Fortnite - Lets do some quests....maybe get a crown? Haven't streamed in 1....BILLION......YEARS!

I think it should be law that a candidate has to attend 75% of the official debates to show up on the ballot

I don’t care about 99% of the Fortnite skins but then they go and do this and I have no choice…

This 2007 model iMac is 14 years old and still works like a champ. It’s mainly my RDP computer for the trailer when I’m on call these days.

Old man Facebook just reminded me that 2 years ago today my C64 experience became 4 player capable with the protovision adapter

Here’s two vids I made one the sound is recorded off ARMSID and the second a 6581 (commenter said ARMSID didn’t sound right)
You decide!


Star Trek Voyager episode Before and After. Really starting to get annoyed at how many times they can say “bio temporal chamber” out loud before clueing in that there’s a relation to Kes’ backwards time travel

The sample sizes for these 'polls' are stupidly small I have serious doubts about the current projections cause I think the only people they're able to get on the phone are old conservative farts.

Hmm it just occurred to me that since Voyager made it back in 7 years cause of Admiral Janeway, Captain Janeway probably got to see her dog again

Toys r us never died so I don't have to keep that one and radio shack is the source so I don't need to waste a choice there....sears was shit so for the fun of it i'll bring back Blockbuster so I can rent video games again.


Keep one


Follow my TikTok for short videos about the C64 and NES! and maybe cats and cleaning robots I purchase

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If you’re an NTSC C64 user of Turbo Rascal Syntax Error I’m sure you noticed some of the tutorials run very poorly. This is mostly cause PAL devs are kinda lazy after being used to all those extra rasterlines. Last year I tweaked a bunch of the problem tutorials to work better on NTSC and put the fixed files on GitHub

Just tried Fortnite on SteamDeck via XCloud after reading a post from @gamingonlinux I found the experience and hoops to jump through to be similar on both platforms (GFN/XCloud). I suppose the difference would be if you're free tier on GFN then for XCloud the quality and wait would be better but on Founders sub I find it the same now that the keyboard bug is fixed

Oh no he might have said Keep grabbing at those straws, still got 3 more years whether you like it or not.

At the trailer getting the kitchen ready for this weekend and I found this ol gem in the cupboard

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