Come chill at my stream if you like! No need to chat, just enjoy yourself and have the stream on in the background if you wish. You can bet channel points on the Mario Party team you're hoping wins.

He's 13 followers away for the minimum amount to get Affiliate so don't hesitate to drop a follow!

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@Siph hell I think marginalized old people who barely survived are usually those who we need to listen to the most

I'm fucking sick of people just saying "old people = bigots who shouldn't be allowed to do anything," especially like in the queer community it feels so fucking disrespectful and actually ageist
like ageism doesn't exist via "ok boomer" jokes but it does in the context of stripping rights from people based on age

Yes older people tend to be more right wing but there's a systemic reason to that: poor people die sooner

It's also voting tendencies of the general population. It does not reflect the ruling class, nor does it address the oppressive dynamics that make our capitalistic systems what they are

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:boost_ok: uspol, helpful list of abortion orgs 

Here are abortion fund groups in every state, if you want to help in a meaningful way, this is a start

For the entirety of its near-250 year history the Supreme Court has been a bastion of reactionary politics and the last stalwart defense against progress. A mere handful of just rulings put this nation under the delusion that the Court is somehow an essential arbiter of our rights and liberties. For the vast majority of its history this was not the case, and has not been so currently in decades. Just because the Court made the correct decision in times past does not mean it is good, necessary, or worth preserving.

Dont post your crimes just do it and dont talk

I apologize about getting into all these political subjects here, something I wouldn't normally do, but I'm so angry words cannot describe.

Fuck the US Supreme Court.

US politics 

The thing that I'm struggling to say in a way that people are receptive to it right now is...

Neither of the major US parties cares about you. That includes the Democrats. They are all invested in keeping the status quo because that keeps them in charge and a third or fourth party from kicking them out of office. They want us fighting each other because it breeds loyalty.

The system is fundamentally broken and what happened today should be the *ultimate* proof of that.

uspol, unkind 

I hope that roberts, thomas, alito, gorsuch, kavanaugh, and barrett are afraid today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of their lives

On this day in gaming history:

The Nintendo 64 released in Japan in 1996!

It was a powerful console for its time, with the first ever mainstream controller to sport an analog stick (the DualShock controller came later). It also included 4 ports for party play--no multitap accessory needed!

And of course, it was one of the major players in the frankly eternally cool translucent plastic aesthetic.

The problem on the fedi has never been bigots, and there aren't that many of them around.

The problem with the fedi has always been how sympathetic many people are to bigots while simultaneously harassing targeted communities, which equates to helping bigots do their work.

Many people on the fedi aren't outright hateful people but will allow malicious people to operate out of some nonsensical interpretation of fairness that is
never applied to communities that are targets of hate.

There is more of an appetite on the fedi for hate and bigotry than there is for equality and inclusion.

anyone watch that show Cyberchase as a kid? i just rembered it and i think it helped foster my interest in math and compsci a lot

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