Mental health 

Been in a rough place mental health wise the last few days. Found a trigger for it though so that's a positive.

Turns out I get effected pretty badly by friends breaking up. Now I'm can't really stop that from happening out of the blue, but it is something for me to be aware of.

Don't want to turn in to a cynical old bitch as that will effect my own relationships and I don't want that.

I'll get better soon but everyone else remember to take your meds and look after each other.


And because I'm insufferably trans giant glowing pride flag 😎

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My current factory is coming along. Currently trying to optimise things to run 200 labs.

My other objective is to have to scroll at maximum map zoom. Hence the very long train.

Wife's first day back at work. Today is going to be a long day.

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If you think you're building The Future

And the team you have assembled to do so

Is less diverse than even the bridge of the Enterprise as depicted in the TV show from 1966

You are probably not building the future we all hoped for

Family mess. 

That was going so well. Five minutes from leaving the mother-in-law exploded.
She really needs to see a therapist. But she is the kind of woman who will never admit to being a problem and will throw everything at you as soon as you stand your ground.

Been dealing with my wife crying in the car on the way home and my son asking why granny was being so loud.

Today is going to be busy. This is very much the calm before the storm, but Im kind of wanting to get on with it.

Meet my three lovely cats, because this is the internet and everyone always needs pictures of cats.

Lambda (orange and white), Vishous (all the colours), and Cassiopeia (Black and white).

So I forgot my laptop charger. But thanks to the magic of USB c I can charge it from my phone charger. If very slowly.

Star wars 

Got back from seeing starwars. Well that was sure a thing. I enjoyed it, but many questions about astronomical navigation

Well apart from getting confused by the two different string types in rust I've got the scaffolding of the three sub commands I want, config loading, and running a function from a library loaded at run time.

This might actually work...

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I've cracked. Laptop on the mother-in-laws kitchen table, while my son plays with some Hama beads.

Time to see how much of a mess I can make of this rust project.


My wife bought me a lovely dress for Christmas.

Been out for a walk. Got a bit damp and blown around but it was good to be out of the house for a bit.

Mental health 

I've not left the house in three days. The weather is so crappy I can't really justify escaping for a few hours for a walk. Not getting any alone time so I can just think is beginning to make me a little twitchy

Seriously considering trying to build a spark like thing in rust to learn more rust.

Would never be a serious project but might be interesting? Lots of distributed systems, data processing.

Getting twitchy. I've not touched a computer a week. Christmas at the in-laws is weird.

Shameless self promotion 

For Christmas I also made the mother in law a yarn bowl which I'm rather proud of. I bought the bowl from a charity shop and the. Carved the spiral into it.

Sanding the curve smooth took a while.

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