[English] 2022-01-23

We're celebrating:
- Nonbinary Grandparents' Day (Poland)
- Trans Visibility Month (Brazil)


[Ladino (Djudezmo)] 2022-01-22

Oy selebramos:
- Dia de Solidaridad kon Personas Trans Enkarseladas


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[日本語] 2022-01-22

- トランスジェンダー 囚人行動・結束の日


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[Français] 2022-01-22

Nous célébrons :
- Journée de solidarité avec les personnes trans incarcérées


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[Nederlands] 2022-01-22

Vandaag op de kalender:
- Transgender Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity


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[Deutsch] 2022-01-22

Heute feiern wir:
- Internationaler Tag für Solidarität mit trans* Gefangenen


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[Português] 2022-01-22

Hoje celebramos:
- Dia de Ação e Solidariedade de Prisioneire Trans
- Mês da Visibilidade Trans (Brasil)


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[English] 2022-01-22

We're celebrating:
- Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity
- Trans Visibility Month (Brazil)


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