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Hi! My name is Jamie, and I'm new to this instance but not to the Fediverse. I'm non-binary, in my 40s, and living in Decatur, . I'm currently working as a "decision scientist," but in previous lives I've earned a PhD in religious studies, taught as an adjunct professor, and worked for a democratic political education foundation. I am new to and I also enjoy and .

What do we think about Saoirse as a middle name?

If you email your parents to tell them you're trans, what's a reasonable amount of time to wait for a response? Because I'm closing in on ten hours and that seems like a lot

Had my appointment to get an HRT prescription today. I'm finding it hard to focus on anything else now

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I have an appointment to start HRT in less than two weeks. I didn't know how excited I'd be, but I'm pretty fucking excited

with a trans therapist! which I highly recommend if you're trans

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Had my first therapy appointment since middle school. I really needed that

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So, transfeminine folks who have taken E, any advice? Anything you wish you had known before starting or things that you would have done differently?

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trans stuff 

like i dont like the framing of. i'm trans, and therefore i must go through a tube and come out different on the other end. for me it's sort of more of an ongoing ownership and curation of my self, inside and out. like i'm never "done transitioning". plus, here's a hot take: it erases the constant maddening effort of cis people trying to to keep up with gendered expectations and pointless restrictions. they're doing gender affirming stuff too, just in a , less fun way

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Selfie EC 

Posting a selfie for the first time

So, transfeminine folks who have taken E, any advice? Anything you wish you had known before starting or things that you would have done differently?

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44 years old. I've known I was trans, in explicit terms, since I was about 20, but I catch on pretty slowly

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remember kids:

never put any real information online, you never know when you might change your gender

And if you're an asshole about pronouns in bios I'm going to block and report you

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How long before someone comes up with a truly galaxy-brained take that public defenders are cops?

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