there are some leftist urbanists on youtube

They do an interesting discussion about how the US urbanism was shaped around

They are also on Nebula and they offer a promo to subscribe to Curiosity Stream and Nebula in a single bundle

This is important because in this business model, YOU pay for content

If we state that the GAFAM business model is toxic then we should be ready to support different business models

what I would need next is the ability to pass arguments to my script

So that my bash script could pass such arguments to the odoo-bin command that actually starts Odoo

Sometimes it's necessary

How would I do that ?

Any help appreciated

I think I used for the first time to create and store a password

Thanks to all the people who helped me here

I'm almost there

running Odoo failed because it couldn't connect to Postgres

I forgot that I reinstalled the OS from scratch in the weekend so obviously Postgres is not installed

This means that the setup is working

It has its glitches but it's working

I need help in writing a bash script

It needs to set an env var and then run Odoo

the line to run odoo is somewhat like this

/path/to/odoo/odoo-bin -c path/to/some/config-file.cfg -d some-database

I know, it's simple, but I still need help

Any help appreciated


Bada che sulle mailing list e sulle chat ufficiali di Guix menzionare nonGuix non è consentito

non so in quale sanzione si incorra, ma non è apprezzato, ecco

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ho letto il tuo post "Le Distro Del Futuro"

Volevo fare una nota al margine

Se è vero, da una parte, che Guix ha una policy molto stretta e usa il libre kernel, è vero anche che esiste nonguix

un canale che raccoglie pacchetti per Guix che non sarebbero accettati sui canali ufficiali perché non compatibili con le linee guida (dette FSDG)


ci sono "non free frirmware and drivers"

I have a refurbished T440

The Thinkpad T60 is more recent, isn't it ?


would you mind to describe the workflow to create a home service ?

I remember that with system services you needed to reconfigure and reboot your system to see your modifications

Do one need to create a new session with home services ?

I hope my question is clear


I managed to get the dependencies for Odoo 14

I used pyenv to get Python 3.8.13 (the ystem Python doesn't fit, it's too recent)

And then I instructed Poetry to use Python 3.8.13 rather than the system Python

That made it

what a mess

I lost my password and Discord doesn't allow me to recover it using Firefox

in my pyproject.toml file I have, among others, this line

greenlet = "0.4.17"

it's a dependency for Odoo 14

this happens

greenlet.c:566:17: error: ‘PyThreadState’ {aka ‘struct _ts’} has no member named ‘use_tracing’; did you mean ‘tracing’?
566 | tstate->use_tracing = 0;
| ^~~~~~~~~~~

The in my env is 3.10.4

Poetry has been resolving dependencies for about 16.000 seconds now 😐

I have Odoo running in (on ?) a couple of containers (made with docker composer)

How do I see the Odoo log ?

Poetry doesn't work

Virtualenv doesn't work

Nothing works, as usual

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