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4.16 RC2 was released yesterday[1] and the last component for it has just landed in our xfce:next repo[2], which means as soon as everything finishes building you can comfortably give the next version of Xfce a try on and



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Introduction, sort of long 

Hi, I'm tux93 which is a very creative name I gave myself when starting to dabble in ( 11.2 to be more preciese) back when I was 16.

The name stuck and nowdays I spend my free time maintaining a hand full of packages on the Open Build Service and working in tech support for my dayjob.

Aside from that I like to dabble in although I recently rarely got around to the editing part which has lead to quite a backlog...

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Working on a playbook that clones a system, and need some vars. Obviously these go into "clone-vars.yml" and I can't stop giggling.

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Do you think we should have a regular @opensuse community meeting? We have a survey with four questions to help us determine interest and timeframes. You can fill in the survey at

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Okay y'all I did it! I finished ... well, what I set out to do with this for now. 1.0 of UI-UX-accessibility is done! FOSS folks can look at this and at least know enough to make something that'll work for blind people, to the best of my knowledge. If anyone else has anything to add, just let me know or do a PR. I really hope this is actually useful and goes somewhere. People have been asking for this so maybe it will.

#a11y #accessibility #FOSS #resources

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Looking forward to a future where trans FOSS devs outnumber chuds and can dechudify projects

My favourite part of pride month?

It makes it easy to spot and take out the trash that managed to slip into your communities.

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I think RSS is in the sweet spot of keeping up to date on content creators: It gets all your subscriptions in one place without keeping you there if you decide to move elsewhere, it’s not pushy like an email list or a notification, it allows you to download articles (depending on your reader), and it works with lots of websites

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New corporatese term: “Performative meeting invite”

Definition: A meeting invite someone sent you to prove that they are having a meeting with the person you told them to have a meeting with without the expectation of you attending. Often marks you as “Optional”, though not always. In the later situations, it is traditional to make a snarky and public Reply-All asking why you were invited and what they hope you being there will accomplish.

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Once again, my own obsessive idiot-proofing-and-checking in my utility scripts has paid off continuing to prove the idiot I'm always proofing ME. :politecat:

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I really dislike it when people pretentiously describe their program or application as "beautiful".

Artwork is beautiful. People are beautiful. Nature is beautiful. Programs and apps ahould be first and foremost *functional*. If your product looks great but doesn't even work, I will use something else.

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bitching about work 

I can feel aeons pass, mountains rise and fall, civilisations be born, flourish and eventually tear themselves apart every minute I'm listening to these people talk about their children in this work meeting

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How to pronounce common file formats.

GIF: yiff
JPG: huh-peeg
DOC: dook
PDF: parfait
TXT: texit
XLS: excellent
HTML: hot meal

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Post the most janky part of your current PC setup, I'll start:

This is what happens when the bearing of your GPU stock fan starts to get annoyingly noisy, the price for a replacement fan would be obscene and you have a box full of old case fans

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Confirmed: the FSF's sole purpose is to serve as RMS's amplifier.

Taken as is, this is a complete slap to anyone who directed the FSF in RMS's absence. If the organization is so rudderless as to be cast adrift without one man then the bus-factor of that organization is too great for long-term survival.

The FSF needs to consider what their mission is, because right now their mission is in jeopardy and the folks willing to carry water for the FSF are vanishing.


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the 'c' and 'd' in 'programming' stand for comments and documentation

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oh right it's world backup day

put your important shit on a usb stick. burn a blu-ray. stick some photos in cloud storage you aren't using. do it today

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stallman, a good video link about women in computing, long 

i think every programming type person on here should watch this, especially with what's going on with stallman

it's a 5 year old talk from bob martin. he spends about 40 minutes talking about the history of programming and computing before the relevant part of the video, which is about women in computer science

do you really think it's a coincidence that when the "hacker culture" got big, when people like rms were "gods", when foss began, that all the women left cs?

(women are certainly not the only marginalized group that suffered in cs around that time til now, but i would be surprised if we had graphs of BIPOC and queer people in cs at the time)

it's not a coincidence that around the time rms was huge, when people like rms were able to get away with doing horrible things to marginalized people, that the marginalized people left

i don't care about the fsf. i don't care about gnu. i've spent almost every day of the past year working on open source code, working with the gpl both in code, and writing, but i haven't thought about the organizations. they're meaningless, and they affect literally *nobody* outside those organizations

a lot of the people signing that letter are part of gnu or fsf. the vast majority are not. the reason they're campaigning to remove stallman is not because he will genuinely harm the foss movement, but because of optics (the good kind of optics). because people like him - in fact, because of *him* - marginalized people have been run out of stem

removing him is the very minimum necessary to make cs not actual fucking garbage for marginalized people. it won't make it good, it won't even make it bearable. but it's a start

people need to understand that they can't say and do horrible shit that runs people out of cs without issue. but first, in order for them to understand that, we need to make it so that they *actually can't* do and say horrible shit. because as it stands now, people like appelbaum, and stallman, and t'so have scared away hundreds of thousands of people

three men, no matter how """genius""" they may be, are not more important than the health, safety, and wellbeing of literally hundreds of thousands of marginalized people; and that doesn't even mention the contributions we've missed out on without those people
screenshot from the linked vide…

RMS defenders being big mad 

LMAO someone is scraping the mail addresses of people who signed the open letter and sending hate mail

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Encouraging anyone involved in free and open source communities to sign


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