or, can I suggeste them an agency to manage their page ?

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a friend of mine manages a page on to sell antique books

they asked me for an agency to manage their page because suddely "the algorithm" pulled their page from many eyes

can I suggest them any resource to move their business out of facebook ?

I don't know what to do of today

I could go on the beach with some friends

yesterday I did and it was beautiful

but I also need some time for myself

I think this tweet is important

Ukraine promises to Russian defectors

1) they'll be treated in a civilized manner

2) the circumstances of their surrender won't be disclosed

3) They won't be sent back to Russia if they don't want to


In order to go to the beach tomorrow morning I should go to the gym today in the afternoon

But I feel like not going 😕

I watched a video from the recent State Of The Map 2022 about data types in osm

and there was an argument about areas

It's not only about streets represented as areas

it's a more general argument from the data type up the stack to the editors

which tool can I use on Linux to see a layout of the usage of memory ?

I suspect 8 Gb are not enough anymore but I don't know what's actually going on

the suggestion I feel like giving to Russian citizens is: consider defecting

mass defections already happened

that could save your life

much probably you'll get back home in a prisoners swapping

the company is in Bari (Italy), remote working allowed/envisioned

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ok, I have to attempt this

my employer is looking for a tech figure

I'm not sure what exactly their responsibilities would be

probably the most important part of that is devops: deploying apps into production environments and keeping them running

Probably there is also the management of tools for internal use

there's a gitlab installation and several Odoo installations

There could be some installations of apps made in Java that I usually don't deal with

O know a tiny bit about tor

I know way less about Freenet

And even less about i2p

And even less about Yoggrdasil

a PC will always be superior to a fucking phone, even a libre/liberated phone

Sorry, I don't make the rules

according to the forecast, the weather in the weelend is gonna be uncertain, variable

and then the temperature will drop to 25 (from 30)

meaning there's really nothing to scrape anymore 😔


I had 3 weeks of vacation

not nearly enough

yesterday I had a free afternoon and I went on a beach in an attempt to tear up a handful of last hours

it was covered in clouds and a jellyfish stung me

It's not right that we need to scrape the barrel like this

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