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What my names mean to me 

I have two current names. Jupiter Bruzer and Yury Dubynin. Yury is my Russian birth name, which my parents erased when they adopted me. The name they gave me is my deadname. I reject my deadname because it doesn't represent me or who I want to be: It represents the person my shitty family wants me to be; A person who will never exist.

Jupiter represents my current identity and my queerness. Yury represents the heritage my adoptive family tried to rob from me.

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this is one day per month I remember this account exists. savor it

posting this here because keeps going down: hey whatsup im fucking Kitty

Lewd joke 

I'm on the top of Santa's nice list because I sucked his dick that good

I don't just wanna be seen as a sexy object. I wanna be seen as a person.

A very sexy person, of course, please do acknowledge that

broke: "wow this blew up. here's my patreon and soundcloud"

woke: "wow this blew up. here's my patreon and soundcloud. also unionize and seize the means"

I will mispell every word longer than 6 letters, do not test me

pretty iconic how my answer to "what's your gender" is simply "no"

it's so hard, being so cool... being epic is a struggle. nobody talks about the dark side of pwnage

All of my friends have the coolest friend tbh

So has Littlefoot ever eaten an herb before, or does he live in a Land Before Thyme?

Mowvember has concluded... and so begins, Mowcember

(Don't worry it only lasts until my birthday)

Only about a week left until I get to sit atop a mountain of large gift boxes (I hope)

(it's my birthday on December 8th)

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money (-), help needed 

Hey I'm a queer disabled person, dealing with a lot of mental health issues and trauma.

I don't have a stable source of income and I've been really upset and unable to function much these past two weeks so I haven't been able to do many commissions and I'm running low on money. Any help would be appreciated.

Check out my early birthday gift! They're kitty cups!

*buries something in the dirt and runs away*

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