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Commission prices:

💙 PayPal Invoice or Ko-fi Only
💙Terms & Conditions:
💙 Ko-fi: (+5 tips gets you a chibi, just DM with proof and your request)

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hello! I'm opening my (furry) commissions here!
Please view the commission sheet below for more details.
💙 PayPal Invoice or Ko-fi Only
💙 Terms & Conditions:
💙 Ko-fi: (+5 tips gets you a chibi, just DM with proof and your request)
more samples in thread, mostly furry examples!
For nonfurry samples:

techbros be like: boo hoo equal gender ratios is unfair for male candidates boo hoo hoo

its almost as if you devalue women man, sit tf down

next time a techbro comes into women initiatives with "how is excluding men including women" im just going to reply with "I'm going to eat you"

for every transphobic thing that gets me down i think of my baby trans friends who just came out and are happy to have found another trans person to talk to

cw mean spirited joke 

im just a really spiteful trans person rn sorry, how come everything always needs to be sugar coated and spoon fed

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cw mean spirited joke 

starting an initiative where if a cis person says they don't care what pronouns are used for them I will pick the least likely pronouns and see how long it takes for them to ask me to use their prefered pronouns so they can understand how much words can impact you and hurt

why has my life become a political garbage fire

idk if this works but if anyone in the mastodon community has any resources on pronouns in bio and why that's a good thing I'd love to include it in my document! I'm trying to normalise pronouns and stomp out any kind of mention of "People who don't agree with neutral pronouns"

diversity win!! Asshole who keeps fighting everyone is transmasc!!!

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gonna write a pronouns in bio is a good thing you jackasses manifesto to give to the school so other trans people can stop having to have this conversation

i hate not passing. i hate having to specify. i WISH i could just let people assume and they would assume correctly. But life's not fair lmao.

Especially when i have to step in as the only trans person in the group chat to be like "hey pronouns are for others to know how to refer to you too. If you truly don't care then just go with what people assume of you." But no they gotta be so freaking insecure about having to specify he/him???? :))) its so hard to stay patient and kind

every time a cis person tells me putting pronouns visibly on a page is political correctness gone awry I deserve monetary compensation

Coping with my massive disappointment in my academic process and general life by creating EVEN MORE mice. I love tricolour mice so much I hope I can own one some day. :( but first I want to leave the netherlands and transition so I stop feeling horrible.

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