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i will kill god if that gets this benchmark down 20ms

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licensing my gender under the AGPL to force every website that asks for it to open-source

setting up a docker swarm (of bees)

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hi it is :tm:
i have two v small albums of sweet & chill songs, pay-what-you-want/free!

transphobia; transphobic parents; transphobic news 

at least there was something laughable about the weirdly specific language in this article when talking about what a nerd is (to the author, it apparently means being obsessed with... aspect ratios?)
but yea. i should probably not have read this

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transphobia; transphobic parents; transphobic news 

i made a bad decision and read an article from a transphobic parent (usual "my kid has fallen into the trans craze" shit) and god, i wish i could just reach out and give that kid a hand. because fuck if that wasn't my story, nerdy autistic kid who figures out they're trans and then get stuck against transphobic parents who say "but you're just a nerd ):"

oops i'm totally not getting sucked into archiving yet another website by myself am i

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How to optimize code:

Step 1: find and remove the time.sleep(5) you added to the for loop so you could check the output

i would like it if my amplifier stopped picking up random evangelical radio stations while i try to play guitar

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i query my database for value = 243
it returns results for value = 241.

so i query it for value = 244
it returns for value = 244.

value = 241?
returns for values 237.

what the hell.

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protect your servers from catgirl hackers by planting blåhaj honeypots

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telling my partner "that's gay !!" when they say that they love me

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when you use the world wide web youre just a tiny spider

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