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I feel like an important inflection point in tech is realizing "users are stupid" is actually "management, clients, developers, or designers did not carefully consider this feature and how it would be used in the real world, and people are just doing their best"

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friends repeatedly saying you you're a good puppy to cause a buffer overflow so they can write over that terrible thing in your brain telling you otherwise

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this can cause unintended behaviors when this memory address is accessed, such as blushing, wagging, keysmashing, or awrawrawring

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I get this feeling that I should not be having this much trouble setting up iptables for my use case. This does not seem like it should be harder than configuring a whole-ass network in IOS, and yet,

I actually did enough art this year to do a summary! thank you everyone who commissioned me, it's been a wonderful year for art and I can't wait to see what next year brings!

All I ever hear folks talk about is FaceRig, but literally nothing else in that whole mapping-your-face-to-a-model space. Are the alternatives that run on not-Windows that bad?

Also, while I have the attention of my fellow regex nerds:

Please use the 'x' flag or (?x) on complicated expressions where possible to enable extended regex so you can comment them for those who:

1. want to learn from your work; and
2. need to maintain them in the future.

Thank you! 💜

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Just gonna drop this wonderfully succinct regex that took me a couple of days to suss out. I've been working on a language definition for Elm, which is indentation sensitive, so I needed something to check for the end of a top-level block.


At the end of every line, it skips all the empty lines and checks if the next populated line doesn't start with a space. It does all this without consuming any characters, and also shorts out pretty quick because the end-of-line is checked first!

Dear website analytics folks: sorry* for all the 404s I cause because I'm trying to find out how to make your URL as short as possible.

*not really

Oh, so /that's/ how I change my default toot privacy. Hopefully it works better for threads now lol

Finally trying out Big Sur after much backing up, and the first thing I notice is /huge title bars/.

My poor 13" display. :(

yeah my computer has a USB-C port *points to the Kensington lock slot*

Poor 2012 Mac mini keeps having issues with radios going out and overheating. 😔

It's probably time to retire it as a home server since it's getting too unreliable. There's such cheap and reasonably powerful hardware available anymore that we should be able to replace it easily.

Pronouncing "Font":

other designers: "fahnt"
me: "fawwnt"

I want to try and find enough AAA batteries to test on the Dual Turbo and see if those wireless controllers have the same issue.

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I was feeling pretty good about the 8BitDo M30, but I ran into an issue: the polling rate is off and you can't reliably play on original (or simulated) hardware in some cases.

Ms. Pac-Man is unplayable because there's a lot of places on boards where you just cannot move a certain direction. It's not dropped inputs; it happens reliably at the exact same places every time.

For all other games so far, I haven't noticed an issue because they aren't as timing sensitive, but this is kinda just rehhh

Mastodon advice regarding trying out filters 

Not sure if you'd be better off filtering some content from your timeline? You can try it out and have it turn off after a while! And if you find your experience is better for you during that time, you can decide to make it more permanent if you want.

Just head over to <your instance domain>/filters/new (in my case, and use the dropdown next to where you enter the phrase to filter to choose how long you want to try it out for.

Question about "Affectionate" content warning 

I'm curious if there's still a need in the fediverse for tagging material that contains affection.


My first exposure to this was back on Snouts; however, it seemed like it was at the request of one person and also aimed at certain folks who got more interaction and, in turn, low-key harassed a fair bit because of it.

I don't believe I've seen it in used in any other communities except by other Snouts-goers.

Folks who are more knowledgeable on than I am:

We're forking a repo that uses tags. We want to work off the latest tag and ignore the changes after it as we work on the code. And when a new tag is released, move the changes we made on to that.

I'm thinking our best bet is having an upstream branch, checking out the tag to make our initial main branch, and rebasing to upgrade to a new tag when it becomes available. Will this work? Is there an easier way?


To clarify, this is /not/ aimed at anyone specifically, just spurred by recent events.

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Casual ableism, PH 

It's frustrating for folks to insist that one should just "go outside" and "get off the computer" when, for some of us, we don't /have/ anything outside of our online life, nor can we always physically go do something else.

I struggle with chronic joint pain, same as I did over two decades ago. I can't always /just go somewhere/ because I'm in pain; let alone that everything is so far away and I can't drive, nor afford a car.

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