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On a particularly troubling night, it's always nice to see someone there to make your day.

Many hugs to @kaznoot on Twitter for this work! ❤

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Mastodon is giving me the language learning itch again. I love trying to learn new languages, but struggle to find daily applications of that knowledge so I tend to forget. Maybe following some people who speak non-english primarily or even partially could give me that regular practice!

lying in bed kinda tired lol I dint wanna go to work today I just want a burger

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bah i need to pay some "service" to unlock my nokia 6.1. nevermind.

oem locks are bullshit

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Helo do you have bones?

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delay'ng my hw for another day becuase god damn ' cant focus!!!! ' gotta love that hahaha :dragncrysmile:

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9 months later and the prophecy has been fortold…. is playable on the Steam Deck!


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experiment! lets see how far everyone working together can yeet this toot in a week.

the more votes below the further its reached in the fediverse

is there a way to have home NOT show my own toots?

my fellow typ'ng qu'rk () enjoyers, g'mme ur typ'ng qu'rks below thanks

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