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(Ohio, USA) Homicide by Police. Seriously, this is depressing/aggrevating, you've been warned. BLM! 

In Akron, Ohio, 8 officers were put on paid administrative leave following the fatal shooting of a black doordash driver age 25,
Some details are left out for brevity sake, but Jayland was shot at by police 90 times and struck by bullets 60 times while fleeing and unarmed.
Protests are happening in Downtown Akron all weekend and footage is set to release Sunday.

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I think this is super neat and wanted to pin this on my profile but there's no equivalent to qrt and it doesn't look like I can pin a boost.

But tl:dr every Mastodon account is also an RSS feed which is hella dope.

See image or link to original toot for more.

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Oh uhh, i started posting and kinda did a half intro but that doesn't count.

I go by Cara online.
Hopefully my profile covers it well enough (i took a pic) but I'm yet another trans girl programmer from the birdsite exodus.

Some Fun Facts:
- I can ride a bicycle while standing backwards on it
- I was originally a Civil Engineering major
- C++ was the language I learned to program in
- I commute to campus year-round (with no bike infrastructure) in Akron, OH

Be me:
Want to send an extremely gay pic i found to a discord friend but her status says to leave her alone.

If she's reading this I hope you're doin alright <3

failing out of my bachelors because i keep zoning out in classes. call that a dissociates degree

top types of euphoria for me are gender and when I plug in a USB connector the right way on the first try

Local Metro really going for that transit gay targeted advertising.

First they give me rainbow socks after driving the bus.
Now they put a blue hair and prounoun'd individual with the fruity flag on my facebook feed?

I'm sorry, i already told the CEO i can't do full time lmao

A lil' nsfw 

Staying up till 3am making another trans girl from far away horny on discord uwu

Does anyone have good resources for learning about plural people that they could direct me to?

“this computer can run windows 11”

and i can stab someone right now, what about it

Officially fulfilling the dream of transit gays by driving the local Metro bus.
No seriously, they let me drive this thing, without a CDL.
Granted it was like 5 mph and in a parking lot, but I still did it.

They even gave me metro branded rainbow socks too! No joke!

lawn care (making the lawn grow into a plot of rainforest)



Ko-fi just pushed this email to everyone. Please be aware that if they catch wind of an artist taking on NSFW commissions using their platform, they will shut down their account and ban them from the platform without warning.


On my last day of work, somebody had a purchase of a few things that added up to $9.37 but was only 37 cents after coupons.
They got a mad coupon game, I had to do a doubletake cuz "your total is 37 cents" didn't seem right.
And then they did 3 of that same order and same coupons.


Just purchased some bundles from the website (no affiliation).

On checkout, the donation panel has an option to change the charity. But this is ONLY ON THE LGBT+ charity.

I have seen this a number of times, but today it sort of hit home and made me feel rather exhausted.

I don't know.

I'm old.

I've been (2x) through police raids on gay establishments in the distance past (New Zealand & Australia).

Anti-LGBT+ can be very subtle at times.

Maybe its time to do..

Mention of Fetish Outfits 

Between previously having worked as a lifeguard, and acquiring a maid outfit + catears from an anime convention for fun (and probably gender tbh), I've concluded that i have at least 2-3 fetish outfits out of pure coincidence.

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