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Is there anything that I can do with my gender? Like, can I trade it in for something? Sell it to someone at auction? It doesn't seem super useful tbh

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If someone is being shitty and you want to criticize them

You can criticize them *just for their shitty behaviour* and stop there

You don't also have to bring their physical appearance, health, disability, neurodiversity, sexuality, gender, race, or other completely benign preferences into it because you feel like being cruel to them

The person you're trying to criticize won't feel the sting of your comment, but your friends who share those traits that you're being cruel about will

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You're not "too much." You're just you.

Volcanoes, thunderstorms, and even vibrant flowers make no apologies for existing, and neither should you.

Be yourself in all your overwhelming glory.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride #volcano #storm

plastic trying really hard to be flowers will still only ever be plastic flowers (very deep philosophical thoughts today)

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however, the decade did not go without innovation.

see, when you open a website, your mobile supercomputer still struggles to render, the fan spins up like a jet airliner before takeoff, as a friendly reminder that you forgot to install ublock origin

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every time someone apologizes for venting online or like, not being in a good mood when we hang out or something i just wanna grab them and be like "people choose to love you" like. you are not my parent, boss, etc. you are not somehow pressuring me into seeing you be unhappy. i have the autonomy to walk away if i need. you are allowed to feel bad. you don't owe me your cheerfulness

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Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Be Mediocre
Microsoft Fail Terribly

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STRAY, the game where you explore a city as a cat, is looking for developers and artists to hire. If you're interested in being involved in a neat indy video game, speak french, and you have some Unreal Engine 4 chops, you may wanna check it out:

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Emmy's first law of computing:

any attempt to use a Windows computer will be followed shortly afterwards by "I HATE THIS OPERATING SYSTEM!".

cw: trauma, abuse 

A long thing I wrote about Child Abuse and Emotional Neglect, basic descriptions of types of abuse, and explanations etc -

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imagine having parents who make you feel better instead of worse... what a concept

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if you're a Canadian, please tell the federal government in no uncertain terms that you do not support copyright term extension in any form, as they're trying to sneak in some shitty US copyright law changes in while we're all worried about COVID. they've set a really short time limit on this to try and fly it under the radar, so send in your feedback now!

#cdnpoli #copyright #badgovt #liberals

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England is running a consultation on toilets and need enby voices represented.

Please pass this along to anybody who has access issues, including disabled people, trans people and so forth. We have a right to wee.

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