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i think we should generalize "fighter" as a non-gendered alternative to "man" and "woman" in job titles. we don't have to stop at firefighters, we could have postfighters, handyfighters, milkfighters, linefighters...

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*letting some boy go on and on explaining some tech to me, including this fediverse / decentralized web thing as I nod along*

"So yeah, what do you work on?"
"I'm the CTO of a nonprofit advancing decentralized networks and co-authored the W3C ActivityPub specification."

*dude looks it up"
"Ohhh SHIT"

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Helpful article I just found: a review on the tenth anniversary of Argentina's self-ID law.

What did it find?

Three (3) bad cases among the 12,600 people who transitioned in the past ten years.

1 trans woman convicted of sexual assault
1 person convicted of sexual assault later transitioned in prison and was moved to a women's prison
1 cis male father falsely ID'd as woman because he said the courts were biased towards women and that should give him an advantage

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Curtis Konnor, my beloved.

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"loitering" and "vibing" are pretty much the same thing, but if shop owners put up signs that said "no vibing" people might realize how ridiculous the whole concept of crime is.

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*Notices your battery bulging*

💥w💥, whats this?

Anticaking agent, but it's James Bond infiltrating a bakery.

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shitpost, caps, emoji spam 

obamna :ms_pleading: :ms_imp_angry:

SODA :ms_cup_with_straw: :ms_exclamation_exclamation: :ms_sweat_smile: :ms_grinning: :ms_cold:

yo mama joke meaning 

The joke is that "fat" is a filesystem that can only store files up to 4'294'967'295 bytes (4GiB - 1).

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Good morning everyone I hope life is treating you all well. The rest of the world doesn't get to dictate how you feel about yourself. Only you can decide that. And as always ya girl is here with your daily science fact!!! :)
Rubidium (Rb) is a silver-white coloured metal that has the atomic number 37 It is an Alkali Metal and Rubidium unlike other Alkali metals will not float on water due to its high density. Rubidium was discovered in 1861 by German chemists Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff using spectroscopy. They analysed the mineral lepidolite and witnessed a bright red emission line. Rubidium is named after the Latin ‘rubidus’ which means deep red. Rubidium has a number of uses, primarily in fireworks. Rubidium’s isotopes exhibit radioactive activity and Rb 87 is commonly sed in laser cooling and also in atomic clocks. It has a melting point of 39.9°c and a boiling point of 688°c.

yo mama joke 

Yo mama so fat, she can only store files that are 4GiB in size.

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i'm not like the other girls, but i do have an identical hash value, which may result in surprising worst case behavior

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Handle grief and outrage in your own way. But saying now isn't the time to use cw / content warnings is ignoring the very reason they exist.

Just... throwing that idea out there. We have to support the hurting.

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If your timeline is overwhelming but you can't/won't log off then I want to reinforce that it is OK to turn off boosts and replies and just focus on first hand toots from people you follow. Also, maybe mute or unfollow people who don't use cw for this shit show. It's the only way I can be here because anxiety.

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Dont post your crimes just do it and dont talk

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