kinda-sorta begpost, boosts appreciated 

what's up gamers since money is tighter than it usually is for me right now [it seems i am not getting paid for employment right now] and I just gave myself a lot more regular expenses,

i thought i would kinda advertise my consulting services so um

you can hire me as a developer for software projects and my rates are very unreasonable so if you have money to burn, hit me up via email at half-kh-hacker at


i do:
- web projects
- videogame cheats
- whatever else

I am capable with pretty much all the mainstream programming languages so if you want something integrated or patched I can do that too

also if you have any job openings where you just work on FOSS? that'd be cool as hell. it would be nice to Do Labour and then Get Paid :)

continuation re: soliciting software contract work 

as an update on this:

- i have received half a month's salary from an employer for doing half a month of work, so things are less tight :)
- i will still consider any projects you want done! all you have to do is send a brief description to half-kh-hacker at via email and I will follow up asking for more details if it seems like a worthwhile project, otherwise I'll let you know I don't want to do it :)

continuation re: soliciting software contract work 

i have experience with desktop software dev, mobile app dev, full-stack web *application* dev, plain website dev, and simple embedded systems development [mainly custom keyboards / mice] :)

here are a few pieces of writing i've done:

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