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Commission prices:

💙 PayPal Invoice or Ko-fi Only
💙Terms & Conditions:
💙 Ko-fi: (+5 tips gets you a chibi, just DM with proof and your request)

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hello! I'm opening my (furry) commissions here!
Please view the commission sheet below for more details.
💙 PayPal Invoice or Ko-fi Only
💙 Terms & Conditions:
💙 Ko-fi: (+5 tips gets you a chibi, just DM with proof and your request)
more samples in thread, mostly furry examples!
For nonfurry samples:

Commission for @Jayne !!

Really proud of how this one came out!!

🌟Comments and Boosts appreciated🌟

my boyfriend best friend got me a sleeping glaceon for christmas and i cannot handle it at all, its my baby, i love her more than anything in the world

A lot of us are punchy (which is fine when you're punching up) but if you're constantly punching and you're not paying attention where, you're gonna hit people who didn't deserve it.

i don't believe anyone is ever completely beyond redemption but i sure as hell believe that there are people beyond being worth the effort

Does anyone know artists in the EU that do art full time as their work? Wife is still looking for someone to ask questions of.

My name is Sunny! Im a digital and watercolor artist who really wants to get his name out there <3
Shares and feedback mean the world to me!
My commissions are OPEN! <3

Other places you can find me;
🍡Twitter; Sunnysockeye
🍡Twitter after dark; Sockeyestoner
🍡Insta; Sunnysockeye

Working on maybe altering my style a bit, like this perhaps??

Also, this is Omen

🌟Boosts and interactions encouraged and appreciated!!🌟

being trans is hard but also its all in my head how does this work

I got this adorable plush version of myself from @sockeye. I love them!

every day on this place people say words and i dont know what they mean

trans stuff, idk relationships? (-) 

i think aside from this i would also like to stop being ashamed of who i am around family but we cant have everything right? at least im lucky my dysphoria isnt like.. too bad around family bc even if they dont get it and tell me not to bring it up at least i know where i stand w them. i think its worse when friends dont lol or strangers.

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trans stuff, idk relationships? (-) 

i always get embarrassed when im like "I want a boyfriend!! i want a husband!!" because im mostly a nonpassing trans guy and i die at the thought people think im a cis girl. :( but i want a boyfriend!! i want a husband to look after and cherish!! and i want kids if we can afford them!! and i want people to understand im a gay guy who wants a gay relationship and FATHER children!!

A gift to someone I love who lives far away and i miss him 🥺💙 merry christmas to those who celebrate it!

Hey, if you want a little doodle of your sona as a plush for $15......... dm me xoxo

Have a little @muttmusk !

whenever im not drawing i just sit around lamenting how much I miss my best friend in the US :( I miss hugging

its almost been a year since i last saw one of my best friends and i miss him so much :(

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