because WebAssembly is mysteriously missing is quickly becoming a dealbreaker and I do not Understand what's going on

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