the way you validate a real name is no you don't

the way you validate an email address is by sending a Fuckimg email

your name field better be mutable as all hell too, fucker

@videogame_hacker the amount of arguments I have had with people about this is stressful

@videogame_hacker no field with name related information (names/emails/even addresses) should be immutable

@videogame_hacker There are *multiple* websites out there that won't accept as a valid email, because it has too many dots after the @

@julialuna @videogame_hacker Theyn don't want people doing the name+aliexpress@domain thing because it'd prove they were selling your data

@MxCraven @videogame_hacker imagine having $
and having all the $myname+$popularThing emails go to your inbox

@phil @MxCraven an email regex is easy. "Mr. Smith" could be a valid email.

an email regex is .*@.*

@videogame_hacker I personally also accept validating email by checking if it matches the spec using that absolutely colossal regex floating around on the internet, mostly because it's an absolutely colossal regex and I love those

@videogame_hacker Yeah, just make the first part of the registration form just a e-mail field and then send to that e-mail the link to the second part.

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