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My spouse and I were playing the other day. They were trudging through lava, amped up with fire resistance potions and water breathing, dressed in heavy armor, picking at diamonds with fortune III diamond pickaxes.

It takes a lot of time to gear up that way. We play a few hours in the weekends.

And then their air ran out.

And they couldn’t cut a breathing hole fast enough.

And their character died.

Which angered them so much that they turned off the game console.


I looked at the sub and it wasn't for trans at all. Some weird computer thing, apparently

Mastodon Protip: stop putting cis white men at the top of the social pyramid. It almost never ends well

No, no, young (and probably male) writer, those women are not robbing you of your success.

If you are not successful, it's because you're either not a good enough writer, or because you haven't written enough. Probably both.

It's not enough to be a better writer than Robert A Heinlein. Novels improve every year. You must become a better writer than N K Jemisin.

This has been a public service announcement from the Successful Professional Male Writers Association. #writing

practical guide to joining Mastodon, actual use:
1. join one of the two or three biggest generalist instances for a month or so
2. follow people on your local TL and the people they boost
3. move to a smaller instance that draws your positive attention during that time, once you're used to Masto

The one thing I really like about @fedilab is it’s built-in ability to translate toots. Other fediverse clients should copy that.

Your wish is my command, dearie. Reality will be really hard for you. I truly am sorry.

We’re playing . It’s free on PSN for a limited time. The kids love it! My spouse said it looks like Tony Hawk’s skateboarding game. And the official wiki calls it “Tony Goat.”

people who cosplay as "horses" and stand around in fields it is NOT OK


"Our analysis of more than two hundred samples of pay data provided by DoorDash workers across the country finds that DoorDash pays the average worker an astonishingly low $1.45/hour, after accounting for the costs of mileage and additional payroll taxes borne by independent contractors. Nearly a third of jobs actually pay less than $0 after accounting for these basic expenses."

Question to y'all who follow me and have read some of my writing:

Who'd be willing do support me via Patreon or other similar (Ko-fi, Liberapay) if I manage to write an article of note on a monthly basis?

Anything from $1 and up / month.

mega-constellation of satellites disrupts telescope imagery, reports :

SpaceX is estimated to be sending up 40,000 low-orbit satellites to bring broadband internet to all. But the satellites blind sensitive telescopes, causing streaking and other light pollution.

In addition, the increasing amount of weather radar satellites burns out radio telescopes on the ground.

Den Meeren geht die „Luft“ aus

Forscher berichten dass der globale Sauerstoffgehalt in den vergangenen 50 Jahren im Durchschnitt mehr als 2% zurück ging. Die erhöhte Wassertemperatur wegen des #Klimawandel's ist ein wichtiger Faktor: Je wärmer Oberflächenwasser ist, je weniger Sauerstoff kann es aufnehmen. Das warme Wasser führt dazu, dass die Schichtung des Ozeanwassers stabiler wird & die Vermischung und Zirkulation abschwächen

must be hard, to work in television, since 


We trust you have been given the usual lecture by your system administrator. It usually boils down to three things:

1. Perfect is the enemy of good
2. Normalise asking people what the fuck they're talking about
3. Don't make friends with bullies or someday you'll end up alone in an echo chamber with them

For the people in North America - Visualization of land burnt in Australia and area of smoke coverage


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