Hello! Not new to Mastodon, but I wanted to join a smaller instance, so here I am. I do web dev at the day job, and in my spare time I ride gravel bikes and play games.

@alex gravel bikes! YES!

How's the cycling around Belfast?

@athairbirb Honestly, it's tough – Ireland in general just doesn't have the sorts of off-road rights of way that England, Wales, and especially Scotland have. Road cycling is great, though! There's a greenway that runs from outside my door right the way down to Strangford Lough; it's super nice.

Now that things are more open I'm gonna try taking my bike on the train down to Dublin and heading out into the Wicklow mountains to see if I can't find some chunky gravel fire roads

@alex that road to Strangford Lough sounds great!

Aye, we're somewhat spoiled for gravel roads here in Scotland. I've never cycled anywhere else to be honest, but I read about the bridleways and things like that in England that are interesting to cycle as they're predominantly foot or horse based

@athairbirb Interesting is definitely the way to put it! I used to live in Oxford and bridleways there spanned the full gamut from ‘full gravel road’, through ‘pleasant single track’ right down to ‘line on a map’. Scotland’s gravel is so good, I’ve got to get myself and the bike on the ferry so I can treat myself to some quality bikepacking soon!

@alex do! I've been looking at doing the Badger Divide in reverse so I cycle closer to home than further away

@athairbirb That looks so good! definitely saving it to my ideas list – I hope it goes well if you do tackle it!

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