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Introduction, sort of long 

Hi, I'm tux93 which is a very creative name I gave myself when starting to dabble in ( 11.2 to be more preciese) back when I was 16.

The name stuck and nowdays I spend my free time maintaining a hand full of packages on the Open Build Service and working in tech support for my dayjob.

Aside from that I like to dabble in although I recently rarely got around to the editing part which has lead to quite a backlog...

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This is very specific but I'm wondering if anyone here knows any resources for trans people in Croatia? I'm trying to put someone there who has very transphobic parents in touch with some support. :boosts_ok:

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:retootPlz:​ question for trans ppl living in the Netherlands 

trans healthcare sucks around here but im having trouble coming up with an exhaustive list.

- In order to get hormones, let alone GRS, you have to wait for years just for the intake at a clinic
- Changing your name is a fuck and requires you to have gone through that aforementioned intake

The question is: is there anything I am forgetting?

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Got some mail from @anaisfae last weekend :blobfoxhappy:

When I saw the original watercolours of the squirrel being up for sale I just couldn't resist, this photo really isn't doing the pieces justice :blobfoxaww:

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If you see the writing on the wall, you're in the line of fire (aka anyone queer, non-white, or non-male), and you've got a way to make money now, the DAFT agreement can be a great way to leave the US for a much better place

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i'm slowly coming to the opinion that a meeting is one of the worst venues to make a big design decision, and the longer the meeting, the worse the decision

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Roses are red
LaTeX is great
Overfull \hbox at line 38

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Check out Ryan's!
latest viideo! 😎🐧

In this video we check out openSUSE Tumbleweed and all of the amazing features in Gnome 42!
#podcasts #Linux

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Assimilationism, gatekeeping, long 

So, both wikis for information about queerness on (LGBTA Wiki and LGBTQ Wiki) have apparently been forcibly taken over by and stripped down to assimilationist/gatekeeping standards of not allowing anything unsourced, meaning tons of microlabels for all kinds of queer identities have been erased on the grounds that there aren't "good enough" external sources for them. I don't know about LGBTQ Wiki, but LGBTA wiki lives on in a new domain:

This has already been known in LGBTA Wiki's community for several days now, but posting this for the benefit of more casual readers who might just sort of occasionally read it or come across it in search results, or for anyone who missed the migration, since the new stripped-down wiki lacks any mention of it.

This is especially important for those of us who's exclusionary attitude affects. LGBTA Wiki is how I found out about the word "blurgender", which has been absolutely freeing when it comes to expressing who I am. It can't be understated how vital of a resource the actually inclusive LGBTA Wiki is, so please please stop using the URL and switch to the URL, even if these microlabels aren't a thing you use.


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State transphobia in France 

How about the state doesn't get to care about your gender or your genitals, huh? You ever thought about that, fuckers?

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idea, work, dnd, (I'm brilliant) 

what if instead of "sprint planning" we had bi-weekly-DND Games where our characters (of various classes like 'engineer', 'devops', and 'test') adventure through the infinite dungeon (backlog) to determine what mobs we can tackle and what strategy to employ (keeping our limited spell slots and need for short and long rests in mind).

Stakeholders are NPCs. Their input is pre-determined and they don't get to just interject random events into the game.

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"I'll have a look at that today" and other hilarious jokes I tell my colleagues

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photography is fun until you have to work up the motivation to edit photos

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one day I will not miss-click arm64 for amd64 on a Debian architecture list.

today is not that day!

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git should come out with a command called `git deadname-killer` that rewrites the history to search/replace commit author name

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tech (-) 

People can make fun of SUSE all they want but the Enterprise Linux installer (Anaconda) is absolute garbage

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