Thanks to everyone that came by to the stream. I had a wonderful experience chatting with the stream chat and I finally beat Metroid 2!

Decided to stream my first full playthrough of Metroid 2. Come on by if you want. No voice commentary, just chatting.

I guess today I'm playing Metroid 2 fully for the first time (and in color), I just decided to buckle down and go through it since I've never finished any of the versions of it. Might not finish but I want to get at least some way through.

My internet is finally back, so I'm gonna stream some Donkey Kong for the anniversary.

For people who want to get into Super Metroid, it's basically a 'fixed edition' with snappier controls and better controls overall, plus lots of bonuses.

Read the video description for more details. This does a lot more to assist the player compared to just the Control Freak hack.

Here's a full playlist of interesting hacks that can improve the gameplay experience of many kinds of games!

I found my way to another cool hack! This one's for Metroid Fusion.

“Waaah, nobody wants to work”
Wrong. Nobody wants to work *for you*

I found my way to another cool hack! This one's for Metroid Fusion.

Everyone's on the Metroid hype train lately, so I'm sharing this! If you would rather play the original Metroid 2, and not the remakes, then there's a hack that will allow you to enjoy it more without jeopardizing the atmosphere of the game.

You can play the game in full color with this hack! The backgrounds will remain all black in order to keep the dark isolating atmosphere of the original game, which the remakes try to capture but couldn't truly 100% replicate.

Found a really cool hack for Super Mario Bros. 3 that helps modernize it by adding a save feature and many other little improvements. Check it out:

Randomly laughing because I remembered that time Rick Astley personally Rickrolled America at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. XD

happy pride month everyone, don’t forget:
• corporations see pride purely as a marketing event
• the first pride was a riot
• cops do not belong at pride
• be gay
• do crimes
• trans people are real, fuck you
• cis/het folk can support pride by giving us all your money

got my second shot today, i'm still not gonna go out much or anything but i am glad that i could do my part to help myself and others be safe

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