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hello fediverse! figure it's time I do an here!

I'm Sterophonick! I go by he/him (+she), and I do fun stuff with retro tech, linux gaming, and emulation! nice to meet y'all!

oh, also here's my silly little fursona, too! his name's Atapi!

Spiderman Remastered released on PC and HOOOOOOLY CRAP I did not expect it to run so well on Steam Deck


a friend and I were walking through a random neighborhood and a cat walked up to us
(his name is Boots!)



“does it run on steam deck?” is the new “can it run crysis?”


Surprised to say that Reloaded II works under Wine 7.13 with .NET 5.0 and everything. If I can get that and proper controller support working under Proton I may consider it.

I first tried kb emulation and the movement was blegh

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Is the PC version of Sonic Heroes better than any console releases

Want free Robux? Hear me out. Go to the about section, click the link. It's my website. Enter your Roblox username, answer the easy questions, shouldn't take more than two minutes of your time. Have a good day.


"The Steam Deck actually most time won't let you run it because it's not on their compatibility list."

That’s just factually false. Here we go again, another big YouTube channel getting simple basics completely wrong.


RT banger final sentence


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