finns be: if you want to immigrate here, you better have steady job and earn your living
also finns: no, not that much. you're making us look bad.

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@tuturto Sigh... Just how many times can a guy get screwed over?

First by being denied a job in his field, then by being denied an employee status ("he employed himself delivering food for Wolt" sounds like an oxymoron, right?), and finally this...

@samgai in case of Finland, at least once or twice more.

@samgai @tuturto there's so much racist assumptions behind how immigrant enterpreneurs are treated in comparison to domestic enterpreneurs or corporations.

eg. in finland, if you sell cheap pizza (= immigrant-owned restaurant), you're suspected of dodging taxes and breaking employment rules by that fact alone and you better be ready for inspections, but if you sell hamburgers for 1€ (= mcdonalds), that's totally okay and not suspicious at all. 🙄

@Stoori @samgai that's because big multinational corporations are sooo much more trustworthy when it comes to accounting and finances.

@Stoori @tuturto @samgai On the other hand, if you want to catch somebody dodging taxes etc and you check a restaurant where the owner is working you're much more likely to find something: mcdonald is doing their tax dodging in a completely different location and with more expensive and much more effective techniques


(at least here in Italy this applies both to immigrant owned and to natives owned small restaurants, but I believe that immigrant owned restaurants have less chances to know somebody in the right place to avoid being checked at the wrong time)
@Stoori @tuturto @samgai immigrant owners are still getting screwed compared to similar sized native owners, btw :(

@jokke @jonossaseuraava not sure if all, but plenty of the important ones at least.

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