Does anyone have experience setting up with storage?

furry art! that I made!! 

Close up on the head!

this was really fun to make even though I constantly kept painting on the wrong layers lol

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Does anyone have experience setting up with storage?

OK I slept on it and I think I'm definitely going to do this. prepare to have your timeline crammed with one billion cute little doodles

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7 years ago, I wrote a chrome extension, and forgot about it. Someone asked me about it, and I discovered it got unpublished at some point. So I spent yesterday rewriting it, updating it to work with the v3 api, and optimizing it wit tings I've learned in the last 7 years. Still rubbish with javascript, but I'm pretty pleased with it thus far. I think the rewrite will make it easier to make it for other browsers, too.

Selfie, EC 

first unfiltered selfie that I’m remotely comfortable sharing.

So today, I got not one, not two, but THREE headsets. Will be testing out each to see which micrphone I like best. I definitely may be streaming more, very very soon.

Current Events, Transphobia 

And now the photos of the texas shooter "dressing as a girl" are going around. Buckle up, kids. This one is gonna suck.

The transgender urge to make your last name something ridiculous (e.g. Crissaegrim, Ganymede, Fusion, etc)


He made it *four* days, before he sends me another transphobic meme.

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work + 

I submitted a big PR on a major project today and I really appreciate that the guy who is a much better developer than me didn't give me any guff about being a fake gamer girl and in fact helped me with a bunch of stuff and left a nice comment


And then, without a resolution or apology, we're back to normal. Why do I subject myself to this? Hopefully he'll at least be a bit more mindful for a while.

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Today, I responded to one such lovely meme, featuring Clint Eastwood, no less, and told him that jokes like that make me question why we're friends.

Thus far, he's gotten defensive, played dumb, and pulled the "it's just a meme" card.

Guess I'll see what happens next.

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One of my oldest friends (whom I've known for over 30 years) passes on to me any meme the thinks is funny. I'd say about 10% of them are terribly transphobic. I'm not out to him, and this is probably a big part of why. But then I'm not out to very many people at all, including friends back home.

I try to let it slide because he's over 60, and has never really left the little rural community he grew up in.

But I think I've hit my limit.

I'm having one of those days were I feel overloaded with creative energy, and absolutely no focus to be able to direct it. I have a plethora of projects that I should be working on, and I can't drill down to any of them.

Back in primary school, they had a big cardboard box thing they'd put on my desk to keep my surroundings from distracting me.

Nice way to feel singled out or "othered". Plus, it didn't work.

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