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Introduction, sort of long 

Hi, I'm tux93 which is a very creative name I gave myself when starting to dabble in ( 11.2 to be more preciese) back when I was 16.

The name stuck and nowdays I spend my free time maintaining a hand full of packages on the Open Build Service and working in tech support for my dayjob.

Aside from that I like to dabble in although I recently rarely got around to the editing part which has lead to quite a backlog...

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one day I will not miss-click arm64 for amd64 on a Debian architecture list.

today is not that day!

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git should come out with a command called `git deadname-killer` that rewrites the history to search/replace commit author name

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tech (-) 

People can make fun of SUSE all they want but the Enterprise Linux installer (Anaconda) is absolute garbage

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Don't deploy on Fridays if you don't want to do emergency but fixes on Friday afternoons!
*deploys a severe bug to production on Thursday that nobody notices until friday*

New rule! Don't deploy

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If you are rude when you ask your sysadmin how to do something, they will refer you to the FAQ. This is regardless of whether the FAQ actually contains the answer.

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software, intersections, racism 

This thread took a turn I didn't originally plan, but while I'm here let me just reiterate:

The work you do as a software engineer matters. It often matters FAR BEYOND the narrow context you may be looking at.

In a perfect world you would be part of a team of people talking about this impact and making decisions together. But the reality is that if the person coding something doesn't identify the impact, nobody else will bother. 🧵

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LGBT rights, Poland, please boost 

(Reposted from Birdside, thread)

Today, the Polish parliament will read a proposed law that makes it illegal to "promote homosexuality", including - I am not exaggerating - pretty much ANY positive talk of LGBT+ people and their rights in public settings.

And foreign media seem almost entirely silent on this.

The law was drafted a while ago, but didn't get into the Parliament for procedural reasons.

It EXPLICITLY bans e.g.:

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tech venting 

hands down the biggest downside to any flavour of agile is the amount of time wasted by people having bullshit semantic discussions about what is and isn't agile instead of actually doing something useful. it's as tedious as it is useless. *grumble grumble*

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Oh my god this first-thing-in-the-morning meeting is just an hour of going through unclosed Jira tickets from two years ago and going “does anyone remember what this was about? No? Okay I’ll delete it” x 300

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The most annoying thing is when you say: "Doing X helps to prevent Y." And then someone says, "Well doing X doesn't prevent Z. So we shall not do X *at all*."

This brought to you by, "Secure Boot doesn't prevent malware running on your system from signing it's own kernel."

I'm sorry if malware is running on my server and can sign kernels it already has access to just backdoor whatever fucking binary it wants because it's obviously root.

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Friday is for zoning out in video conferences

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Working on a playbook that clones a system, and need some vars. Obviously these go into "clone-vars.yml" and I can't stop giggling.

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Do you think we should have a regular @opensuse community meeting? We have a survey with four questions to help us determine interest and timeframes. You can fill in the survey at

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Okay y'all I did it! I finished ... well, what I set out to do with this for now. 1.0 of UI-UX-accessibility is done! FOSS folks can look at this and at least know enough to make something that'll work for blind people, to the best of my knowledge. If anyone else has anything to add, just let me know or do a PR. I really hope this is actually useful and goes somewhere. People have been asking for this so maybe it will.

#a11y #accessibility #FOSS #resources

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Looking forward to a future where trans FOSS devs outnumber chuds and can dechudify projects

My favourite part of pride month?

It makes it easy to spot and take out the trash that managed to slip into your communities.

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I think RSS is in the sweet spot of keeping up to date on content creators: It gets all your subscriptions in one place without keeping you there if you decide to move elsewhere, it’s not pushy like an email list or a notification, it allows you to download articles (depending on your reader), and it works with lots of websites

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