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Commission prices:

💙 PayPal Invoice or Ko-fi Only
💙Terms & Conditions:
💙 Ko-fi: (+5 tips gets you a chibi, just DM with proof and your request)

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hello! I'm opening my (furry) commissions here!
Please view the commission sheet below for more details.
💙 PayPal Invoice or Ko-fi Only
💙 Terms & Conditions:
💙 Ko-fi: (+5 tips gets you a chibi, just DM with proof and your request)
more samples in thread, mostly furry examples!
For nonfurry samples:

#Python creator Guido van Rossum puts it plain and simple. Asked about what role python could play in the #web3 world, he says

„Let web3 die in a flaming ball of fire.“

sex is not and shouldn’t be something “required” in a romantic relationship. there is way more to a person than just doing that and seeing their body as something for pleasure first.

you can have a meaningful relationship without relying on sex to maintain it.

just really sick of this heteronormative idea that intimacy means sex and it’s the pinnacle of being in a relationship.

Taur-if you your sona, colored sketches!
$50 each, reach out if interested!

Cashapp; $chestnutcham

Love furries on this site, anywhere else on the net they're like "This is my wolf fursona," or "I'm a gay dragon on twitter rawr ;3c" but here you're all like "We're the rats, we're the rats, yes, we're the rats,"

here he is all doled up! Rian the wild boar! a pigsona

for 2022!

heya there, you can call me Claire! Russell is okay too! Somebody just trying to find their way in life. Im non binary, ace panromantic. they/them, 30s and stuck on Long Island.

Single, not looking for romance but I love to talk! Sorry if I come off as clingy...

My sonas are an African wild dog and an arctic fox. Russell is like my pudgy self, Claire my expression for somebody on the autistic spectrum and feeling femme. Gender is weird, Im just soft and cute, okay?

up for adoption! looking for between 25-35EUR, Payment through paypal invoices

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reference sheet sample! Will probably put this baby up for adoption later once i figure out a fair price

Happy new year! I'm back on working on stuff.

Working on some ref sheet bases, one simple one upgraded? 🤔

Basic will have a base price of 65 EUR, complex designs will cost more, price will be negotiated

Upgraded has a base price of 85 EUR, complex designs will cost more, price will be negotiated

Designing from scratch will also cost more!

ok in 2022 im going to make my goal to improve my art skills enough to get more commissioners 😤 i know my art isnt as good as others yet and i should study more so i'll try my best to improve more

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