I never really had strong feelings about changing my real name to Finn until hearing people use it regularly for me over the weekend. Now I just need the popularity of Adventure Time to cool off a bit. :P

furry art wip, ec 

Trying out more dynamic poses, here's a squattin' possum.

furry art, unintentionally suggestive? 

Found a clothed model picture with a pose I really liked for reference, so y'all get Fingers in a skirt today.

intro, fursuit pic, fursona art 

Fingers here, branched off from FingerSocks@snouts.

I started drawing in a "real" capacity nearly two years ago with a lot still to learn, still enjoying doing it though! Most of my art will be found on my aforementioned main (TobySocks @ yiff.life) My other interests include nudism/naturism, fursuiting, hiking, and video games.

Reference by ArgonLights on IG/Twitter
Pride art by ToxicStudioArt
Fingers baseball art by me!
Badges done by ProChiliWolf

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