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messing around with csp, an angel maybe??? 

im sorry who are you

here's a legendary quote from a Pussy Riot song to inspire you

Good girls working at the banks
Bad girls blowing up the tanks
Good girls pray to a man with a beard
But God is a woman and she's deaf and she's queer

oh yeah I've probably never mentioned that

I'm from Russia

Pussy Riot makes me really happy, it's good to know I'm not the only radical leftist from Russia who feels very strongly about queer liberation

I cannot believe it took me this long to get into Pussy Riot

Their music is so *hard* and deeply radical. Precisely my jam. Feminist, queer, and angrily revolutionary

I think my fave artists right now are Dorian Electra, Sammus, Gorillaz, Poppy, Rina Sawayama, and Niña Dioz

Give em all a chance, I got great taste 🎶

Iconic is one of my favorite songs of the year

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holy fuuuuuuuuck

how did I get s o hiiiiigh

look, it's very flattering that y'all think my selfies are "art", but I'm beginning to think you *don't* know I'm a big cat IRL?

only Boston-area folks will understand: who the fuck does Boylston Street Station think they are?? who gave them the right??

kinda wild how airports just teleport your bags to your destination like that! sucks when they get knocked off into hyperspace and lost in the wormhole tho

oh I never made a pinned post on this account


I love using words that normally contain a gendered component and just replacing it with "cat"

let me be your catfriend

I'd never wanna be a congresscat... or a businesscat

you: "I need some kinda material to make my costume out of..."

me: *shakes all my shedded fur off* "I'm helping"

my friend tries to rib me by saying "cats are smelly" and I'm like

yea! I know!

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