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nsfw, nude selfie, fursuit ec, semi-erect penis, and a butt for good measure 

First time trying on this handmade harness and it feels amazing, definitely won't be the last. :blobfoxmelt2:

I don't know if it's because of our complete inability to sit up straight but damn, I want to swap this office chair for a beanbag chair or just like an oversized dog bed.

So I've been doing a few of these for friends, practicing for if I ever stream and want to make some for our system... Been trepidatious posting them since they're unwatermarked and personalized but yeah now you know why I was all mushy this morning. :blobfoxmeltblush:

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twitter link to: furry art, ec 

Made a PNG-tuber for @/AndyDershon who beat me to the punch uploading it so here ya go. 💚

gushing about friends, work mention 

It's been very hard to wake up and pass the baton to Tabi/Phoebe to get our ass to work when we can just stay home and get praised by our friends without even doing anything extraordinary. 💚

Thinking about that Brian David Gilbert video based on the Sims that involved everyone getting together to make (weird-ass) art, and otherwise hang out and chill.

I wanna host an art jam, that looked fun as hell. Need to either find more local artists or a good way of doing that online.

[Days since Fingers has enthusiastically joined a discussion invoving nudism:] [0]

i fucking love being a dog. just a woofy girl. a waggy little creature. i do an awoo

collar kink adjacent 

:blobfoxdrakedislike: "They wear the pants in the relationship."

:blobfoxdrakelike: "They hold the leash in the relationship."

plural reflections 

As we understand more about our system, something we want to get better at is not falling into the feeling of each of us being "one-note."

We've all been thinking on how to do (re) introduction posts and while there is an overlap in some hobbies and interests, we absolutely have unique qualities that make me confident to say we're a system. Yet, with the limited number of interactions any of us get, we're more likely to chime in on a conversation topic we have experience with.

plural, mh+ 

I didn't realize that Phoebe normally fronts while we shower. For some reason I was this time and was full of energy during and now after.

Got a good bit of meditation in as well, been a while since doing that and it's definitely something we need more of.

nsfw furry art, nudity, ec, collar/leash 

Collar alt of Tabi's last post, feeling *especially* cute here. :blobfoxmelt2:

I wanna practice drawing DND style characters. Been thinking a lot about finally building some but despite the game seeping into every facet of pop-culture, I struggle to pinpoint the exact aesthetic of the game's setting.

furry art, ec kinda, non-explicit nudity 

Gift art I did a bit ago for @/RussellTheFox and their partner, Siwius.

plural & sexuality discussion 

So as we're all getting a better understanding of who feels what, it turns out that any time we feel affection towards folks we know it's usually me who's fronting. Tabi's been feeling like they're ace and I'm demisexual and I think that fits both of us. (I'm still panromantic though.)

lewd, exhibitionism 

Had a friend watching me stream art on Discord and it's a piece with casual nudity so I had a censor ready. I was just about wrapped up with linework when I asked him if he wanted to see underneath. "Yes!" he declares almost immediately.

Now, I've shown our body off before here and there but this felt so much different. This felt like a true look at the real me, Finn. It helps that my fursona matches my ideal form.

He saw it all.
I want everyone to see me like that as well.

nudity mention 

This shitpost wants me to develop more microfiction around Fingers. I mean, I allude to the fact that she's a shapeshifter so why not also add the ability to make clothing combust on demand when in close proximity?

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nudity mention, possibly lewd? 

LB: I can't put clothes on after someone takes them off either, I feel ya there Spamton.

This is the most dread inducing thing ive ever seen toby fox tweet

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