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here's how to make your own abortion pills (misoprostol) thanks to four thieves vinegar collective

Our protest signs at the local university campus over the planned campus police force are still up!

(Photos are :cc_zero: and alt text includes a translation of the signs)

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fediblock, unblock suggestion 

a lot of instances have on their suspension lists. This is because it has been a TERF instance. However, a quick look at reveals that their domain has been taken away, and instead, you are greeted by this text:

feminism is for everyone

feminism is nothing if it excludes queer people, queer black people, queer people of colour and queer disabled people.

this place used to be the home of transphobic, homophobic and racist feminists, who called themselves our allies.

now it stands as a reminder that our solidarity will overcome their bigotry.

Therefore, you may want to consider purging data related to this domain and undo the domain blocks for that domain.

#FediBlock, more like #FediUnblock, I suppose.

Happy Pride! 🦈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

Here's BLÅHAJ - Gay sharks at your local terminal - cli tool that colorizes your input, shows flags and prints colorful sharks! (similar to lolcat)

Check it out:

I think my emails keep getting marked as spam. As if my domain getting kicked off search results wasn't enough.

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From birdsite 

RT @sabrebash
If you follow Selmers to the poetry society meeting in Night In The Woods, this is her poem.

I loved it and the themes of the game, and wanted to use it as practice to see if i can control the way readers 'hear' the words through images.

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