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I feel like an important inflection point in tech is realizing "users are stupid" is actually "management, clients, developers, or designers did not carefully consider this feature and how it would be used in the real world, and people are just doing their best"

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friends repeatedly saying you you're a good puppy to cause a buffer overflow so they can write over that terrible thing in your brain telling you otherwise

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this can cause unintended behaviors when this memory address is accessed, such as blushing, wagging, keysmashing, or awrawrawring

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"Unprofessional" = "This doesn't fit what Capitalism likes"

Parameterized request builder with two additional phantom type parameters, one of which is a row-polymorphic record type, that builds its own HTTP request effect and associated JSON decoder, and is able to make strong assertions about if you built it correctly at compile time.

The only thing it's missing is bespoke opaque types for each kind of metric you can request to ensure the type constructor you pass in is taking in parameters in the correct order. But those are the easy part!

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Reminding myself today that I'm an unapologetic dipshit for happy hardcore. While committing type system crimes.

spending the evening listening to a Russian buzzer channel being spammed by Bad Apple

Goal for today is extracting remote API things into their own module and creating a nice module API for that — now with type safety for nice compiler errors!

This is work toward a single core that handles remote API logic, subprogram modules that handle MVU for a particular UI pattern, and multiple little programs that just wire up the appropriate API and lifecycle stuff to one of these UI modules for a specific element on the page, if it exists.

Widgets and dashboards, babeeeeey!

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I've been wanting to implement rolling averages in Elm for analytics, but I've been stuck the past two days trying to figure out how to sanely go about it.

I just sat down for 15 minutes and made an elegant solution like it was nothing.

@plausible Hey there! Noticed a small typo in the documentation at — it says "response" instead of "results" :)

web tech history 

i'm really curious what the web would look like today if netscape had won the browser war and we'd ended up with standards based on its mirror-universe version of the dom, instead of the internet explorer-based dom we actually ended up with

like, look at this

>does literally any kind of maintenance to my computer’s Fusion Drive

>drives split

I seriously cannot wait to just replace the whole thing with an SSD

Yes, we did use our phone’s camera to look across the room from our bed to see how hard drive work is coming along, and no, we will not be accepting judgement at this time.

The meta-viewport tag has been around since 2007 and folks are still out here a decade and a half later making unresponsive web pages smh

@plausible Hi there! I use Plausible and was wondering what the API TOS looks like? I can't seem to find it on the site. I'm looking to develop a WordPress plugin that provides a WP-native interface for Plausible's dashboard. This would be just for myself for now, but I'm also thinking about open-sourcing it if that's allowed.

no one told the straights they have to compile and install libgenders, that's why they cannot parse and query the genders database

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I found the objectively best-named GitHub repo ever that is 100% serious:

Safe to say I'm parting ways with them if this is how things are moving forward. If I'm just going to be forced to use an Electron program, I may as well go with something cheaper than what they cost.

But hey, I won't be missed with their new customers involved in these grifts.

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