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Hey y'all! If you followed me here from the previous instance that hosted my toots: thank you and welcome back! It's great to read all your toots again!

And if we have yet to meet: hello! Nice to meet you. I don't bite*.

I have lots of interests so I'll be tooting about many topics. I'll try to CW anything I feel CW-able or compliant to this instance's rules. Please correct me when I do, inevitably, get this wrong.

*) Well. If you'd ask nicely…


White people who get upset at "fuck white people" are exactly who should be told that.

Ah, "Neckbeard Deathcamp."

The music is too much for me. But I truly adore their branding and aesthetics. :flan_hearts:

And they have a new single.

Hi, everyone! :blobartist:

We're looking for audio-visual artists who want their stuff displayed online.

Anything from animation shorts to music videos as long as it's yours and/or CC.

The idea is to build up a sort of community 'TV' (stream), for fedi peeps to watch and have fun! :blobaww:

Cc: @seven

#OTV #WeAreNameless #CallForArtists

The computers on the Voyager probes have over 40 years of uptime, and have been patched at distances measured in light-hours. How?

Reliability, redundancy, reconfigurability.

Radiation-hardened parts, cross-connectible backups, all memory is RAM.

They've patched 'em to have better data compression and more efficient forward error correction as distance resulted in reduced bandwidth.

Can cache data when there's no signal. Have turned off instruments to save power.


Getting married to people you actually like is queer culture.

so my birthday is coming up, if you wanna do something for me and you've got cash to spare I'm currently saving up for the GMS2 Mobile License. This will let me try Shield Cat out on the phone

If you wanna help me out, please click here, thanks 💚

My birthday is soon.

Anyone want to give a gift to your favorite indigenous femmby?​

But honestly, I'm job searching and this would help me out.

if any of you lovelies out there have questions about using/ buying makeup because maybe you didn't get to play with it growing up, or whatever, you're completely free to ask me anything. big brand, indie, high end, affordable, dupes, accessibility tools, my knowledge of it is pretty wide.

Es ist ein Trugschluss zu glauben, noch mehr "Sicherheit" löst alle "Probleme".

"#Freiheit stirbt mit #Sicherheit / Bequemlichkeit"

Es ist Taktik Menschen mit Angst zu ködern - Begründung / Der Weg zur totalen #Überwachung wird geebnet. #Überwachungsstaat

"Wer die #Freiheit aufgibt um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, der wird am Ende beides verlieren" - Franklin.

"Wer Sicherheit der Freiheit vorzieht, wird zurecht ein Sklave bleiben. Franklin(?)

Unter dem Deckmantel der #Anti-#Terror -Maßnahmen

Just saw that today #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and #AppleEvent are trending.

One way to prevent suicides is to stop buying #Apple products manufactured by #Foxconn.

Get a #Fairphone instead. Or how about no new phone this year at all? Just use your old phone as long as you can. Even the fairest technology is made with blood, sweat and tears.

Don’t convince others you’re not a racist. Convince others not to be racists.

that , a private and encrypted source code control repository, has a limit on how much source code it can show from a file.

That's because I exceeded it and got met with an error: "This object exceeds the max size for retrieval via the API. Use the git client to retrieve the file."

I guess 45MB is too much for it to show!

> 1F550..1F567 ; Emoji_Presentation # 6.0 [24] (🕐..🕧) one o’clock..twelve-thirty


autoimmunity, cancers, oncoimmunology, asking byself an interesting question which is probably not going to get answer ever. 

Someone asked why “listen to POC” is a problem

The problem is that too many white people take it as a substitute for

A. Actually thinking critically about dismantling whiteness for themselves

B. An invitation to listen to liberal POCs whose writing and words make them feel good but don’t actually dismantle whiteness

Or C. at worst, line the coffers of self proclaimed anti-racist whites like Tim wise or robin d’angelo.

When they could have read the black radical tradition

yup, i've confirmed that pleroma authentication doesn't work

so uhhh why

fedibooks requests the same permissions as mastodon using the same api as mastodon, but i get a different result

therefore pleroma is behaving differently to mastodon

now i need to find pleroma's api docs and find out what i need to do differently

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