I drew the First Mammal (according to a weird little brass sculpture at the Field Museum, anyway)

I messed up the proportions less than you’d think, he’s just a funky little guy

I wonder if I could get away with uploading this to the species wikipedia article as a “life restoration”

The little eye stripe is based on me thinking it’s cute

The fun-hating nerd tyrants over there already removed it >:(

@prehensile they had a model of one at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and I asked my friends if it was weird to want one of your ancestors as a pet

@prehensile It does look like something the first mammal would have

@prehensile I would never have been able to guess that that was something you added, tbf.

@prehensile I had two calico cats at home, one normal and one dilute. They're sisters. I managed to keep a pic of them together on the "Calico" page for a while, I thought it was a nice illustration of the normal vs. dilute coats. But of course the deletionist conspiracy soon purged it.

your drawing of the first mammal is great and the world is at a loss for it being removed. solidarity

@prehensile i remember there was a protracted battle in the Tanuki article about whether someone's deviant art looking pencilcrayon drawing of a drunk chibi anime tanuki with big balls should qualify for inclusion

@PetrichorSquirrel lmao

I remember about a decade ago a lot of pages about famous people had goofy drawings like that as their main image because there weren't any CC photos available. kinda miss those

@PetrichorSquirrel @prehensile amateur anime fan art is an important demonstration of the tanuki's worldwide cultural impact!

@prehensile amazing that people dislike the idea of dinosaurs with feathers

What a perfect friend

First Mammal: Mum, I'm thirsty, can I have some milk?
Reptile Mum: Never heard of it

@prehensile it occurs to me that creationists would present this as a serious argument

@y6nH the internet used to be crawling with those guys but i feel like they've all moved on to more directly harmful things to be wrong about

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