Anyone want to join me in curating a list on git for allowing proper rationed and accountable reasoning and output just a simple text file... I suspect content warnings alone cannot handle the flow of misinformation.

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I think it’s time to use Mastodon more... might have to setup my own Mastodon... how are folks doing today anyway?

I really need to be more active here - How have folks been?

So... does someone wanna help me get masto setup on Kubernetes behind Traefik V2? :D

Kinda reverse chronological... currently losing weight. The different in weight from the heaviest to lightest picture there is most likely around... 16-17kg this year? Still looking to lose about the same in the second half of the year ^^

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And a few more ^^ This is all in the past 10 months or so - Just a few different looks and all ^^

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Hello all - I've uhh kinda jumped on this ship too! I hope people are doing well and all - Also this character limit is so much nicer already...

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