Had a thought about adding a pink collar to Fingers in some artwork and now I'm imagining wearing one myself... aaaaa.

I'd try it if it didn't give off the wrong impression. :blobcatsurprised:

description of a meme I'm too lazy to make 

Jeremy Clarkson meme format:

"This is brilliant..." *Points to box art of Pokemon Brilliant Pearl*

"...But I don't have to buy this again." *Points to box art of Pokemon Platinum*

I should start saying "yip" instead of "yep" and see if anyone besides furries catches on.

irl picture, ec from a pin i'm wearing 

My mom showed me how to sew this past weekend, as I got some patches in. Lemme see people miss this one.

Patch by Triangle Manor
Pins by Hyena Agenda

I've been good on not drinking energy drinks for a few months now but seeing one called Goat Fuel is the closest I've come to faltering.

mh~ bureaucracy hell 

I'm really glad I said to myself before all this that "No matter what, you're still you and not any less valid."

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HRT, bureaucracy hell 

I was hoping to have literally anything to say about my first consultation for hormones yesterday. It ended faster than it started and turns out I was referred to the wrong department.

food mention 

I'm partaking in DoNut November this year.

mh~ about appointment 

So on the plus side, the text reminding me of my appointment probably means it won't end like that one eye doctor where they "changed their scheduling software" and deleted dozens of people's appointments...

But it also mentioned it's a video appointment which is anxiety inducing *and* I have to drive for an hour anyways to pay afterwards.

💗 And so the Daylight was saved, thanks to the PowerPuff Girls! 💗

...Is what I'll say in the spring, bah.

I think I made it the furthest I ever have in my annual "Don't read NaNoWriMo as NanoWario" challenge, took me until the fourth or fifth time reading the phrase before losing.

work, trans + update 

Today went pretty well! Mentioned everything I wanted to:

🟡 Not be pushy about outing people.
⚪ Adding "gender identity" and "sexual orientation" to the list of groups protected from discrimination.
🟣 Possible addition of packers/stuffed brad to the dress code. Unrelated, a ban on "tight clothing" I want to re-allow with shorts/skirts over.
⚫ Not requiring "proof" before letting someone use the bathroom. Also pushing to make all single-occupant restrooms be gender neutral.

work, trans + 

LB: So the day of the meeting was pushed back, gives me more time to write anything else I can come up with as a first draft.

work, trans, + 

So an abridged version of what I have so far, since my handwriting is too sloppy to post an uncaptioned image of.

Personal introduction with a brief description of what non-binary means and the differences between it and binary trans.

Verbal accomodations that can be made, with a focus on not forcing trans people to out themselves before being ready. In addition to respecting pronouns, there's a mention of reducing gendered language to someone who has shown a disdain for it...

work, trans, + 

A goal of mine was to be fully out at work before my birthday, since the day after that is my first consultation to inquire about HRT. I am now being involved with the company's sensitivity/discrimination training and might be able to have an input in things like the dress code.

Sometimes I feel like I underrepresent the coyote part of me but then I hear a squeak toy sound from someone's phone across the street and perk up immediately...

I'm dog, it turns out.


"You should stand up for yourself!"

Ok, yeah!

"No, not like that."

shitpost, emoji 

:revblobfoxuwu: Nudist

:blobfoxdrakelike: Anti-Fashionista

furry art, ec 

Birthday gift art for TheGlitteryGoat on Twitter.

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