Got this from Like A Cat Crafts at a convention, they're also on etsy.

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...And then subsequently falling asleep instead of getting any work done on an (admittedly ambitious) art project.

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Mad at myself after spending the whole week trying to fix my voice, I spent Friday night speaking online and immediately reverted right back to square one.

mh~ transition 

First week of trying voice training and I sound like a goat, which *checks fursona* I can spin into a positive.

nudity and censorship rant 

It still boggles my mind that the only change I have to make for a nude artpiece to fly without a question in SFW spaces is a quick 5 minute go-around with the eraser tool.

Not the posing, not the proportions, just scratch off those nipples and you're all set!

I fell asleep while drawing last night and couldn't finish. Was about to get upset but then it hit me that I was drawing sheep.

Slowly realizing that it has almost been a decade since my last eye exam. That shouldn't be possible, time is fake, aaaaaaaa.


I absolutely love it when folks reach out to me showing interest in nudism. Currently, the possibility of setting up a hiking trip with someone we know locally is giving me such a good boost to my mood. 💚

furry art, ec 

Gift art for @AndyDershon and his OCs Andy and James. :3

gushing about trans stuff, nature photo 

This is what I saw when I took the first real step towards transitioning, pretty much the same weather as well. I might try painting a scene like it but I also wanted to share the natural scenery that reassured me that everything will be okay, no matter how this plays out.

Variation of "Jeopardy" where you still have to answer in the form of a question but it must start with "How" instead.


Like, I'm going to have to write a dissertation on why I feel like I need this without saying the word "gender" aren't I?

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mh~, ph mention 

Scheduled an appointment, looking into messing with hormones one way or another and I'm nervous as hell.

Not only for the obvious reason, though that is a big one. But it's also an online video appointment which is just about the most anxiety inducing thing I can imagine.

What the fuck am I even doing??

furry art, ec 

Somewhat of a redraw of an earlier drawing, Gloves being defiant as usual.

furry art, ec, twitter mention 

Pride gift for Mattzda3 on twitter and @RussellTheFox :heart_ace: :heart_trans:

nudity mention 

One I do like is: "Someone as good-looking as you should cover up."

*clicks persuade > admire*

*persuasion failed*

Oh right, it was sarcasm. :(

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nudity mention 

Booting up Morrowind again, had to make a fresh character on the new PC and predictably went with another nude cat. Only this time, a stealth build.

Now I appreciate the immersion and acknoledgement of my character's lack of attire but could NPCs spare me the "GOOD GRIEF, THEY'RE NAKED!" spiel after we've been acquainted?

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self rambling 

One of these days, I'll actually do the research on plurality and see if it actually applies to me.

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