hormones and stuff 

It has begun. I am officially a patient, and I start meds as soon as the prescription gets filled.

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hormones and stuff 

I have my initial consultation for HRT tomorrow. In about 14 hours. I don't know if I can sleep. What if they say no? Or "You're too old" or some other midwest bible belt shit.

I'm pretty sure they won't, but those are the kind of thoughts that will be keeping me company tonight.

Send love, please. I think I'm gonna need it.

maia ec, kinda gay, boosts okie 

POV: ur lying next to me and im looking at u

selfie, ec, new year, new me. 

The problem with such a small circle of friends on here. I end up not feeling very seen.

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selfie, ec, new year, new me. 

Didn’t mean to post twice. Amaroq is weird sometimes

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selfie, ec, new year, new me. 

First real selfie. Please be gentle

minecraft tech servers are proof that communism works, "regular" smps have shopping districts and separate bases and yeah they can achieve some cool stuff but then you look at tech Minecraft and literally everything is shared and they are literally breaking the universe because they got bored one day. everyone can do what they enjoy and have the resources to do it because others produce those resources when doing things they enjoy, and they have also different kinds of people, producing different things. they have builders and tech designers and researchers. it's almost like when you give people the ability to live without the stress of having to work to live, people produce enough to support others just out of the enjoyment of doing that

selfie boosts ok p2 

unfortunately DPD cracked it already but it's chill

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selfie boosts ok 

hey i gotta full length mirror that isn't in the bathroom!
goodbye orange

One of the best lessons I think for everyone to learn is the lesson of Intent vs. Impact.

The impact of your words might be different than what you intended.

It doesn't matter what you intended, as the impact is what reached the other party

Even if you meant well, if you hurt someone with your words or actions, apologize anyways. It doesn't matter your intent, you hurt someone.

it doesn't mean you're a bad person, it just means there was a communication error, and you should apologize for it

And my 6 year old got a toy with a microphone and speaker in it, so he's singing If U Seek Amy. And now his grandmother is questioning my life's decisions.

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My 9 year old daughter got the Nezuko Kamado cosplay kit that she wanted, and now I'm question many of my life's decisions.

pic of me, shrek, ec, dreadful 

@WillowMist well not all the time but I’m very easily amused

Playing around with the pfp that my friend made. Wanted to share this.

Neofeud is 70% off! Help some native Hawaiians pay some bills, do education work, & keep a roof over the kids as well as complete Neofeud 2! Also you get an anti-capitalist #indigenous-made #cyberpunk game :)


All sales and Patreon $ go to doing more education!

hannah face reveal 

Like i think this is the nicest my skin has looked in a while

I’m not sure if razors are bad for me or if it’s just that I’m using a crappy electric that’s at least five years old 🤷‍♀️

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