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Hey y'all! If you followed me here from the previous instance that hosted my toots: thank you and welcome back! It's great to read all your toots again!

And if we have yet to meet: hello! Nice to meet you. I don't bite*.

I have lots of interests so I'll be tooting about many topics. I'll try to CW anything I feel CW-able or compliant to this instance's rules. Please correct me when I do, inevitably, get this wrong.

*) Well. If you'd ask nicely…

@grainloom @freakazoid we have CPUs that can provide VM separation

and have you seen how well that works?
it takes around 1000 lines of code to launch a vm on an SGX enabled system

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My dog is jealous of me rubbing my spouse's feet. She wants petting, too.

Tinder is great because you know exactly who likes the office and you can get far away from them

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Do we still call people 'webmaster'/'webmistress' anymore?

Turns out: the bones from which I brew soup broth weren't "the ham bone." They were a cow's neck bones.

Happily it tasted great and we still have a ham bone for the next broth.

"hot take... minecraft is really romantic sometimes" - Starwall, just now

FACT: Star Wars takes place in multiple star systems across a significant span of the Galaxy

FACT: the entire story covers different portions of a single conflict, occasionally fought through proxies such as the CIS, but with the constant involvement of two distinct factions

THUS: the correct title of the saga is Stars War, please update existing materials to ensure consistency going forward

The state in which my employer's main office is located requires all employees to undergo sexual harrassment awareness training.

One of the things some of our cishet coworkers learned, is that we call them cishet. They were joking among each other and seeking to include us: "did you know that? We have a label now: cis-gendered. I thought we were just normal!".

Of course they thought it was a joke. But clearly they missed the point of the training.

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I'm in the bus, going home. Around me, many folks are communicating through their phones. Me too. Across from me a girl sits in-between an older girl and an adult woman. The younger girl does not have a phone. She looks back and forth between me and the her travel companions, lost, hoping for someone to interact. Her companions catch on and put away their phones for a moment, making physical and mental contact with the younger girl.

Parents: parent. Put your phone down!

Yesterday we cleaned our house. Our eldest had found an ant. We took the opportunity to rearrange furniture and reorganize some of our belongings, reducing visual clutter. Kids' mac into the kids' room, side table into our room, winter clothes into storage bins, shuffling big couches to feel more close, creating spaces for book bags and music instruments, refolding laundry to maximize space efficiency. Kids helped a lot. And made great bean soup!

My spouse has been taking antibiotics against a tick bite. It's been causing her to be tired, mentally slower, and photo-sensitive. She doesn't like it. A few more days until she's done with this cure. We're hoping that these side-effects disperse. And then we can have her tested for Lyme's disease. To health!

a six year court battle ensues over whether or not you can copyright a list of types of big cats

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