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I feel like an important inflection point in tech is realizing "users are stupid" is actually "management, clients, developers, or designers did not carefully consider this feature and how it would be used in the real world, and people are just doing their best"

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friends repeatedly saying you you're a good puppy to cause a buffer overflow so they can write over that terrible thing in your brain telling you otherwise

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this can cause unintended behaviors when this memory address is accessed, such as blushing, wagging, keysmashing, or awrawrawring

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I almost forgot woke IKEA Switzerland, which used Blahaj to promote the referendum in favor of the legalization of marriage for gay ppl

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I am very excited about Ideas I have that essentially amount to a cross between a digital garden and personal research platform. But more on that when I actually get that far. :)

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(yes, I’ve been developing for a decade and a half, specialize in things like databases and functional programming, and yet I’m scared of making backends because reasons (mostly refactoring hell))

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hey Laravel fuckin’ slaps, legit the first time I’ve been able to build an actual web app backend that does things without being paralyzed by it all

The Framework laptop is the first laptop to ever score a 10/10 from Ifixit for repairability. But it's no thick-as-a-brick throwback the size of a 2005 Thinkpad - it's approximately the same dimensions as a MacBook.


the Relational Database Apologist has Logged On

me: I should do coding live streams, I think it would be nice and interesting to work on stuff while being social!

also me: *spends hours reading documentation and searching for information on a library they ultimately decide is not for them*

Finally got myself a VRChat thingy. I don’t get the hype.

The next CSS Text Decoration module should include the remaining features needed to replicate 90’s word art.

I got this wonderful piece of art from
with myself and my partner @68kHeart. I love how it turned out!! :bowie_heart: :bowie_blush:

I would be like "oh, this is probably some .NET stuff they have to work around", but if the solution is legit just "make it a function that takes unit", that's something the compiler could just abstract away for you. And yet,

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Oh. That's why so many things in F# just take unit as an argument instead of just being a plain value: F# does not allow values to be generic, only functions. Boy, this single-pass compiler stuff is the gift that keeps on giving. /s

Trying to do a project in F# because I'm likely going to need .NET fuckery down the road. It…sure is a language! I love that they're like, "yeah, we wanted an OCaml-style language because of the safety it provides, but also you shouldn't try to capture all failures and represent them as types and instead throw exceptions", like ??? doesn't that defeat the purpose of choosing an ML-style language to base your work off of??? Even Haskell devs are like "yeah, exceptions were kind of a big mistake"

Every time I go to the Pandoc website I have to appreciate this diagram. It’s useless for conveying information, except for conveying “it can do a lot”

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